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ABCs of RBCs - 2879273777

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ABCs of RBCs Harvard University Press

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"The ABCs of RBCs" is the first book to provide a basic introduction to Real Business Cycle (RBC) and New-Keynesian models. These models argue that random shocks - new inventions, droughts, and wars, in the case of pure RBC models, and monetary and fiscal policy and international investor risk aversion, in more open interpretations - can trigger booms and recessions and can account for much of observed output volatility.George McCandless works through a sequence of these Real Business Cycle and New-Keynesian dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models in fine detail, showing how to solve them, and how to add important extensions to the basic model, such as money, price and wage rigidities, financial markets, and an open economy. The impulse response functions of each new model show how the added feature changes the dynamics."The ABCs of RBCs" is designed to teach the economic practitioner or student how to build simple RBC models. Matlab code for solving many of the models is provided, and careful readers should be able to construct, solve, and use their own models.In the tradition of the "freshwater" economic schools of Chicago and Minnesota, McCandless enhances the methods and sophistication of current macroeconomic modeling.


Social welfare and religion in the Middle East - 2854337913

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Social welfare and religion in the Middle East Policy Press

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For a region which usually occupies media headlines and academic enquiry with concerns over global security and the supply of petroleum oil, the Middle East would appear averse to any talk of progressive social policy. But below the hard-hitting headlines, what do local Middle Eastern populations think of social welfare, equality and solidarity? The original analysis in this book presents a new and comprehensive narrative of social welfare in the Middle East through an examination of the role of religious welfare. Religion is, arguably, the longest and most dynamic surviving force of social and political action in the region. Based on an in-depth study of the major Muslim and Christian religious welfare organisations in Lebanon (including Hezbollah), and drawing upon supplementary research conducted in Iran, Egypt and Turkey, the book argues that religion - whether through the state apparatus, civil society organisations or populist religious movements - is providing sophisticated solutions to the major social and economic problems of the Middle East. As religion continues to regain its centrality in both academic and policy circles around the world, this book presents a new framework which examines the complex social and political dynamics shaping social welfare in the Middle East. It also opens up broader debate on the role of faith-based welfare in the changing social policy landscape. "Social Welfare and Religion in the Middle East" will be of use to students and academics of social policy, sociology, politics and Middle Eastern studies. It will also provide a useful introduction to the reality of development and social policy in the region to practitioners and policy-makers who are active in the Middle East, or are seeking to engage with faith-based organisations.


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