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Language is Music - 2826776590

100,58 zł

Language is Music Kaleidomundi

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Language is Music focuses on making learning foreign languages fun, easy and affordable for anyone with a desire to communicate effectively with people around the world. By applying over 100 simple tips to things you already do, such as listening to music or surfing the Web, you can experience the joy of "fluency" in any language without having to study abroad or spend money on private tutors. In Language is Music, Susanna Zaraysky masterfully shares her listening methods so that anyone can have fun learning any language. With over 100 tips and 100 free or low-cost Internet resources, you will learn how to use daily activities, such as watching T.V. or listening to music; conversation partners; and attendance at cultural events to become a masterful speaker of any tongue. "Learning foreign languages is like learning to sing a song or play music," says self-made linguist Susanna Zaraysky and author of Language is Music. Zaraysky has what you might call "an ear" for languages, having used music to successfully learn English, Russian, French, Spanish, Ladino, Italian, Portuguese, and Serbo-Croatian-all with excellent accents. (Third Edition published in January 2014.) Advance Praise for Language is Music Language is Music is music for the mind! Susanna Zaraysky has crammed this little book with big ideas about how to learn a language, including a multitude of extremely practical tips and applications. As one who has dabbled in many languages and speaks a couple fluently, I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to speak another language. -John Perkins, New York Times Bestselling Author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man "I love it! I think it will help people who want to learn, and those who are curious about additional language learning. Many people want to learn a language but are frightened, or disappointed by the courses they have taken. Reading Language is Music will encourage them to try again, on their own and with friendly supporters." -Dr. Elba Maldonado-Colon, Professor Department of Elementary Education Bilingual Program, San Jose State University "LET IT JUST ROLL OFF YOUR TONGUE. With lyrical insight and solid experience, Susanna Zaraysky, author of Language is Music, provides easy steps for learning a language. Gone are the boring, disconnected strategies that most of us remember from school. You've never learned a language this quickly and easily. Zaraysky's methods embody fun, connection, rhythm, and above" -Suzanne Lettrick, M.Ed Educator and Founder of The Global Education and Action Network "Forget dictionaries and phrase books . . . Susanna Zaraysky's easy-to-use guide to language learning is indispensable for any serious language learner wanting to become fluent--not just conversationally proficient--in another language. Language is Music will teach you how to make language acquisition a part of your daily life, and to recreate the kind of total-immersion environment necessary for fluency. Highly recommended reading for aspiring polyglots. Pick up this book and you too will be all ears!" -Justin Liang, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Marshallese, intermediate Spanish "Back in France, I spent many years learning "academic" English in school. But I progressed much faster when I forced myself to listen to the BBC or not look at the subtitles when watching an American movie. I wish I had Susanna's book with me then. It's full of creative ideas and practical tips that are indispensable complements to the traditional methods of learning foreign languages -- and it's coming from someone you can trust, she speaks so many of them!" -Philippe Levy, French native speaker


Diabetic Muscle & Fitness Guide - 2861957153

159,04 zł

Diabetic Muscle & Fitness Guide Phil Graham Performance Coaching

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Written by renowned competitive body builder and Sports Nutritionist Phil Graham The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide is the first ever evidence-based muscle building and fat loss resource written for people living with diabetes. Whether you want to shred fat, build a set of chiseled abs, pack on quality muscle mass or smash personal bests in the gym - this resource is your definite go to for rapid body redesign and strength development when living with diabetes. The book provides a deep insight into the underlying physiology of diabetes and how it influences human metabolism, nutrition requirements and examines the body's response to different types of exercise especially weights resistance exercise. Various other elements including; mindset, diabetes medication, diabetes management, sports supplementation and much more are discussed in great detail. Every strategy is grounded on real life experience, countless hours of trial and error and evidence-based study. The book is written in an easy to digest format, occasionally delving into deeper scientific language to empower you with the exact knowledge, structure, and methods of assessment needed to ensure your body is always moving in the right direction. The modern day personal trainer will find this resource incredibly valuable, as nowadays they face more clients living with diabetes (especially Type 2) than ever before. This resource will teach the fit pro everything they need to know about coaching the client living with diabetes.


Consolations of Philosophy - 2212839584

45,80 zł

Consolations of Philosophy Penguin

Nauki humanistyczne

Alain de Botton, best-selling author of How Proust can Change Your Life, has set six of the finest minds in the history of philosophy to work on the problems of everyday life. Here then are Socrates, Epicurus, Seneca, Montaigne, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche on some of the things that bother us all; lack of money, the pain of love, inadequacy, anxiety, the fear of failure and the pressure to conform.


Lughatuna Al-Fusha: Book 4 - 2864207775

172,84 zł

Lughatuna Al-Fusha: Book 4 The American University in Cairo Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the literary language of today's books, media, and formal communication throughout the Arab World, the region's principal shared language of written and official discourse. The third book in this new series for the classroom is designed for adult learners of the language at the intermediate stage.Drawing on her years of experience as an Arabic instructor, author Samia Louis has developed a course rich in everyday contexts and real-life, practical language, along with a wide range of grammar-learning strategies to allow students to deploy the language with confidence. Written in accordance with the ACTFL guidelines for teaching Arabic as a foreign language, the course is conceived in such a way to make the study of Arabic language and grammar easier for the student.Book Four addresses the middle to high intermediate Arabic learner. The aim of this book is to help students to read and write articles, essays and texts, using a range of tenses, in correct Arabic grammar. Students will also learn how to communicate orally in a number of different situations, discussing current events, leisure activities, and practical matters.The students' facility with sentence structure and vocabulary is increased by reading newspapers and listening to news broadcasts, and by writing about real-life interests such as environmental conditions, political issues, sports, and cultural pursuits. The chapters guide students through the gradual acquisition of vocabulary and grammar. Exercises at the end of each chapter cover all essential skills and translation, with emphasis on reading and writing. The accompanying DVD includes audio material for all listening activities, dialogs, and reading exercises. The book is further supported by online interactive reading, writing, and grammar drills.



344,99 zł


Podręczniki, artyku

Psychology, Global Edition


English for Everyone Course Book Level 4 Advanced - 2854442666

80,49 zł

English for Everyone Course Book Level 4 Advanced DORL

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

English for Everyone is an exciting and comprehensive self-study course for adults learning English as a foreign language. This course is a unique new series with a visual, engaging, and easy to follow style to make the English language easy to learn.


Italian - 2854227929

72,62 zł

Italian John Wiley & Sons

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Updated edition of the bestselling self-study aidItalian: A Self-Teaching Guide is the ideal companion for studying the language at your own pace--whether you're learning Italian for the first time or just brushing up on your skills. This STG quickly acquaints you with the basic skills you need to speak, read, write, and understand the language. It focuses on grammar and vocabulary relevant to every day life and travel in Italian-speaking countries and features updated extensive vocabulary and lots of culture notes. This helpful guide also includes a pronunciation guide, appendixes with grammar references, and an extensive glossary.Edoardo A. Lebano (Bloomington, IN) is Professor of Italian and Director of the Center for Italian Studies at Indiana University.


English for Everyone Practice Book Level 4 Advanced - 2863394380

63,60 zł

English for Everyone Practice Book Level 4 Advanced DORL

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

English for Everyone is an exciting and comprehensive self-study course for adults learning English as a foreign language. This course is a unique new series with a visual, engaging, and easy to follow style to make the English language easy to learn.


LEGACY (THE VERY BEST OF DAVID BOWIE) - David Bowie (Płyta CD) - 2841613215

60,82 zł


Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Nazwa - LEGACY (THE VERY BEST OF DAVID BOWIE) Autor - David Bowie Wydawca - Warner Music Group Kod EAN - 0190295919900 Rok wydania - 2016 Nośnik - Płyta CD Ilość elementów - 1 Podatek VAT - 23% Premiera - 2016-11-11


KPOP Dictionary - 2843908918

56,05 zł

KPOP Dictionary New Ampersand Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Take a Peek into the Psychology of Modern Korean People Through Slang" -


Foundations of Earth Science - 2212824542

225,90 zł

Foundations of Earth Science Prentice Hall

Inne 1

For courses in Earth Science. The brief, paperback version of the best-selling Earth Science, 9/E, this text offers a user-friendly overview of the physical environment. It retains the hallmarks professors expect from Fred Lutgens and Ed Tarbuck - a student-friendly writing style, carefully crafted art program, and coverage of the most recent current events. For the first time, each copy of the text comes packaged with the GEODE II student CD-ROM. Many enhancements have been made to the instructional package. Carefully crafted art program. Art program - Includes Dennis Tasa illustrations and hundreds of high quality photographs, makes difficult concepts less abstract for students through carefully planned and executed artwork. Coverage of current events, Up-to-date coverage of many current issues in Earth science - From coastal hazards and earthquakes to global warming and ozone depletion, providing students with recent examples to which they can relate. Emphasis on basic Earth science principles, provides students with a strong sense of the reasoning processes of science. Student-friendly writing style. Readable discussions - Uses a minimum of technical language. Presents Earth science concepts clearly, enabling students to easily comprehend material and maintain interest. Comprehensive organization - Seven self-contained units. Gives instructors flexibility in structuring their course. Focus on learning. Chapter-opening objectives, alerts students to important ideas so they can organize their chapter goals and studies. Chapter-end summary, provides students with a recap of all the major points. Chapter-end review questions and 20-item test, this built-in study guide helps students examine their knowledge of significant facts and ideas from the chapter. Key terms with page references, encourages students to check their understanding of unfamiliar language related to various topics - in context. MEDIA Bring Earth science to life in and out of the classroom with a ground breaking media package including GEODE II (for the first time included with every copy of the text), Companion Website, the Digital Image Gallery for Interactive Teaching (DIGIT), and numerous course management options. GEODE II CD-ROM -  Created by renowned illustrator and CD-ROM developer Dennis Tasa in collaboration with Edward Tarbuck and Frederick Lutgens, this dual-platform CD-ROM provides a highly interactive learning experience for beginning Earth Science students. Provides exercises and activities that increase students understanding of Earth science facts and concepts and enables students to examine and review important concepts. Excellent animations, illustrations, and photographs accompany explanations to make this an especially effective learning tool. GEODE II is packaged, in a special two-for-the-price-of-one offering, with every copy of the text. The authors have placed CD icons throughout the book (in the table of contents, and beside the major headings within the text), to indicate where there is corresponding tutorial material. Multiple choice questions give students extra practice on key concepts and provide immediate feedback/results on their performance. Annotated Web destinations enable students to explore beyond the pages of the text to see the geosciences in action. NEW - Digital Image Gallery for Interactive Teaching CD-ROM (DIGIT) - Provides high-quality electronic versions of photos and illustrations from the book as well as additional photographs - for easy import into lecture presentation software, such as PowerPoint or Astound. Also includes all of the illustrations and a selection of photos from the text in 32-bit, low compression JPEG files. To further guarantee classroom projection quality, all images are manually adjusted for color, brightness, and contrast. The images are organized by chapter for easy reference. Professors can utilize Prentice Halls content - including test questions, Web links, and practice problems - with any of the above course management systems to design their own online course components. Even instructors with little or no technical experience can use a point-and-click navigation system to set up course calendars, quizzes, lectures, and self-paced study help. Instructors can go to to find out which course management system would be most beneficial.


Damiao de Gois - 2861970505

739,65 zł

Damiao de Gois Springer

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Scholars have given relatively little attention to sixteenth-century Portuguese humanism, although Portugal's vital influence on the humanistic thirst for learning has been readily acknowledged. Through her heroic explorations of distant lands and dangerous sea routes, Portugal infected many humanists with the excitement of discovery, none more than Damiao de Gois, Portuguese student of history. Gois, although generally little known, was - in his life and finally as a victim of the Inquisition in Portugal - thoroughly representative of the course of sixteenth-century Erasmian humanism in Portugal; in addition he deserves recognition in his own right as a contributor to modern historiography. Portugal's explorations and the atmosphere of passion for discovery that prevailed in Lisbon had as strong an influence on Gois during his early years as that of the school of Erasmus, the "prince of humanists" who was eventually to become his personal friend and guide. Gois's two great chronicles of the Portuguese kings John II and Ma nuel I culminated a life spent as diplomat, composer, art collector, articulate pleader for religious tolerance, and scrupulous student of history. A factual report of Gois's life - in the main outlines accurate but not complete - exists in Portuguese, and a short resume of his life has been published in English, but so far no full study has been available in any language.


Oxford Grammar of Classical Greek - 2862684318

83,79 zł

Oxford Grammar of Classical Greek Oxford University Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Oxford Grammar of Classical Greek gives clear, concise, and easily understood explanations of all the key points of Classical Greek grammar. With additional features such as a glossary of grammatical terms, a vocabulary list covering all the Greek words found in the main text, study tips, and practice exercises to help develop knowledge and gain confidence, this invaluable resource ensures that students have all the support they need to complement their language learning. The Oxford Grammar of Classical Greek also offers hundreds of example sentences illustrating grammatical points, an explanation of literary terms, and a guide to how Classical Greek was pronounced. The first book of grammar dedicated to Classical Greek for students in almost a century, this handy reference will replace existing Greek grammars and help students bring this ancient language to life.


Poker For Dummies - 2850273773

72,62 zł

Poker For Dummies John Wiley & Sons

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Poker is America's national card game, and its popularity continues to grow. Nationwide, you can find a game in progress everywhere. If you want to play, you can find poker games on replicas of 19th century riverboats or on Native American tribal lands. You can play poker at home with the family or online with opponents from around the world. Like bowling and billiards before it, poker has moved out from under the seedier side of its roots and is flowering in the sunshine. Maybe you've never played poker before and you don't even know what a full house is. Poker For Dummies covers the basics. Or perhaps you've played for years, but you just don't know how to win. This handy guide will help you walk away from the poker table with winnings, not lint, in your pockets. If you're a poker expert, you still can benefit - some of the suggestions may surprise you, and you can certainly learn from the anecdotes from professional players like T.J. Cloutier and Stu Unger. Know what it takes to start winning hand after hand by exploring strategy; getting to know antes and betting structure; knowing your opponents, and understanding the odds. Poker For Dummies also covers the following topics and more:* Poker games such as Seven-Card Stud, Omaha, and Texas Hold'em* Setting up a game at home* Playing in a casino: Do's and don'ts* Improving your play with Internet and video poker* Deciphering poker sayings and slang* Ten ways to read your opponent's body language* Playing in poker tournaments* Money management and recordkeeping* Knowing when and how to bluff Poker looks like such a simple game. Anyone, it seems, can play it well - but that's far from the truth. Learning the rules can be quick work, but becoming a winning player takes considerably longer. Still, anyone willing to make the effort can become a good player. You can succeed in poker the way you succeed in life: by facing it squarely, getting up earlier than the next person, and working harder and smarter than the competition. Foreword by Chris Moneymaker, 2003 World Series of Poker Champion.


RHS Botany for Gardeners - 2826786955

77,43 zł

RHS Botany for Gardeners Octopus Publishing Group

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'Clever...valuable introduction to the study of plant science.' - Gardeners Illustrated RHS Botany for Gardeners is more than just a useful reference book on the science of botany and the language of horticulture - it is a practical, hands-on guide that will help gardeners understand how plants grow, what affects their performance, and how to get better results. Illustrated throughout with beautiful botanical prints and simple diagrams, RHS Botany for Gardeners provides easy-to-understand explanations of over 3,000 botanical words and terms, and show how these can be applied to everyday gardening practice. For easy navigation, the book is divided into thematic chapters covering everything from Plant Pests, and further subdivided into useful headings such as 'Seed Sowing' and 'Pruning'. 'Botany in Action' boxes provide instantly accessible practical tips and advice, and feature spreads profile the remarkable individuals who collected, studied and illustrated the plants that we grow today. Aided by this book, gardeners will unlock the wealth of information that lies within the intriguing world of botanical science - and their gardens will thrive as a result. This is the perfect gift for any gardener. Contents Includes...The Plant kingdom Growth, Form and Function Inner Workings Reproduction The Beginning of Life External Factors Pruning Botany and the Senses Pest, Diseases and Disorders Botanists and Botanical Illustration ...And Much More!


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