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Learning Styles and Inclusion - 2877861954

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Learning Styles and Inclusion Paul Chapman Publishing Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'[Gavin Reid] provides some useful links to websites devoted to different approaches. Some of the ideas relating to specific areas of the curriculum, for example, the suggested approaches to the teaching of modern languages, are likely to be particularly valuable. Reid also outlines strategies using learning styles for pupils with learning differences, including attention disorders, dyslexia, developmental co-ordination difficulties, number difficulties, and those on the autistic spectrum' - Times Educational Supplement Extra for Special Needs 'We have been lucky enough to hear Gavin speak twice in the last year and those of you who have also heard him will know that he is at the cutting edge of his field. This book really encompasses those areas that are particularly topical and the "buzz" words on everyone's lips! This book clearly sets out "who" is involved in inclusion and "what" is actually meant by learning styles. Gavin not only offers practical strategies but also suggests how "old hands" could vary their teaching styles to appeal to all types of learners.Therefore we feel this book is for the main stream teacher as well as the specialist and, if this is a target area for your school, this book might be a valuable addition to your bookshelf' - SATIPS 'In this book, Gavin Reid has grasped the nettle (of inclusion) with both hands and provided a text that is full of common sense and practical suggestions as to how the mainstream teacher can draw upon recent psychological theory and research to enhance the learning of all children. He jumps on no bandwagons but draws judiciously from a wide range of approaches to assessing learning styles and links what can be learned about groups and individuals from such techniques to helpful classroom practice' - Professor Bob Burden, School of Education and Lifelong Learning, University of Exeter 'Gavin Reid is that rare professional who not only explains how and why children learn best, but also suggests a myriad of practical strategies to help them. I highly recommend this book for everyone from undergraduates to "old hands" working toward successful inclusion. Parents, too, will profit from Dr. Reid's wise and comprehensive experience' - Jane M. Healy, Ph.D.,Educational Psychologist and Author of "Your Child's Growing Mind: Brain Development and Learning from Birth to Adolescence." 3rd Edition. NY: Broadway Books, 2004. Drawing on his considerable experience as a teacher, educational psychologist, lecturer and author, Gavin Reid illustrates how to assess pupils' different learning styles and how to vary your teaching style to appeal to all types of learners, including disaffected students and those with special educational needs. This book provides an overview of the different stages in the learning cycle; describes the differences between learners; and emphasizes the role the classroom environment and different teaching styles play in children's ability to learn. Readers will see how an understanding of learning styles can be used to encourage and promote good inclusive practice. Ideas for assessment of learning styles and examples of different teaching styles will prove invaluable to class teachers, trainee teachers, SENCOs, LEA advisers; NQTs and NQT advisers and school management


Dictionary of Education - 2880469079

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Dictionary of Education OUPQ

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Education is of relevance to everyone but it involves a specialized vocabulary and terminology which may be opaque or unfamiliar to those new to the field. This UK-focused Dictionary of Education provides clear and concise definitions for over 1,100 terms, from A* to zero tolerance, that anyone studying education or working in the field is likely to encounter. Coverage includes all sectors of education: pre-school, primary, secondary, further and higher education, special needs, adult and continuing education, and work-based learning. It also includes major legislation, key figures and organizations, and national curriculum and assessment terminology. This second edition covers all the contemporary reforms being introduced to revise the school examinations system and to reform the process of initial teacher training in England and Wales. Coverage of the vocabulary of education has also been increased, and longer and more detailed entries are included for terms relating to disability and inclusive practice, such as autistic spectrum disorder, attention deficit, and dyslexia, and to professional development, such as mentor. Entries regarding projects and initiatives that are now obsolete have been deleted. The dictionary features entry-level web links, accessible and kept up to date via the Dictionary of Education companion website. Detailed appendices include a timeline summary of landmark educational legislation since 1945 and a glossary of acronyms. In addition, there is a useful, fully cross-referenced section of comparative terms used in the US, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. This concise yet authoritative dictionary is essential for all students of education, teachers, and lecturers on development programmes, and it is strongly recommended for governors, classroom assistants, and parents.


Love & Vodka - 2877407253

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Love & Vodka Fish Out of Water Books

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"Love & Vodka" is a unique hybrid of travel memoir and love story that seamlessly blends outlandish humor, cultural insight and a steady stream of romance. It will appeal to male and female readers of multiple age groups. Although the book has the potential to reach across a wide spectrum of the market, the love story angle between two people in their early 20's can be narrowed down to specific niche markets. The market bullseye would be readers in their 20's-40's, particularly the more free-spirited "hipster" sect. Anyone who has traveled abroad or is considering traveling will certainly connect to this book. The same can be said for anyone who is experiencing new love or pining for a love of their own. "Love & Vodka" is a faithful reminder that there is someone out there for everyone. The world is large and rife with potential; one just needs to be willing to take a gamble and explore the possibilities that exist. On an even more specific level, the setting of this book couldn't be more timely: Ukraine. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has put this region of the world firmly in the spotlight. "Love & Vodka" provides a more positive, light-hearted, and humorous glimpse of that world, providing context for the events leading up to the crisis that began in 2013. As author Tony Hawks states, "Not enough has been written about everyday life in the former Soviet Union, and it's captured beautifully here." Author Lev Golinkin in his praise for "Love & Vodka" adds that Ukraine is "a land that needs understanding now more than ever." Beyond the specific relevancy of this book, readers of such humor writers as David Sedaris, Davy Rothbart, Sloane Crosley, and Chelsea Handler will find common elements. Fans of travel memoirists such as Cheryl Strayed, Bill Bryson, and Elisabeth Gilbert will relate to the emphasis on the culture shock and cultural misunderstandings that occur when one travels to unfamiliar territory. Coupled with our extensive promotional plans, Love & Vodka's combined genres of memoir, romance, travel and humor guarantee successful publication. The Fish Out of Water Books website includes further information, a promotional video, excerpt, and author Q&A, which provide interesting insights into the development of the book: Author Liz Crowe aptly sums it up: "Love & Vodka is an utterly charming romp of a novel, rich with humor and culture shock-and at its heart, a solid gold love story. Don't miss it!"


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