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Maths Plus Word Problems 6: Pupil Book - 2873349134

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Maths Plus Word Problems 6: Pupil Book PEARSON

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Choose word problems relevant to your teaching from a selection of over 300 thought-provoking problems. Word problems is structured so that you can select problems relevant to your work for any week of the year. * Ideal support for this key aspect of the Framework. * A weekly structure which allows easy links to the MNS Medium Term Plans. * Review topics to provide assessment opportunities for each half term.


New Heinemann Maths Year 1 Activity Book Easy Buy Pack - 2869503927

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New Heinemann Maths Year 1 Activity Book Easy Buy Pack PEARSON

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"New Heinemann Maths" is a flexible programme with support for differentiation, which provides everything needed to plan and run Daily Maths Lessons. It offers a two-pronged approach to planning, which allows teachers to organize by topic or by NNS objective. In addition, the customisable Framework Unit Planning CD can be used to produce, edit and save weekly plans. NHM ranges from Reception to Year 6, catering for different levels of pupil ability, and the Framework Unit Planning CD contains a bank of differentiated pupil activities, with ready-made support and extension ideas for every activity in each unit throughout NHM. It is a practical resource for all staff, from NQTs to experienced maths co-ordinators. Activity Books are used from Reception to Year 3, Textbooks and Extension Textbooks throughout KS2. Assessment in NHM allows teachers to amend planning as problem areas are identified. It offers a three-strand approach to assessment - ongoing, assessment for specific topics, and longer-term.


Maths Challenge Classroom Programme Pack (Year 6) - 2862205451

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Maths Challenge Classroom Programme Pack (Year 6)

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Are your children ready to face the SATs Challenge? A complete solution to identify and challenge children working at mastery level. Topic Assessment and Workbooks to test and practise skills. Contains a Teacher Book, Pupil Workbook and Topic Assessment Book (not sold separately).


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