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Why Four Gospels? - 2862347320

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Why Four Gospels? Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from Why Four Gospels?: Or, the Gospel for All the World; A Manual Designed to Aid Christians in the Study of the Scriptures, and to a Better Understanding of the Gospels It is admitted on all hands that the central point of attack upon Christianity in the present age is found in the Gospels. "The life of Jesus," says Tischendorf, "is the most momentous of all questions which the Church has to encounter, - the one which is decisive whether it shall or shall not live." The assailants demand that the Christian apologist shall put his system to the test of exhibiting its philosophic basis and its rational explanation. Whether the demand be reasonable or unreasonable, it is certain that this scientific age will continue to press its questions of why and how. While it is absolutely certain that God's Word will stand all legitimate tests and remain intact to the end of time, it is no less certain that some of the old modes of viewing, exhibiting, and defending it must be abandoned for others which are more truly scientific, or, in other words, more in harmony with the divine truth and thought. It is a growing conviction in many Christian minds, that the most conclusive argument for the divine origin of the four Gospels is not that furnished by the external evidences but by the Gospels themselves; that whoever can be brought to take a truly scientific view of them, that is, to see them as they really are in themselves and their relations, will need no further arguments to convince him that these productions are each and all from God. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.


How God Became King - 2870466390

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How God Became King

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>Religion & beliefs>Christianity>Christian theology

'It Has Been Slowly Dawning On Me Over Many Years That There Is A Fundamental Problem Deep At The Heart Of Christian Faith And Practice As I Have Known It - We Have All Forgotten What The Four Gospels Are About.' With This Surprising And Radical Assertion


How God Became King - 2869691181

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How God Became King SPCK

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'It has been slowly dawning on me over many years that there is a fundamental problem deep at the heart of Christian faith and practice as I have known it - we have all forgotten what the four gospels are about.' With this surprising and radical assertion, highly respected theologian Tom Wright launches a ground-breaking work.


Taboo and Transgression - 2859238056

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Taboo and Transgression IPOC Italian Paths of Culture

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Using the analytical tools of cultural anthropology, Ida Magli delves into the familiar material of the New Testament the same way as she would any other historical text, and carefully separates the myth and mysticism from the narrative accounts, to discern what is most likely to be historical fact, and what may instead have been adjusted so as no to clash with the customs and worldview of the authors of the Gospels. What emerges is a new understanding of just how far and drastically Jesus of Nazareth challenged the religious views of his time, defying traditions and repeatedly risking his ministry by breaking some of the most severe taboos. Among the many transgressions that are made clear in Ida Magli's analysis is Jesus' denial of the preeminence of blood-ties and family as the reason and foundation of love, when at the house of Lazarus he elects those sitting around him as his true family (Matthew: 12:46); and again when he invites a young man to defy the ancient Jewish observance of mourning his dead father, and follow him instead (Matthew 8:22). As the author reveals, the very principles of Jesus' teachings advocate a universal, indiscriminate love of one's fellow man, and not merely love and respect for kith and kin. By this standard, all people are equal to each other in the eyes of God. Each person is a vessel for communicating directly with God, and there is no further need for priestly hierarchies, go-betweens, or mediation in the me/thee equation with God himself. This tidal shift in perspective automatically entailed the empowerment of women and their emancipation from their subservient role in society, kindling their self-awareness and comprehension of their equal status. To endorse her point, Magli chooses the extraordinary account of the penitent woman entering the house of a Pharisee where Jesus was eating (Luke 7:44), and washing his feet, to the astonishment and incomprehension of all around him. The act was so bold and incomprehensible that in all likelihood it was retold with great precision, because the evangelists failed to understand its true meaning, nor could they grasp Jesus' intentions as he blessed the adoring woman and let her go. Here as in other instances, Magli demonstrates that wherever in the Gospels the deeds and words of Jesus veer drastically from what the evangelists were accustomed to, their accounts are more credible and pertinent to Jesus' fundamental message of universal love, as they did not think of finding justifications or fabricating the events related. Conversely, where the accounts evidently comply with the tradition and lore of the time, these are passages where the evangelists adjusted the text to fit in with their own spiritual worldview and religious background. For anyone who believes they knew the Gospels thoroughly already, or those who are interested in a new way of looking at these familiar texts, Ida Magli's fascinating study will bring many rewards, and stimulate further inquiry into why this man we call Jesus of Nazareth was both a genius and revolutionary of his times.


Twentieth Century New Testament, Vol. 1 of 2 - 2874107233

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Twentieth Century New Testament, Vol. 1 of 2 Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from Twentieth Century New Testament, Vol. 1 of 2: A Translation Into Modern English Made From the Original Greek Yet, on the other hand, our work is more than a literal translation. No purely literal rendering can ever adequately represent the thoughts conveyed in the idioms of another language. In this translation not only every word, but also the emphasis placed upon every word, has been carefully weighed, and an effort made to give the exact force and meaning in idiomatic modern English. Since the publication of the Authorized Version of 1611, more than 1,500 manuscripts of the New Testament have been discovered or become accessible, and among them are the three oldest and most important. The Greek text here translated, that of Bishop Westcott and the late Dr. Hort, is mainly founded on these oldest manuscripts, and is widely acknowledged to be, as Dr. Philip Schaff called it, "the purest Greek text," and "the last and best edition of the Greek Testament." A large amount of time and care has been expended upon those passages of the gospels which record the same or similar events or discourses, in order to show where the same or different words have been used. Such passages abound in the first three gospels, while in the fourth they are more numerous than is commonly supposed. Dr. Westcott writes: "The English reader has a right to expect that he will find in the Revision which is placed in his hands a faithful indication of the verbal agreement or difference between the several narratives. These afford the clue, often slender and subtle, to the particular meaning of a passage." In addition to such help as that here referred to, the English reader will be able to study more easily the composition of the gospels, and to discern their relation to a common source. This important matter was neglected by King James's translators. To the Revisers of 1881 the public are indebted for very careful work in this direction, in which we have gladly followed and endeavoured to surpass them. There are, however, many minute points where such an indication as that alluded to by Dr. Westcott seems impossible. The numerous and important quotations from the Old Testament are in this translation placed in special type. In addition to these, a large number of "borrowed Old Testament phrases," as Westcott and Hort call them, are indicated in the same way. These have been carefully compared with the Septuagint, and, where necessary, with the original Hebrew, and, in some cases, with the Aramaic versions. Passages quoted from the Apocrypha (references to which were formerly given in the Authorized Version, out have been long omitted by the printers) are here also indicated. It is believed that the use of a different type for all such passages, which show how the writers of the New Testament often borrowed the language of the Old, will be of considerable advantage to the careful student, without embarrassing the ordinary reader. Other quotations are in ordinary type. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.


Rejesus - 2877374138

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Rejesus Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

ReJesus asks the following questions: What ongoing role does Jesus the Messiah play in shaping the ethos and self understanding of the movement that originated in him? How is the Christian religion informed and shaped by the Jesus that we meet in the Gospels? How do we assess the continuity required between the life and example of Jesus and the subsequent religion called Christianity? In how many ways do we domesticate the radical revolutionary in order to sustain our religion and religiosity? How can a rediscovery of Jesus renew our discipleship, the Christian community, and the ongoing mission of the church?These questions take us to the core of what the church is all about. Rather than reformation, the authors call their task re-founding the church because it raises the issue of the church's true Founder or Foundation. This theme is of particular importance at the dawn of the twenty-first century as many attempt to address Christianity's endemic and long trended decline in the West. The authors feel that a spiritual, theological, missional, and existential crisis looms in the West.


Mel Gibson's Bible - 2212824729

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Mel Gibson's Bible Chicago University Press

Inne 1

"The Passion of the Christ" was an extraordinary media event. But the film has also, and more importantly, been a religious phenomenon. Mel Gibson's professed intent was to create not just a cinematic experience but a spiritual one. And he has succeeded for many moviegoers, most notably evangelical Christians, of whom millions have embraced the film as a presentation of Holy Scripture, a twenty-first-century incarnation of the Word. In this volume, biblical scholars Timothy K. Beal and Tod Linafelt - along with an esteemed group of contributors - offer a provocative range of views on "The Passion of the Christ". The book is organized in three parts. The first analyzes the film in terms of its religious foundations, including the Gospels and nonbiblical religious texts: What are the film's literary sources and how does it use them? In what ways does the medium of film require a radically different way of representing gospel narrative? The second group of essays focuses on the ethical and theological implications of the film's presentation of the Christian gospel: What do we make of its representations of female sexuality? What are the implications of focusing on the Passion in terms of atonement rather than social justice? Finally, the third section explores the film as a pop cultural phenomenon: How has the film worked to create a sense of insider status for some and alienated so many others? What can we learn about the religious dimensions of contemporary mass culture from the film's reception? Whether one is inspired or appalled by "The Passion of the Christ", there can be no question that it is a defining moment in the cultural afterlife of the Bible. This volume tries to make sense of that moment and will prove to be a touchstone for adherents and detractors of the film alike.


Making Faith-sense - 2877402880

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Making Faith-sense Liturgical Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Making faith-sense is a new term for an ancient practice. It is what the early Christians called mystical or wisdom theology: understanding life in the light of God's participation recorded in the Gospels, recognizing the signs of God's presence in everyday events and shaping one's life accordingly. In Making Faith-Sense, Robert Kinast shows al who seek to unify their life experience around their belief in God how to follow that ancient practice. Drawing upon the award-winning process he has used with students for the ministry, Father Kinast explains how to make sense of family, work, and cultural experience from the perspective of Christian faith. Each chapter contains numerous real-life examples and practical guidelines that can be used privately or with a group. Making Faith-Sense begins with a discussion of wisdom theology and its revival in modern times, highlighting the turn to experience" that characterizes feminist, liberation, and inculturated theologies. The methods for making faith-sense embrace three main components: experience, reflection, and action. The first section describes what is meant by experience, the value of narrating it, how to analyze it, and what to pay attention to so that experience will reveal its theological meaning. The second section explains the role of reflection, its similarity to prayer, techniques for connecting experience to theological tradition, and the most useful theological resources for making faith-sense. The third section affirms the importance of putting reflection into practice, of ensuring that action flows from reflection, of planning and evaluating the effect of one's practice, and of using practice as the starting point for continuing the process of making faith-sense. Examples from work, family, and cultural life are used throughout to provide illustrations of these general points. A concluding chapter summarizes the reemergence of practical theology since the 1980s as an effort of church communities to make faith-sense of their collective lives. Chapters are *What Is Faith-Sense? - *How to Make Faith-Sense: Getting Started, - *How to Make Faith-Sense: The Heart of the Matter, - and *Enacting Faith-Sense: The Culmination of the Process. - Robert L. Kinast, PhD, is a pastoral theologian specializing in the field of theological reflection. Through the publications and services of the Center for Theological Reflection, Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, he contributes to the ministry training programs of many denominations in the United States and Canada. Father Kinast is the author of the Vatican II: Act II series and Let Ministry Teach, published by Liturgical Press. "


The Last King of Israel - 2877428247

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The Last King of Israel Wipf and Stock

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

As death draws near, life will be lived differently. The Last King of Israel explores how the king of kings chose to live his final ten days culminating in the resurrection. Lessons like spending time with loved ones, dealing with difficult people, handling criticism, resting despite enormous stress, and handling affliction are some of the areas addressed as Jesus faces imminent death. Easter is one of the world's most revered holiday seasons; this book will enhance understanding of this truly holy week. Including the two days before Palm Sunday and continuing through the evening of his resurrection, The Last King of Israel takes the reader on Jesus's epic final ten-day journey as his mission on earth comes to an end. Seeing how he died will teach all of us how to live. Challenging both the heart and the mind, The Last King of Israel is a must-read for those who desire a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and the life he lived. ""Michael Chung has given us a superb Lenten gift. Thinking through the last ten days prior to Easter gave me many fresh insights about the context for our Savior's redemptive action. The Nicodemus chapter, for example, is loaded with unique intuitive ideas. The style is smooth and readable. The questions at the end of each chapter drive home spiritual truths. My Lenten sermons will be better as a result of Michael's work."" --David G. McKechnie, Sardis Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC ""In this fine book, Michael Chung gives us inspiring and thoughtful reflections on the final ten days of Jesus's earthly journey. Chung is obviously informed by the best biblical scholarship, but this is much more than an academic treatise. He provides wise thoughts on leadership, meals, sorrow, dealing with difficult people, spiritual practices, and even a little bit about Harry Potter! And all of this is grounded in a profound understanding of the sovereign Lordship of Christ."" --Richard J. Mouw, PhD, President Emeritus, Professor of Faith and Public Life, Fuller Theological Seminary ""How Jesus spent the last days of his life on earth beautifully focuses the motivating values by which he lived and died. The reflections of Mike Chung on those choices offer powerful insights on what really matters in a Great Commission lifestyle for His followers. Profoundly practical and inspiring reading."" --Robert E. Coleman, Distinguished Senior Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Michael Chung (BS, The Ohio State University; MDiv, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; PhD University of Nottingham) has taught at Fuller Theological Seminary-Texas, Houston Baptist University, Calvary Theological Seminary-Indonesia, and Houston Christian High School. He is also the author of Praying with Mom (2012) and has published academic journal articles in North America, Asia, and Europe on Gospels, Paul, Spiritual Formation, New Testament Theology, and Missiology. He has also done missions and pastoral work.


Healing Wisdom of Mary Magdalene - 2877434033

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Healing Wisdom of Mary Magdalene Bear & Company

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The discovery and translation of the Gnostic Gospels have revealed Mary Magdalene to be a gifted visionary teacher and the best qualified disciple to lead the Jesus movement following his death. Yet, according to most scholars, only a few fragments of her actual teachings have survived. Sharing more than 20 years of research, inspired by a profound experience at the cave in southern France where Mary Magdalene is reputed to have spent her final years, Jack Angelo reveals that the Fourth Gospel of the New Testament, traditionally attributed to John, is actually a direct transcription of Mary Magdalene's oral teachings. He explains how the Fourth Gospel was recast by more conservative members of the Jesus movement, such as Peter and Andrew, to hide Mary's authorship and suppress her role as head disciple. Delving deeply into the many layers of meaning within the "Gospel of Signs"--the first 11 chapters of the Fourth Gospel which describe seven of Jesus' miracles--he shows how Mary's teachings outline seven key steps for personal transformation and profound healing. For example, the sixth sign describes the shamanic healing of a blind man when Jesus spits on clay and smears the paste over the man's eyes. Angelo explains how the deeper meaning of this sign is about perceiving with the "eyes of the heart." Beyond the beauty and simplicity of Mary's wisdom for personal transformation and healing, Angelo also shows how Mary's heart-centered teachings embody the resurgence of feminine energy that is vitally needed to restore balance to the psyche and health of humanity as well as to Earth.


Walynn the Wishing Worm - 2862091025

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Walynn the Wishing Worm Lightning Source UK Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Walynn the Wishing Worm is designed to encourage traditional morals and values. The story takes place in a setting that has the potential to be troublesome. But with a lot of faith, hard work, and strong friendships, the tiny insect characters manage to keep the environment positive and exciting. Walynn and his friends are faced with many herculean tasks. In a series of inspirational events, these courageous bugs show how even the smallest person can make a huge difference. Walynn is a friendly little worm with a big heart. Driven by the desire to help those in need, Walynn and his friends are quick to jump into action, keeping wrongdoers at bay. Despite his appearance, Walynn isn't the typical worm. He has a secret weapon-Owen, the wish-granting genie. However, there is one small catch, Owen is a young genie with limited powers. Having just enough magic to land the gang into one sticky situation after another, Owen helps his friends to discover that real power resides in old-fashioned values. By supporting one another, Walynn and his gang find that they can accomplish anything. The characters in this story show that real superheroes are those who are honest, hardworking, trustworthy, and faithful. The story presents a wonderful opportunity to share God's word with children by comparing the many intriguing yet difficult situations to the gospels and the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Naked Now - 2826783532

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Drawn from the Gospels, Jesus, Paul, and the great Christian contemplatives, this examination reveals how many of the hidden truths of Christianity have been misunderstood or lost and how to read them with the eyes of the mystics rather than interpreting them through rational thought.


Cotton Patch Rebel - 2877379759

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Cotton Patch Rebel Resource Publications (CA)

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Clarence Jordan seemed to be born with an ability to see things just a little bit differently than other people did--and sometimes that got him into trouble. Like his views on racial equality: they just weren't popular with many other White people in the Deep South of his day. Like his views on war and how to deal with violence and hatred. For Clarence, the Gospel was very clear about these issues. Moreover, he believed that Jesus's teachings were not just abstract principles but were meant to be applied directly to everyday life. That got him into trouble too, especially among certain church-going people. Along the way, Clarence became a progressive farmer, a sought-after preacher, a Greek scholar, an author, a precursor of the Civil Rights movement, and a family man. An irrepressible sense of humor enlivened all these aspects of his life. Today, Clarence Jordan is best known as the author of the Cotton Patch Gospels and as the inspiration for Habitat for Humanity. The story of the making of this extraordinary man is not so widely known. Cotton Patch Rebel tells that story. ""How I rejoice that young people will now be introduced to this amazing man, Clarence Jordan, and his prophetic witness for racial equality and peace! Ann Trousdale tells his story in a down-to-earth, yet inspiring way, and reminds us all of the difference one life can make. I cannot wait to share copies with the young people in my life."" --Leonora Tubbs Tisdale, Clement-Muehl Professor of Preaching, Yale Divinity School ""Cotton Patch Rebel beautifully describes a radical experiment in creating the beloved community. It is a story about the arc of a life defined by justice, spirituality, courage, and by the reality of difficult times. Trousdale writes with rare fidelity to an extraordinary life and skillfully provides clear and straightforward context for younger readers. It makes us want to be a better person. Inspiring, instructive, and deeply real."" --Tobin Hart, author of The Secret Spiritual World of Children and The Four Virtues ""Every now and again someone comes along whose life is a demonstration of the Good News. Clarence Jordan was such a man, and his story . . . gives us hope that the Christian life, though hard at times, is full of blessings. Trousdale tells that story to a new audience, to young people who are growing up in a difficult age and who need to know that living as Jesus taught is the surest path to a joyful life."" --David Snell, President & Co-Founder, The Fuller Center for Housing ""Trousdale's marvelous storytelling ability makes the tale of Koinonia Farm and Clarence Jordan leap off the page. Children will discover how faith is put into action in this lively story of courage, perseverance, friendship and creative problem-solving. Reading this book will also help children understand America's history with racism and encourage them to make the world a place where all people respect and care for one another."" --Karen-Marie Yust, The Josiah P. and Anne Wilson Rowe Professor of Christian Education, Union Presbyterian Seminary Ann M. Trousdale is an ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church. She is also a retired professor at Louisiana State University, where she taught courses in children's literature and storytelling. She has published widely in the areas of children's literature, the oral interpretation of literature, and children's spirituality, focusing particularly on using literature to support children's spiritual lives and religious understanding. She lives with her dog in Louisiana.


When History and Faith Collide - 2862437422

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When History and Faith Collide Wipf and Stock

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Description: Hedrick explores the tension, or collision, that occurs when studying the Jesus of faith with the critical eye of historical scholarship. He outlines the nature of historical inquiry, gives a brief history of how scholars have understood Jesus, and indentifies the essential issues confronting the reader of the New Testament Gospel accounts of Jesus: discrepancies, contradictions, and the differences as well as strong similarities among different writers. Endorsements: ""For many Christians, studying the historical Jesus disrupts and challenges their comfortable faith in the divine Christ of the creeds they have repeated all their lives. According to Hedrick, such conflict can 'bring new insights, a broader understanding, and a deeper appreciation for the complementary relationship between faith and history' . . . In clear and precise prose, Hedrick asserts that the best way to understand the historical Jesus is to study the Gospels as first-century texts that present us with information about the life and death of Jesus. His book serves as an introduction to the central conflicts inherent in the contemporary study of Jesus."" -Publishers Weekly About the Contributor(s): Charles W. Hedrick is Distinguished Professor of Religion Emeritus at Missouri State University. He is also the author of Parables as Poetic Fiction and Many Things in Parables.


Jesus Showed Us! - 2862111183

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Jesus Showed Us! Brad Jersak

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What is God like? The answer depends on the imagination of those we ask. Some of those answers are not very healthy-especially for children! Many ideas and images of God are harmful, such as the angry God who threatens us. Or the distant God who is not there when we need him. Or the magical God who will grant our wishes if we are good enough or beg hard enough. Such ideas of God make it hard for us to love God with our whole heart or to let God love us. God noticed this problem. God wanted us to know what God is really like. So God decided to do something. What's the best way for God to tell us what God is like? By showing us-in person! And that is exactly what God did! God came into our world as Jesus Christ. Jesus is what God has to say about Godself. What did Jesus show us about God? Jesus showed us that God is Love!Not just any kind of love. God is perfect love that never stops loving. Jesus showed us this in so many ways. The four gospels, written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, tell us that story. They tell us how Jesus showed us God. Everything Jesus said and did was about this message: God is Love.God loves everyone, and that means God loves you. Each page of this book shares the gospel story of God's love, seen in Jesus. What is God like? Jesus showed us! Jesus showed us God is Love! * This book is suitable a 16-week Sunday School study on Jesus (1 page/lesson). Children's ministries and retailers may contact Eden at for bulk discounts. The illustrations in "Jesus Showed Us" are inspired by Ethiopian and Coptic Orthodox iconography. They were rendered by Shari-Anne in gouache, watercolor, pencil, and ink. She gave about thirty hours of love to each piece. Quality prints of the art can be purchased through Shari-Anne Vis. Contact her at


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