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Introduction to Nonlinear Differential and Integral Equations - 2873020753

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Introduction to Nonlinear Differential and Integral Equations Lightning Source UK Ltd

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2014 Reprint of 1960 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition. Not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. Within recent years interest in nonlinear equations has grown enormously. They are extremely important as basic equations in many areas of mathematical physics, and they have received renewed attention because of progress in their solution by machines. This volume undertakes a definition of the field, indicating advances that have been made up through 1960. The author's position is that while the advent of machines has resulted in much new knowledge, one should not disregard analytical methods, since the solution of nonlinear equations possesses singularities which only the analytical method (as based upon the work of Poincare, Liapounoff, Painleve and Goursatl can discover. After a general survey of the problem presented by nonlinear equations, the author discusses the differential equation of the first order, following this by chapters on the Riccati equation (as a bridge between linear and nonlinear equations) and existence theorems, with special reference to Cauchy's method. Second order equations are introduced via Volterra's problem and the problem of pursuit, and succeeding chapters cover elliptic integrals and functions and theta functions; differential equations of the second order; and second order differential equations of the polynomial class, with special reference to Painleve transcendents. The technique of continuous analytical continuation is shown, while phenomena of the phase plane are studied as an introduction to nonlinear mechanics.


New Trends in Nanotechnology and Fractional Calculus - 2212846389

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New Trends in Nanotechnology and Fractional Calculus Springer Verlag

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In recent years fractional calculus has played an important role in various fields such as mechanics, electricity, chemistry, biology, economics, modeling, identification, control theory and signal processing. The scope of this book is to present the state of the art in the study of fractional systems and the application of fractional differentiation. Furthermore, the manufacture of nanowires is important for the design of nanosensors and the development of high-yield thin films is vital in procuring clean solar energy. This wide range of applications is of interest to engineers, physicists and mathematicians.Table of contentsPreface;New trends in nanotechnology: Novel Molecular Diodes Developed by Chemial Conjugation of Carbon Nanotubes with Peptide Nucleic Acid, by Krishna V. Singh, Miroslav Penchev, Xiaoye Jing, Alfredo A. Martinez-Morales, Cengiz S. Ozkan and Mihri Ozkan;Hybrid Single Walled Carbon Nanotube FETs for High Fidelity DNA Detection, by Xu Wang, Mihri Ozkan, Gurer Budak, Ziya B. Guvenc and Cengiz S. Ozkan;Towards integrated nanoelectronic and photonic devices, by Alexander Quandt, Maurizio Ferrari and Giancarlo C. Righini;New noninvasive methods for


Applications of Group-Theoretical Methods in Hydrodynamics - 2867136597

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Applications of Group-Theoretical Methods in Hydrodynamics Springer

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This book presents applications of group analysis of differential equations to various models used in hydrodynamics. It contains many new examples of exact solutions to the boundary value problems for the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations. These solutions describe vortex structures in an inviscid fluid, Marangoni boundary layers, thermal gravity convection and other interesting effects. Moreover, the book provides a new method for finding solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations, which is illustrated by a number of examples, including equations for flows of a compressible ideal fluid in two and three dimensions. The work is reasonably self-contained and supplemented by examples of direct physical importance. Audience: This volume will be of interest to postgraduate students and researchers whose work involves partial differential equations, Lie groups, the mathematics of fluids, mathematical physics or fluid mechanics.


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