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Valeria CCB Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Jennifer, a beautiful submissive, has finally found the perfect mistress. Valeria is truly dominant and uncannily intuitive, and always knows exactly how far to take her slave. Beneath her whip Jennifer is driven to heights of ecstasy she has never even imagined! But Valeria isn't quite what she seems. She has a secret past, and an involvement with the supernatural that Jennifer could never suspect. Her past begins to encroach on the happy slave girl's idyllic life, first in the form of a blackmailing Interpol agent, then with the abrupt appearance of two invisible demons who rape her and then spirit her away to an obscure Indonesian island. There she finds herself the prisoner of a shape shifting demigod and his priests of pain, a tortured pawn in a life-and-death struggle between two powerful survivors of an ancient, inhuman race! Wild, sexually explicit situations abound in this powerful SM graphic novel. The story is part adventure, part dark romance, part gothic horror, and all B&D! About the Author: Brian Tarsis, author of City of Dreams, is well known in the BDSM world as an author, artist and practitioner. His illustrations have captivated readers of bondage magazines since 1983. Valeria is his fourth graphic novel. Brian Tarsis resides in Seattle, Washington.


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