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High Ten - An Inspiring Story About Building Great Team Culture - 2863864365

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High Ten - An Inspiring Story About Building Great Team Culture John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Harness the power of Martin Rooney's acclaimed "Culture Coach" philosophy to build the culture of your dreamsBuilding a great team culture doesn't happen overnight. Culture is hard to create, and even harder to change. Great culture is a key component for success at home, on the sports field, and at the workplace. In a time when people seem to be more divided than ever, leaders who can build strong and lasting cultures are essential. No one knows this better than internationally-renowned coach, in-demand speaker, and bestselling author Martin Rooney--dedicating his life to coach elite athletes, Fortune 500 executives, military leaders, and every kind of team imaginable to their highest level of performance.In High Ten: An Inspiring Story About Building Great Team Culture, Martin draws from his extensive experience developing top-level teams around the world to help leaders of all kinds foster and sustain winning cultures. This engaging, easy-to-read parable shows you that every business, sports team, and family has a culture. Whether you deliberately created it or not, it's always there and it didn't come with a manual. That's where High Ten comes in. This must-have book is your personal leadership manual. Stop spending your day unhappy or complaining about a dream that hasn't come true. High Ten will help you:* Create an environment where your people work towards common goals with friends they trust--have fun doing it* Develop clarity about the culture you want and put the processes in place to make it happen* Ensure your culture reflects core values and aligns with your organization's mission and vision* Transform your culture into the "immune system" for your team or business* Learn about the "3 Cornerstones of Culture" and eliminate the "5 Culture Killers"High Ten: An Inspiring Story About Building Great Team Culture is an invaluable resource for all coaches and leaders striving to achieve the highest level of culture--one where everyone feels like a valuable part of the team and consistently produces exceptional results.


Building and Managing High-Performance Distributed Teams - 2865317917

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Building and Managing High-Performance Distributed Teams APress

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The age of the distributed team is upon us. Teams can now operate and collaborate from locations other than a central office, and events surrounding the 2020 COVID pandemic have thrown its practicality into sharp relief. Managing a team whose members are distributed across several locations requires a different mindset and will remain a must-have for all areas of business from this point forward.Building and Managing High-Performance Distributed Teams explains what the distributed teams concept means to the future of your company. Author Alberto S. Silveira Jr. leverages his industry knowledge to explore why the high-performance distributed team model is vital to the future of business, and explains how to build and maintain one through times of change. You will learn to differentiate between distributed teams, remote work, offshoring, and what each means in a modern context. Silveira also weaves in stories from his other life as a boater and sailor, using analogies and lessons gained from humankind's thousands of years of maritime adventure to illustrate the value of well-managed teams, and to also convey the importance of life-work balance in today's working world.The book analyzes team management strategies from some of the great successes and failures in recent years so that you can learn from the experiences of others. Building and Managing High-Performance Distributed Teams is your definitive guide for building a dynamic distributed team, using collaboration technology to attract and engage the most important element of any business-your people. Whether you are a department head, a business owner, or a team leader, this book presents the no-nonsense knowledge you need now to chart your course for success.  What You Will LearnUnderstand what the new era of connected business means, and the role distributed teams will play.Differentiate between distributed teams, remote work, nearshore, and offshoring, and what each means to modern business.Discover the true heart of a high-performance distributed team (hint: it's not the technology).Find out what the era of distributed teams means to existing infrastructure.Uncover what we can learn about team management from some of the great successes and failures of recent years.Appreciate the techniques honed by seafarers, pilots, and software designers combined to create a successful project plan for team management and company navigation.Comprehend the effective simplicity of the "power of three" in building successful teams.Apply proven techniques of measurement and metrics without leaving the human factor behind to improve team morale and productivity. Who This Book Is ForTeam leaders or officers of small-ish companies, with populations in the tens through to the mid-hundreds. It's also for managers of somewhat autonomous departments within larger companies, and for everyone else in the boat because everyone in a company ultimately needs to know what being in a distributed team is all about.


Timeless Way of Building - 2871015878

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Timeless Way of Building OUP USA

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The theory of architecture implicit in our world today, Christopher Alexander believes, is bankrupt. More and more people are aware that something is deeply wrong. Yet the power of present-day ideas is so great that many feel uncomfortable, even afraid, to say openly that they dislike what is happening, because they are afraid to seem foolish, afraid perhaps that they will be laughed at. Now, at last, here is a coherent theory which describes in modern terms an architecture as ancient as human society itself.


Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe - Souad - 2854922647

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Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe - Souad

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Pierwsze na świecie świadectwo ofiary zbrodni honorowej. Miała siedemnaście lat i zakochała się: zhańbiła rodzinę. Więc rodzina wydała na nią wyrok śmierci... Pokochała go pierwszą miłością. Myślała, że się z nią ożeni. Ale ukochany zniknął, a ona odkryła, że jest w ciąży. A w jej świecie to najcięższa zbrodnia... W zapomnianej przez Boga wiosce w Cisjordanii kobiety są warte mniej niż zwierzęta domowe. Tu mężczyzna jest panem życia i śmierci żony, córki, siostry. Brat może bezkarnie zabić siostrę, matka - córkę, kolejną bezużyteczną dziewczynkę, jaka się urodzi. Tu kobiecie odbiera się godność, a nawet życie zgodnie z odwiecznym obyczajem i uświęconą tradycją. A śmierć jest karą dla dziewczyny, która zhańbi rodzinę. Tak jak Souad. Wyrok wydaje jej ojciec. Szwagier dokonuje egzekucji. Oblewa Souad benzyną i podpala... SOUAD przeżyła - cudem, ale rodzina usiłowała zabić ją nawet w szpitalu. Na zawsze jednak pozostanie straszliwie okaleczona - na ciele i duszy. I wciąż musi się ukrywać; dopóki żyje, jej rodzinę okrywa hańba. Spalona żywcem, opublikowana pod pseudonimem szokująca opowieść o piekle, jakim było jej dzieciństwo i młodość, stała się międzynarodowym bestsellerem. Wydana w 37 w krajach książka przerywa tabu milczenia wobec istniejącej nadal w krajach muzułmańskich barbarzyńskiej tradycji. Nieludzkiego obyczaju, prawa mężczyzn, na mocy którego co najmniej pięć tysięcy kobiet pada co roku ofiarą zbrodni honorowej. Nazwa - Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe Autor - Souad Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Amber Kod ISBN - 9788324159406 Kod EAN - 9788324159406 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2016 Tłumacz - 31182,maria rostworowska; Format - 110 x 175 x 14 Ilość stron - 224 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2016-06-23


People Analytics - 2871901745

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People Analytics Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book is an exploration of the people analytics possibility, bringing out both theoretical frameworks and detailed practical case studies from the author's experience in industry and business across both sides of the table, with an understanding of data science models and SMAC (Social, Mobile & Cloud) technologies underpinning it. It further explores and lays out a business case for why organizations need to invest behind this space and why HR functions and businesses need to embrace and adopt it. The book examines how people analytics makes a difference to business, describes stages of adoption and maturity models for its effective deployment in organizations and explores the journey from employee master data management and conversion to reporting and visualizations to dash-boarding and descriptive analytics, operational analytics to finally predictive modelling.  The book provides insights on the impact of big data and social networks on HR and talent frameworks and the opportunity for HR to mine these networks with a view to culling out predictive insights for the business. It also describes in great detail the specific applications of people and talent analytics through case examples. The book discusses and makes the case for HR to be metric driven focused on business outcomes. It enumerates upon "lead" and "lag" indicators and the need to leverage relevant measurement systems. It provides an understanding of relevant statistical tools that could be deployed to mine key insights from the data to enable robust decision-making, and examines the power of "visual intelligence" and data representation that goes beyond traditional tools like Excel.This book is for HR practitioners who seek to challenge the status quo. It does so by helping them leverage a data and evidence based approach; asking the right questions and building new capabilities with a view towards leading change and driving transformation both in their domain, the wider business and the larger organization. The book is also useful for HRM students to gain a deep understanding of "people analytics" as a critical sub-domain within HR.


Science of Intelligent Achievement - How smart people focus, create and grow their way to success - 2861939940

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Science of Intelligent Achievement - How smart people focus, create and grow their way to success John Wiley and Sons Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Smart strategies for pragmatic, science-based growth and sustainable achievement.The Science of Intelligent Achievement teaches you the scientific process of finding success through your most valuable assets:Selective focus - how selective are you with who and what you let into your life?Creative ownership - how dependent are you on others for your happiness and success?Pragmatic growth - how consistently and practically are you growing daily?First, this book will show you how to develop your focus by being very selective with where you spend your mental energy. If you've failed to reach an important goal because you were distracted, misinformed, or overcommitted, then you know the role focus and selectivity play in achievement. Second, you will learn how to stop allowing your happiness and success to be dependent on other people and instead, start taking ownership over your life through creative work. Finally, you will learn the art of changing your life through pragmatic decisions and actions. Self-improvement is not the result of dramatic changes. Instead, science has shown that personal and professional change is initiated and sustained by consistent, practical changes. To grow, you must leverage the power of micro-decisions, personality responsibility, and mini-habits. Your own biology will not let you improve your life in any other way.What do you currently value? What are working to attain? Have you been taught to value your job title or your relationship with some other person above all else? Have you been convinced that the most valuable things in life are your paycheck, the number of people who say 'hello' to you at the office, and the number of people who say 'I need you' at home? Or, have you become so passive in what you value that you let anyone and anything into your life, as long as whatever you let in allows you to stay disconnected from the cold hard truth that when things really go wrong in your life, the only person who will be able to fix it and the only person will be responsible for it is you. If so...welcome to fake success. Passivity, dependence, and the sacrifice of practical thinking and personal responsibility to fuzzy, grandiose ideals and temporary feelings -- these are markers of fake success.Intelligent Achievement, on the other hand, is not a moving target. It's not empty either. Instead, it's sturdy, full, and immovable. It's not something that's just handed to you. It's not something you're nudged to chase or coerced into wanting. Intelligent Achievement comes from within you. It's a collection of values that are aligned with who you are--values you have to protect and nurture. These values do not increase your dependence on other people and things. Instead, they relieve you of dependence. This kind of achievement is something that you have a part in building from the ground up--you know what's in it--you chose it, someone else didn't choose it for you.Achieving real success means you must focus, create, and grow daily. The Science of Intelligent Achievement will show you how.


Constituent Power and the Law - 2870655423

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Constituent Power and the Law Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Constituent power is the power to create new constitutions. Frequently exercised during political revolutions, it has been historically associated with extra-legality and violations of the established legal order. This book examines the relationship between constituent power and the law. It considers the place of constituent power in constitutional history, focusing on the legal and institutional implications that theorists, politicians, and judges have derived from it. Commentators and citizens have relied on the concept of constituent power to defend the idea that electors have the right to instruct representatives, to negate the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty, and to argue that the creation of new constitutions must take place through extra-legislative processes, including primary assemblies open to all citizens. More recently, several Latin American constitutions explicitly incorporate the theory of constituent power and allow citizens, acting through popular initiative, to trigger constitution-making episodes that may result in the replacement of the entire constitutional order. Constitutional courts have also at times employed constituent power to justify their jurisdiction to invalidate constitutional amendments that alter the fundamental structure of the constitution and thus amount to a constitution-making exercise. Some governments have used it to defend the legality of attempts to transform the constitutional order through procedures not contemplated in the constitution's amendment rule, but considered participatory enough to be equivalent to 'the people in action', sometimes sanctioned by courts. Building on these findings, Constituent Power and the Law argues that constituent power, unlike sovereignty, should be understood as ultimately based on a legal mandate to produce a particular type of juridical content. In practice, this makes it possible for a constitution-making body to be understood as legally subject to popularly ratified substantive limits.


Power vs. Force - 2826637699

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Power vs. Force Hay House UK Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Building on the accumulated wisdom of applied kinesiology (diagnostic muscle-testing to determine the causes of allergies and ailments) and behavioral kinesiology (muscle-testing to determine emotional responses to stimuli), David R. Hawkins MD, PhD has taken muscle-testing to the next level, in an effort to determine what makes people and systems strong, healthy, effective and spiritually sound.Power vs. Force has become a spiritual classic and massively influential across the world. Now, Dr Hawkins reflects on his teachings and provides the definitive update on this timeless text. The whole book has been rewritten with the insights of decades of experience since original publication.This book is a must have for anyone who hasn't discovered the power of Dr Hawkins' work or for those who want to deepen their sense of his unique vision for health, happiness and healing.


Shadow of the Sun - 2212824581

40,80 zł

Shadow of the Sun Penguin

Literatura faktu

'Only with the greatest of simplifications, for the sake of convenience, can we say Africa. In reality, except as a geographical term, Africa doesn't exist'. Ryszard Kapuscinski has been writing about the people of Africa throughout his career. In a study that avoids the official routes, palaces and big politics, he sets out to create an account of post-colonial Africa seen at once as a whole and as a location that wholly defies generalised explanations. It is both a sustained meditation on the mosaic of peoples and practises we call 'Africa', and an impassioned attempt to come to terms with humanity itself as it struggles to escape from foreign domination, from the intoxications of freedom, from war and from politics as theft. The Beginning: Collision, Ghana 1958 More than anything, one is struck by the light. Light everywhere. Brightness everywhere. Everywhere, the sun. Just yesterday, an autumnal London was drenched in rain. The airplane drenched in rain. A cold, wind, darkness. But here, from the morning


Maximizing the Value of 360 Degree Feedback - A Process for Successful Individual & Organizational Development - 2870657339

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Maximizing the Value of 360 Degree Feedback - A Process for Successful Individual & Organizational Development John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The comprehensive guide to 360-degree feedback from the Center for Creative Leadership In the network economy, growing intellectual capital is the key to increasing market value. In Maximizing, Tornow, London, and their associates demonstrate the power of 360-degree feedback for developing managers, renewing organizations, and building learning cultures. Drawing on years of experience and state-of-the-art research, the authors have crafted a highly useful and practical book which provides us with a thorough understanding of this invaluable organizational tool. --Leo Burke, director, College of Leadership and Transcultural Studies, Motorola University Despite the burgeoning popularity of 360-degree feedback for rating work performance, few people have a detailed understanding of how it can be used to enhance, even maximize, individual and organizational development. This standard-setting manual draws on the twenty-eight-year expertise the Center for Creative Leadership brings to the subject to give HR managers, consultants, and systems designers the big-picture guidance they need to determine if 360-degree feedback is right for their organization and, if so, to implement it.Readers will discover how they can use 360-degree feedback as a tool for achieving a variety of objectives such as communicating performance expectations, setting developmental goals, establishing a learning culture, and tracking the effects of organizational change. Comprehensive guidelines show how 360-degree feedback can be designed to maximize employee involvement, self-determination, and commitment. Includes case examples and a bevy of instructive instruments.


Dynamics of Conflict - A Guide to Engagement and Intervention 2e - 2871791225

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Dynamics of Conflict - A Guide to Engagement and Intervention 2e John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Praise for the Second Edition of "The Dynamics of Conflict": "Mayer once again demonstrates his unique ability to weave theory and practice together with real-world examples - whether about warring nations or a family dispute - to help readers better understand both the fundamentals and nuances involved in working in the conflict arena. "The Dynamics of Conflict" is a very important read for anyone who works with people in conflict". (Peter Salem, executive director, Association of Family and Conciliation Courts). "In his latest book, Mayer explores the theoretical underpinnings of conflict as it relates to cognitive, emotional, and behavioral dimensions. Personal stories and examples provide practical skills in communication and negotiation, including how to deal with power, impasse, and cross-cultural issues. The book is a must-read for conflict resolution professionals and will also be easily understandable to the public at large - a great tool for businesses, parents, governmental agencies, mental health professionals, and educators!" (Nina Meierding, Negotiation and Mediation Training Services; former president, Academy of Family Mediators)."Mayer has always provided our field with a dose of common sense, vision, and clarity. With "The Dynamics of Conflict" we can add cohesion and extraordinary integration. Based on deep experience, these chapters enter our most difficult challenges in ways that offer understanding in the midst of complexity and concrete strategies for response and engagement - a masterful example of approaching conflict with skill and respect. Mayer has gifted us with a book that serves the novice practitioner with guideposts, yet opens ever new and exciting pathways for the seasoned conflict specialist". (John Paul Lederach, professor of international peacebuilding, Joan B. Kroc Institute, University of Notre Dame; author, "The Moral Imagination: The Art and Soul of Building Peace"). Praise for the First Edition: "A rare blend of practical experience and theoretical knowledge. Insightful, useful, and thought provoking. I recommend it!" (William Ury, coauthor, "Getting to Yes", and author, "The Third Side").


Seize the Sky: A Builder's Guide to Model Rocketry - 2869252960

120,70 zł

Seize the Sky: A Builder's Guide to Model Rocketry Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book was written primarily for the people who are interested in model rockets in the low to mid power range (A to G motors). Answers to some frequently asked questions and some building techniques are presented in addition to the construction projects


Na poligonie - dla malucha - 2836915925

3,03 zł

Na poligonie - dla malucha

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Nazwa - Na poligonie - dla malucha Wydawca - Pasja Kod ISBN - 9788364773921 Kod EAN - 9788364773921 Ilość stron - 16 Podatek VAT - 5%


Managing Up - How to Move up, Win at Work, and Succeed with Any Type of Boss - 2861949897

138,19 zł

Managing Up - How to Move up, Win at Work, and Succeed with Any Type of Boss John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Build vital connections to accelerate your career successManaging Up is your guide to the most valuable 'soft skill' your career has ever seen. It's not about sucking up or brown-nosing; it's about figuring out who you are, who your boss is, and finding where you meet. It's about building real relationships with people who have influence over your career. Managing up is good for you, good for your boss, and good for the organization as a whole. This book gives you strategies for developing these all-important connections and building more than rapport; you become able to quickly assess situations, and determine which actions will move you forward; you become your own talent manager, and your boss's top choice for that new opportunity. As a skill, managing up can do more for your career than simply 'networking' ever could--and this book shows you how.Real-world strategies give you a set of actionable steps, supplemented by expert advice from a top leadership consultant that helps you get on track to advancement. It's never too early or too late to start adjusting your alignment, and this book provides the help you need to start accelerating your trajectory.Develop robust relationships with influential peopleEnhance your self-awareness and become more adaptableGain new opportunities and accelerate your careerStop 'schmoozing' and develop true, lasting connectionsManaging up helps you build the sort of relationships that foster more communication, collaboration, cooperation, and understanding between people at different levels of power, with a variety of perspectives and skills. This type of bridge-building builds your reputation for effectiveness and fit, so you can start skipping rungs on the ladder as you build a strong, successful career. Managing Up is your personal manual for building this vital skill so you can begin building your best future.


Religious Leadership in National Political Conflict - 2867123332

100,52 zł

Religious Leadership in National Political Conflict Wipf & Stock Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Synopsis: It is one thing for a religious leader to confront and challenge political leaders; it is altogether another thing when such a leader becomes a partisan political leader. This is what happened in the case of Bishop Abel Tendekayi, a bishop of the United Methodist Church. For such a religious leader to attempt to traverse both worlds political and religious are in some ways uncharted waters; in other ways, they are treacherous waters. The pages which follow in this lucid and detailed volume is an effort to "look back" on the challenge and complexity of moving from colonialism to independence, to the making of a new independent nation on the Continent of Africa. What happens when the prophetic voice expected of and from the Church becomes the identified political entity? How does it challenge itself, or how is it distinguished from the political power it seeks to hold accountable on behalf of all the people? These are several of the questions Nyarota tackles through the examination of the impact of the struggle for liberation upon the United Methodist Church, its leader, Bishop Muzorewa, as both find themselves in the midst of nation building, political struggle, and the vying for political power. Endorsements: "This is one of the best books I have read on issues of church and politics. . . . Nyarota is crafty in integrating materials from Scriptures, people--such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., N. Sithole, Gandhi, Bishops Tutu and Ralph Dodge--and the views of the black nationalists of the day. . . . Could it be that Bishop Muzorewa became a modern-day King David, or did he go too far? A must-read book for both clergy and lay church leaders on the controversy of church and politics." --Tapiwa N. Mucherera, Professor of Pastoral Counseling, Asbury Theological Seminary "Nyarota offers us a nuanced portrait of a clergyman steeped in a rich prophetic tradition, who skillfully applies that tradition to a movement for post-colonial liberation. Bishop Muzorewa's living legacy keeps hope alive and provides a much-needed corrective for political movements gone awry. Readers will appreciate not only the story of a leader and the struggle for church to engage in political struggle, but also Nyarota's own prophetic, people-power perspective as a beneficiary of this struggle and his charge today for those who would claim leadership." --Neal Christie, Assistant General Secretary, General Board of Church and Society, The United Methodist Church Author Biography: Lloyd T. Nyarota grew up in the brunt of the liberation struggle in Zimbabwe. A holder of a several advanced degrees, Nyarota is an elder in the Zimbabwe east Conference of The United Methodist Church. He is currently serving as The Programme Director for the Chabadza Community Development Programs responsible for the Church's Community Development Programme to improve the lives of people in disadvantaged and underdeveloped Communities in Zimbabwe.


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