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Straw into Gold - 2854204967

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Straw into Gold DEEP BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Straw into Gold Illness, Loss, and Hardship as a Path to Inner Peace Diane LaRae Bodach This book is a journey about being human, about opening to life in whatever form it takes and extending loving kindness to oneself and others no matter what. It tells the story of many who have endured great physical and emotional losses in the form of chronic illness, pain and disability as well as through relationships and identities that, once held dear, are stripped away. Diane LaRae Bodach is brutally honest, yet wholly compassionate, in her self-examination, and in the telling of her spiritual and physical journey through life, including chronic illness, cancer, and impending death. Her experiences and wisdom, her willingness to be with life and self exactly as they are, and to open to all that comes her way -- no matter how difficult -- can benefit us all. Although this book journeys through intense pain and loss, the ultimate teaching is that whoever you are, and no matter what life presents, love, compassion and joy are always possible; suffering is optional. ISBN: 978-1-57733-223-7 Endorsements "A beautifully written, searingly honest, and profoundly moving account of one woman's journey through chronic illness and suffering, and the life lessons she learned." Jim Dreaver, author of End Your Story, Begin Your Life "I had the unique privilege of working closely with Diane during the last year of her life as part of her integrative health care team. Diane was a gifted writer and poet, an out-of-the-box spirit who would come in for her vitamin infusion dressed in a long blue wig with wild sunglasses. She never lost her sense of humor throughout the ravages of dealing with chronic illness and then cancer. In her last month of life, she presided over her 'living' wake, a wild and wonderful dress-up party outdoors, with Diane in her bed on the throne under the spreading oak tree. Her unique talents make her story not only touching, but exquisitely and subtly expressed. During her last days, we took turns reading to her aloud to put the final touches on her editing, with many tears of sadness and joy being shed. This book is a treasure." Elaine Weil, Nurse Practitioner, Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center, Sebastopol, CA "Many years of illness and pain prepared Diane for her last adventure with friends to the Sonoma Coast. Propped up on many pillows and blankets she ate dark chocolate and ripe raspberries while singing 'Give yourself to Love' and experienced the total joy we shared with her so often throughout her dying process." Tom Meyskens, lover of spoken poetry, fellow Love Choir member and friend "Diane fully engaged in her life and her death. She didn't want to miss anything. Though debilitated, weak, and living with chronic pain, she traveled with us to Mexico and went on by herself to another retreat, sending us home with a suitcase of homeopathic drugs and other heavy items. She camped, canoed, and attended musical festivals during her last throws with cancer with a 'little' help from her friends. At her request, we have spread her ashes in beautiful places where the people she loves go and can be with her. She was a great teacher. She shared her joy and her tears, her life and her death with grace, honesty, and openness. Straw into Gold shares Diane's amazing journey and imparts the wisdom of a woman who inspired many with the way she moved beyond illness, hardship, and dying to embrace love and life." Linda Mollenhauer-Meyskens, Life coach and close friend


Resolve - 2897837869

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Resolve Healthy Life Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book, by a Christian psychiatrist who happens to be blind, shows how resolve is the key to resilience. The stories, all of which are true, and the examples or cases that are included (also true) all show how determination plus faith can overcome any obstacle. After all, if she can climb a 30 fall, what is holding you back? Or if she can be struck by a SUV and still participate in a mission trip only days later, buoyed by her commitment to fulfilling the mission God has given her, are you going to let a few aches and pains hold you back? Here we should examine the role of adversity. We live to avoid it, resolve it, legislate against it, as it has no known value and poses a threat to our livelihood. We create avenues of blame for it or we maintain an attempt to objectify adversity by saying "stuff happens." We palliate human suffering with compassionate understanding, validating the legitimacy of emotions including anxiety, anger, and depression, creating safe havens for people to process them. If allowed some modes of counseling, strategizing solutions, coping skills, or programs to ameliorate the suffering, some strugglers will pass through. While these maneuvers remain unquestionably therapeutic, none asks the individual to embrace the trial. None asks the sufferer to value the adversity as the foster parent of the prized orphan-resilience. Facing adversity? You can overcome it by faith if you link your RESOLVE to God's power, because he is in you, both to will and work for his good pleasure. See how your adversity can become an opportunity, even a gift. As this doctor says, "this so-called tragedy in my life was very much for the good. I had the chance to "see" and care for my children during their precious young years; to play with them, sing songs, teach them, feed them, and do all those wonderful mothering things that many take for granted. I cherished them because I knew my life had been heading in a direction in which I could have missed it all. Now that they are grown, I can see in my mind's eye all of those great images and memories. I enjoyed motherhood so much that I would not have changed my life in any way if given the chance. My eye condition was a gift from God, affording me the privilege of time to be with my children.


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