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Fraction Multiplication and Division - Math Workbooks Grade 6 Children's Fraction Books - 2904299615

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Fraction Multiplication and Division - Math Workbooks Grade 6 Children's Fraction Books Baby Professor

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Straight-up multiplication and division are already challenging but to use them in fractions, now that's increasing the complexity of the game even further The purpose of this workbook is to increase your child's ability to understand how this math concep


Numeracy Test Workbook - 2906666686

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Numeracy Test Workbook Kogan Page

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Numeracy, or numerical reasoning tests are one of the most common types of psychometric tests used in assessment and selection procedures, and now with increased competition for jobs and placements it has never been more important to excel in them. This second edition of "The Numeracy Test Workbook" includes over 1000 questions and is the perfect starting point if you lack practice or confidence. It gives you the opportunity to improve your numerical skills before facing a real-life test. It will help you get up to speed on the basic skills needed for multiplication, division, fractions, percentages and units of measurement. The section on key skills is followed by practice questions and realistic mock tests, organized into number problems, number sequencing and data interpretation. Now including time-based questions which are used in the selection of emergency services staff, this companion to the popular "How to Pass Numeracy Tests" also includes detailed explanations to answers and interpretations of scores. It will help you to improve your test techniques and dramatically increase your chances of success.


Basic Maths Practice Problems For Dummies - 2904460355

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Basic Maths Practice Problems For Dummies John Wiley & Sons

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Fun, friendly coaching and all the practice you need to tackle maths problems with confidence and ease. In his popular "Basic Maths For Dummies", professional maths tutor Colin Beveridge proved that he could turn anyone - even the most maths-phobic person - into a natural-born number cruncher. In this book he supplies more of his unique brand of maths-made- easy coaching, plus 2,000 practice problems to help you master what you learn. Whether you're prepping for a numeracy test or an employability exam, thinking of returning to school, or you'd just like to be one of those know-it-alls who says, 'Oh, that's easy!' about any maths problem that comes your way, this book is for you. Master basic arithmetic, fast - in no time, solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems will seem as easy as tying your shoes. Face down fractions - you'll never again feel shy around fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios. Juggle weights and measures like a pro - whether it's a question of how much it weighs, how long (or far) it is, or how much it costs, you'll never be at a loss for an answer. Make shapes your playthings - circles, squares, triangles and rectangles - you'll measure them, draw them and manipulate them with ease. Open the book and find: 2,000 pencil-and-paper practice problems; the keys to mastering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; the lowdown on fractions, decimals and percentages; basic geometry made easy; how to handle weights, measures and money problems; and, how to read charts, tables and graphs at a glance. Learn to: master maths with more than 2,000 practice questions; add, subtract, multiply and divide with confidence; work with decimals, fractions and percentages; and, size up weights and measures.


Elements of Algebra - 2862289924

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Elements of Algebra Cambridge University Press

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In 1770, one of the founders of pure mathematics, Swiss mathematician Leonard Euler (1707


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