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God Debate - 2826793796

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God Debate Watkins Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Between the sublime confidence of both biblical fundamentalists and radical atheists lie various shades of belief, agnosticism, wishful thinking and escapist fantasy. The passion to prove the existence of God has always been frustrated by rationalism and always will be, which is why the subject of God's existence will continue to be an enigma. This book comprehensively explores the many controversial issues contained within the debate, touching on such questions as the truth of scripture, the validity of miracles, the whole question of the afterlife, and whether, of course, proof on matters of faith is ever going to be possible. Atheists contend that God is an invention for those unable to face the finality of death; believers that the existence of God is the only basis on which to build and live a meaningful life. Bound up with these perennially contested themes are equally searching arguments concerning free will and determinism, morality and ethics, and the moral and social effectiveness of a secular community compared to one administered by religious authority. These questions matter, affecting the way we live our lives, both collectively and as individuals. Avoiding the black-and-white thinking of those at the incandescent core of this debate, this book offers a refreshing mix of nimble (never restrictive) logic and questioning (never unthinking) spirituality.


Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion - 2854331687

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Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion BLACKWELL PUBLISHERS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book is written for those coming to philosophy for the first time. It explains the nature of philosophical inquiry and discusses traditional philosophical questions about the existence of God, miracles, creationism, the truth of the Bible, science, and the problem of evil. The argument of the book suggests that the attempt to find historical and scientific proof for religious beliefs is bound to fail and so is the attempt to disprove religion by scientific and historical evidence. The view that religion is best understood as a way of life and not in competition with science at all is illustated by examples from literature and the visual arts.


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