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The Most Beautiful Accordion Melodies - 2833190306

27,00 zł

The Most Beautiful Accordion Melodies Accord Song

Folk & Ethno

The Most BeautifulAccordion Melodies CD 11. Can't Help Falling In Love(H. Paretti, L. Creatore, G. Weiss)2. Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman,Terschelling (B. Adams)3. The Smile of a Child,De Glimlach Van Een Kind (A. Hazes)4. Under The Sky of Paris,Sous le ciel de Paris (J. Drejac, H. Giraud, per. By J. Greco)5. You Lied To Me,Je Loog Tegen mij (V. Appeldoorn, C. Peterson)6. A Single,Een Vrijgezel (R.F. Jacobi, B. Neyman)7. Some Broken Hearts Never Mend(W. Holyfield)8. Tulips From Amsterdam(R. Arnie, K. Neumann, E. Bader, E. Franssen, V. Aleda)9. Parisienne a Tirol(folk, arrenged by J. Spranged)10. Treasure Waltz, Roses from the South,Schatywalyer, Rosen aus dem Suden (folk)11. It Is a Night,Het is een Nacht (G. Meeuwis)12. Cry but not for me,Huil maar niet om mij (M. Schreyenberg, E. Hartkamp)13. Good Times Bad Times,Goedde Tijden (H. van Eyck, B. van der Veer)14. All that Can Make a Man Happy,Alles Kan Een Mens Gelukkig Maken (H. Temming, H. Westbroek)15. Tango Caminito(J. de Dios Filiberto, G. Coria Penaloza)16. Tango El Chocio(E.S. Discepolo, C. Marambio Catan, A. Villodo)17. Tango La Cumparsita(G.M. Rodriguez, P. Contursi)18. Jealousy,Jalousie (J.Gade)19. Flower of Love,Fiore di Amore (S. Caltagirone, A. Loppe, E. Lelousong)20. Auld Lang Syne(folk)CD 21. Marina(R. Granta)2. Dance Little Bird(E. Thomas, T. Rendall)3. Comment Ca Va(E. Deheer)4. Amapola(J. Le Calle)5. Julie(D. Popowić, M. Mihaljević)6. On a Train,Per Spoor (kedenge deng) (G. Meeuwis)7. Cheer up,Met de neus Omhoog (J. Poels)8. Come With Me to Rio de Janniero,Kom met mij naar Rio de Janniero9. Come & Dance Tango With Me,Kom Tanz mit Noch einen Tango10. Puppet On a String(P. Coulter, B. Martin)11. Polka Aux Champs(P. A. Sengers, J. Uijthrelst)12. A Kid From Paris,Un Gamin de Paris (A. Mares, M. Micheyl, per. By Yves Montad)13. The Brides of Paris,Les Ponts de Paris (folk, arr. By J. Spranger)14. There Is a Tear,Er Valt Een Traan (H. Williams, J. Hoes)15. On This Side of the Water,Daar Bij die Waterkant (G. Jussenhoven, B. Schlte)16. The Waltz of the Canary,La Valse des Canaris (L. Varlet)17. Feeling Thirsty,On a Soif (Pohlman, Vannick)18. Prestigious,Prestigieuse (J. Darmon, A. Hennebel)19. American Patrol (public domain),String of Pearls (D. Lang),Chattanooga Choo Choo (H. Warren)20. L`accordeoniste(M. Emer, performed by Edith Piaf) ...


Crocheted Animal Hats - 2866214469

75,69 zł

Crocheted Animal Hats Guild of Master Craftsman Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A follow-up to the bestselling Animal Hats, this title features 15 fun patterns to crochet, suitable for all abilities to make. It includes an illustrated techniques section explaining all the crochet know-how. It features colour photographs and step-by-step instructions to guide the reader along. Spread a little animal magic with these adorable animal hats. Adults and children alike will love this collection of eye-catching hats. Even on the coldest of days, your animal antics will raise smiles and spread some warmth and cheer. Why not knit up a whole menagerie of characters to suit every occasion and mood? At the back of the book the basic crochet techniques are clearly explained, including how to add a lining for extra coziness. Sizes are included for children and adults so all the family can have their own hat. It includes 15 clearly presented crochet patterns plus charts. Patterns include: leopard, owl, parrot, zebra, deer, duck, raccoon and sheep.


Tom Gates 19:Random Acts of Fun - 2865023958

62,83 zł

Tom Gates 19:Random Acts of Fun SCHOLASTIC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The top-of-the-class, extra special new bestseller from multi-million copy selling author and illustrator Liz Pichon. A laugh-out-loud, packed-with-pictures Tom Gates story! Oh no! Tom's stuck at home with a fractured ankle and it's spoiling his fun. Doodling on his plaster cast helps to pass the time, along with visits from family (with treats), friends and even Rooster managing to sneak in.Tom remembers other fun times he's had, like metal detecting with Uncle Kevin and the cousins or inventing a new secret language with Derek. But only ONE thing will cheer Tom up: a caramel doughnut from the new bakery... trouble is, every other kid in town keeps getting there before him! ABOUT THE SERIES: Written in diary form Every page STUFFED full of laughs, stories, doodles and creative FUN The Brilliant World of Tom Gates was the winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize! Perfect gifts for boys & girls who love to laugh themselves silly Don't miss Shoe Wars - the epic standalone by Liz Pichon.


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