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Handbook of Adolescent Behavioral Problems Springer-Verlag New York Inc.

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For adolescents who experience behavioral disorders, mental health clinicians concern lies with restoring each individual to as optimal a state of health as possible, through treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery maintenance. The Handbook of Adolescent Behavioral Problems, Second Edition substantiates and translates into practice the current evidence-based research in the field to enable mental health clinicians to choose an treatment approach that offers the most promising outcome for each teenager. Using a standardized format, the best practices for the prevention and treatment of many adolescent behavioral disorders are identified in this Handbook based on the latest available research, sound theory, and behavioral trial studies.§§This updated and expanded Second Edition embraces a comprehensive, integrative biopsychosocial approach to prevention and treatment and explores the critical roles that family members and the community play in the development and treatment of dysfunctional behavior. It offers current interdisciplinary perspectives and provides coverage that is clear, accessible, and practical. A wide variety of new topics are included in the new edition, including coverage of the DSM-V; biological/genetic influences on adolescent development; intellectual challenges; communication and learning challenges; media/technology addiction; bullying; dating violence; physical and emotional abuse and neglect; self-inflicted harm; and young adult services. In addition, all chapters from the original edition are updated, examining new and promising prevention strategies and interventions as well as psychopharmacological developments.§§The Handbook of Adolescent Behavior Problems, Second Edition provides an expanded, strong foundation for understanding the adolescent experience and the influence of the family and community as well as much-needed information on how to develop and implement evidence-based practices. It is designed to be a one-stop reference for all mental health clinicians and related health and education professionals working with adolescent, including child, school, and developmental psychologists; social workers; public health workers; family and mental health therapists; and child and adolescent psychiatrists.§


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