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Understand Alzheimer's Calistoga Press

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A diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease can be frightening and overwhelming-and not just for the patient. Becoming the primary caregiver for a newly diagnosed loved one can be one of the most challenging-and one of the most rewarding-experiences possible. In Understand Alzheimer's: A First-Time Caregiver's Plan to Understand & Prepare for Alzheimer's & Dementia, you'll find a wealth of practical and useful information to help you and your loved one deal with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Understand Alzheimer's is a guide to providing compassionate care for a spouse, parent, sibling, or friend, from the early stages of Alzheimer's disease until the end of life. Understand Alzheimer's is a comprehensive and thoughtful guide to caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's, with: An in-depth explanation of the seven stages of Alzheimer's disease and what the diagnosis means Checklists for how to prepare your loved one's surroundings for safety and ease of activities Compassionate advice for managing your stress and finding the balance to keep you from feeling depressed, lonely, and isolated A list of resources with information for supporting those with Alzheimer's disease, and organizations that can help build a caregiving network A guide to Alzheimer's treatment options and a checklist for dealing with medical professionals Helpful suggestions for managing the changes in your loved one's behavior Living with Alzheimer's disease presents daily challenges for both the caregiver and patient. Understand Alzheimer's is a practical guide that helps you and your loved one cope with Alzheimer's while maintaining the best quality of life possible for both of you.


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