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Catalogue of German Coins Gold, Silver and Minor Coins Since 1800, with Their Valuations - 2869373407

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Catalogue of German Coins Gold, Silver and Minor Coins Since 1800, with Their Valuations Ishi Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Here for the first time in the English language is a priced presentation of all the coins of the many German states that have been issued since 1800. The gold, silver and base metal coins of each kingdom, duchy, principality and city are listed chronologically with all the denominations of each issue together. Collectors will find here a catalog number for each coin type, the inclusive dates of issue and the metallic content. Legends and inscriptions. are translated into English and special footnotes explain the significance of unusual issues, the reasons and occasions for commemoratives, etc. Retail values based on auction records and dealers' price lists are shown for each listing. This catalog, one of a series of volumes covering the world's coinage, ("Catalogue of Scandinavian Coins" was the first), was also published in other languages. Historians and students will find this book particularly valuable since the history of the German nation is mirrored in its coins. This is the latest in a series of coin books reprinted by Ishi Press. For this we must thank Mario L. Sacripante, an avid collector of coins, who has loaned us coin books from his private library for these reprintings.


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