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From The Murky Deep - 2852940462

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From The Murky Deep

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Worst Idea Ever - 2863984003

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Worst Idea Ever Penguin Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A white lie never hurt anyone, right? . . .'Worst Idea Ever is SO GOOD! I read it in one mad gulp' MARIAN KEYES 'Emotionally intelligent and beautifully written' DAILY MAIL 'I loved Worst Idea Ever, possibly my favourite so far. Riveting' RUTH JONES 'I literally could not put this book down' 5***** READER REVIEW 'Funny, insightful, sharp, wicked, brilliant - Jane Fallon at her very best' MILLY JOHNSON________Georgia is lying to her best friend Lydia.Just a little white lie - a fake Twitter account to support Lydia's struggling business. No harm meant. But maybe this wasn't Georgia's best idea ever.Because Lydia wants to confide in her new (fake) Twitter friend. About Georgia and her husband Nick, who might be having an affair.Georgia wants out. Except what if it's true? She needs to trick Lydia into revealing all.But there's another possibility. Lydia could be lying right back . . . Has Georgia's worst idea ever turned out to be Lydia's best idea ever?________'The queen of the revenge novel' HEAT'I loved Worst Idea Ever. Another Fallonesque treat, possibly my favourite so far. Full of heart, humour and humanity. Great characters and a riveting story from the start. She's so good at tapping into the best and the worst in us. Fabulous' RUTH JONES'Friendship, jealousy, deceit and so much more - I didn't want it to end' 5***** READER REVIEW'This witty page-turner could be her best yet' CLOSER'Takes us on a deep dive into the emotionally murky waters which exist between protagonists Lydia and Georgia . . . I adored it' DAILY MAIL'Incredibly funny and original . . . fabulous' ADELE PARKS, Platinum Magazine'An addictive page turner about friendship and revenge . . . I loved it' ALICE FEENEY'We love everything Jane Fallon writes' BELLAPraise for Jane Fallon:'She always delivers a fabaliss read' Marian Keyes'Hugely compelling and unpredictable' Ruth Jones'Barbed, twisty and full of deliciously dry wit' Sunday Mirror'Compelling, edgy, beautifully written' Daily Mail


Sherlock Holmes: The Will of the Dead - 2872530369

58,28 zł

Sherlock Holmes: The Will of the Dead Titan Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A young man named Peter Maugram appears at the front door of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson's Baker Street lodgings. Maugram's uncle is dead and his will has disappeared, leaving the man afraid that he will be left penniless. Holmes agrees to take the case and he and Watson dig deep into the murky past of this complex family. A brand-new Sherlock Holmes novel from the acclaimed author of the Newbury & Hobbes series.


Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra - 2870491979

33,45 zł

Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra Hodder & Stoughton

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Mumbai, murder and a baby elephant combine in a charming, joyful mystery for fans of Alexander McCall Smith and Harold Fry. On the day he retires, Inspector Ashwin Chopra inherits two unexpected mysteries. The first is the case of a drowned boy, whose suspicious death no one seems to want solved. And the second is a baby elephant. As his search for clues takes him across the teeming city of Mumbai, from its grand high rises to its sprawling slums and deep into its murky underworld, Chopra begins to suspect that there may be a great deal more to both his last case and his new ward than he thought. And he soon learns that when the going gets tough, a determined elephant may be exactly what an honest man needs...


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