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Handbook of Global Agricultural Markets - 2871149452

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Handbook of Global Agricultural Markets Palgrave Macmillan

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The Handbook of Global Agricultural Markets is a one-stop reference for practitioners and academics in finance, business, and economics, providing a holistic reference to the international agriculture business. The book takes a multidisciplinary approach to the topic, looking at the issues, opportunities, and investible themes in the global agricultural space, combining both research and practical tools for analyzing topics and assessing risks. A central theme of the book is the role of the agriculture industry as an emerging market, how the industry has developed and grown to date, and prospects for the future. Readers will gain an understanding of the industry from the perspectives of producers, consumers, and catalysts. The book provides coverage of the following key commodity industries: wheat, soybean, corn, coffee, cotton, rice, ethanol, oats, lumber, cacao, orange juice, soy oil, live cattle, live hogs and feed cattle, water.This book will appeal to a range of readers, from the institutional investor who wants to invest in commodities; businesses, angels, and private equity houses who want to invest in agriculture projects; businesses looking for market entry; and academics who are researching the global agriculture industry.


Handbook Of Environmental Analysis - 2857249916

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Handbook Of Environmental Analysis

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Palgrave Handbook of Global Sustainability - 2873899460

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Palgrave Handbook of Global Sustainability Springer International Publishing AG

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The field of sustainability continues to evolve as a discipline. The world is facing multiple sustainability challenges such as climate change, water depletion, ecosystem loss, and environmental racism. The Handbook of Sustainability will provide a comprehensive reference for the field that examines in depth the major themes within what are known as the three E's of sustainability:  environment, equity, and economics. These three themes will serve as the main organizing body of the work. In addition, the work will include sections on history and sustainability, major figures in the development of sustainability as a discipline, and important organizations that contributed or that continue to contribute to sustainability as a field.The work is explicitly global in scope as it considers the very different issues associated with sustainability in the global north (which is driven by things like recycling, green energy, etc.) as well as sustainability in the global south (which is driven by things like access to food, conflict, etc.)


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