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Presentation Patterns - 2869381762

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Presentation Patterns PEARSON

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Presentation Patterns is the first book on presentations that categorizes and organizes the building blocks (or patterns) that you'll need to communicate effectively using presentation tools like Keynote and PowerPoint. Patterns are like the lower-level steps found inside recipes; they are the techniques you must master to be considered a master chef or master presenter. You can use the patterns in this book to construct your own recipes for different contexts, such as business meetings, technical demonstrations, scientific expositions, and keynotes, just to name a few. Although there are no such things as antirecipes, this book shows you lots of antipatterns-things you should avoid doing in presentations. Modern presentation tools often encourage ineffective presentation techniques, but this book shows you how to avoid them. Each pattern is introduced with a memorable name, a definition, and a brief explanation of motivation. Readers learn where the pattern applies, the consequences of applying it, and how to apply it. The authors also identify critical antipatterns: cliches, fallacies, and design mistakes that cause presentations to disappoint. These problems are easy to avoid-once you know how. Presentation Patterns will help you * Plan what you'll say, who you'll say it to, how long you'll talk, and where you'll present * Perfectly calibrate your presentation to your audience * Use the storyteller's "narrative arc" to full advantage * Strengthen your credibility-and avoid mistakes that hurt it * Hone your message before you ever touch presentation software * Incorporate visuals that support your message instead of hindering it * Create highly effective "infodecks" that work when you're not able to deliver a talk in person * Construct slides that really communicate and avoid "Ant Fonts," "Floodmarks," "Alienating Artifacts," and other errors * Master 13 powerful techniques for delivering your presentation with power, authority, and clarity Whether you use this book as a handy reference or read it from start to finish, it will be a revelation: an entirely new language for systematically planning, creating, and delivering more powerful presentations. You'll quickly find it indispensable-no matter what you're presenting, who your audiences are, or what message you're driving home.


How to Win at Chess - Quickly! - 2869581609

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How to Win at Chess - Quickly! EVERYMAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Let's face facts: everyone enjoys winning. And the only thing better than winning is to win quickly! Mistakes are often made in the early part of the game - at all levels of chess - but a key skill is to recognise these critical moments as they happen and to exploit them with maximum efficiency. This is a skill which Grandmaster Simon Williams addresses in this book. Using instructive and entertaining games in which one side wins quickly, he examines all the typical mistakes chess players make in the opening and early middlegame, how you should look to exploit them, and how to avoid falling into similar traps yourself. All too often opponents are let off the hook, mistakes go unpunished and the game drags on. Don't let this happen to you - become a ruthless winner! Improve your opening and middlegame skills. Be ready to exploit any error. This title is ideal for players of all levels.


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