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My Wonderful Journey Through Life - With God, Family, and Friends - 2862123279

131,24 zł

My Wonderful Journey Through Life - With God, Family, and Friends Healthy Life Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is one man's perspective on his own life-the challenges, victories, sorrows, and joys of following Jesus for more than 70 years. You'll be encouraged by what you read, and you may even hear, as you read, the echoes of that great hymn, "Where He Leads Me, I Will Follow." Follow the author through his many adventures in the northeast part of the USA, where he served three churches, and was chaplain at a state prison and a VA hospital, while founding a conference center in New Hampshire that continues to bless thousands of visitors year after year. "Warren Biebel was, as he describes himself, just an ordinary guy, but someone, like the ordinary disciples Jesus chose, through whom God would do extraordinary things. The extraordinary things Warren has accomplished in his own family, in individual after individual, in youth program after youth program, in church after church, and yes, in community after community, are all told in an ordinary way to the glory of Jesus Christ and the God he has served. "Here is truly an ordinary life with an extraordinary God. You will enjoy this book because it is real as well as very special. It is meant, I believe, to inspire us, more than to celebrate Warren. God's extraordinary through our ordinary is the way of the Gospel. May we all be encouraged to follow our Lord Jesus Christ through thick and thin, knowing that our feeble efforts in sowing the seeds of God's Word will blossom into the kind of fruit Warren Biebel's life has produced." ~ From the Foreword by Professor Dean Borgman, Warren's lifelong friend Read, be blessed, but more importantly, be inspired as you realize that your "ordinary" life can count for God, if you just choose to follow where He leads.


Dark Guardian #2 - 2893460511

66,02 zł

Dark Guardian #2 HarperTeen

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Chapter OneSupposedly, dreams reflect our hidden fears and secret desires, all clamoring for attention. The one I'd had last night had been so vivid that even now, as evening drew near, it still made me squirm in my chair. I sat against a wall in the counsel room where the elders and the Dark Guardians--protectors of our society--were discussing how best to ensure our survival. Because I hadn't yet experienced my first transformation, I was considered a novice and was not allowed to sit at the large, round table with the others. This was okay by me, because it gave me the freedom to let my mind wander--without anyone noticing that I wasn't paying attention.In my dream, I'd been standing in a clearing with my declared mate, Connor, our arms wrapped around each other so tightly that we could barely breathe. The full moon served as a spotlight.Then dark clouds drifted over the moon, and everything went black. Still holding him near, I was acutely aware of the muscles and bones in his body undulating against me. He grew taller and broader. My fingers were in his hair, and I felt the strands thicken and lengthen. His mouth covered mine, but his lips were fuller than before. The kiss was hungrier than any he'd ever given me. It heated me from head to toe, and I thought I knew what it was to be a candle, melting from the scorching flame. I knew I should move away, but I clung to him as though I'd drown in a sea of doubts if I let go.The hovering clouds floated away, and the moonlight illuminated us once again--only I was no longer in Connor's arms. Instead I was pressing my body against Rafe's, kissing him, yearning for his touch. . . .I shifted uncomfortably in my chair with the memory of how desperately I'd wanted Rafe. It was Connor I was supposed to long for. But I'd woken up in a tangle of sheets, clamoring for another of Rafe's touches--even if it were only in a dream.Squirming again, I felt a sharp elbow in my ribs."Be still, will you?" Brittany Reed whispered harshly beside me. Like me, she would soon be turning seventeen and would experience her first transformation with the next full moon.I'd known Brittany since kindergarten. We were friends, but I'd never felt as close to her as I did to Kayla--whom I'd met only last summer, when her adoptive parents had brought her to the park to face her past. We'd connected on a deep level almost as soon as we met. We'd spent the past year sharing our lives through emails, text messages, and phone calls.During the last full moon she'd discovered that she was one of us and that Lucas Wilde was her destined mate. I can't imagine how frightening it would be to have so little time to prepare. We Shifters can't control the first transformation. When the full moon rises, our bodies react to its call. But now Kayla sat at the table with the others. The summer solstice, the longest day of the year, is usually a time when as many of our kind as possible come together to celebrate our existence. But this year a pall hung over us as we gathered at Wolford, a village hidden deep within a huge national forest near the Canadian border. All that remained there of what had once been a vibrant community were a few small buildings and the massive, mansionlike structure that serves as the home of the elders who rule over us. The residence also houses most of us when we're here for the solstice celebration.We've always been a secret society. Even though we have lived among the rest of the world, we show our true selves only to each other. But recently, we discovered that Lucas's older brother had betrayed us by telling someone in the outside world about our existence. Now some scientists who work for a medical research company called Bio-Chrome were determined to capture us and discover what makes us tick--or more important, what makes us transform. They wanted to patent this ability, develop it, and use it for their own financial gain. But being dissected and studied wasn't how any of us wanted to spend our summer vacation.Although we hadn't seen any signs of Bio-Chrome scientists since Lucas and Kayla had escaped from their clutches, none of us believed they'd given up their quest so easily. We were all on edge because we could sense an impending confrontation--the way animals sense a coming storm. Nature had made us attuned to danger. It was the reason we hadn't gone the way of the dinosaur.


80's Soul Classics Box - 2839746214

303,99 zł

80's Soul Classics Box PTG

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. The Players Association - The Get-down Mellow Sound 2. Angela Bofill - Is This A Dream 3. Kashif - Don't Stop My Love 4. Gary Taylor - Just What I Have In Mind 5. Central Line - Walking Into Sunshine 6. Crown Heights Affair - Think Positive 7. Glenn Jones - Finesse 8. Champaign - Off And On Love 9. Twin Image - Love Lesson 10. Vernon Burch - Do It To Me 11. Enchantment - Somebodyas Loving You 12. Ellie Hope - Lucky 101. Debarge - You Wear It Well 102. Breakwater - Let Love In 103. Midnight Star - Two In Love 104. Fat Larry's Band - Be My Lady 105. Nick Straker Band - We Can Still Be Friends 106. Michael Henderson - You Wouldn+t Have To Work At All 107. Mcb - I'm The One, You're The One 108. Rhyze - Rhyze To The Top 109. Mc Fadden And Whitehead - One More Time 110. Pagoda - Finders Keepers 111. Alfonzo - Don't Stop This Feeling 112. First Circle - In The Name Of Love 201. After Bach - Wanna Fill You Up 202. Young & Company - I Like (What Youare Doing To Me) 203. Jerry Knight - Fire 204. Aurra - Live And Let Live 205. Cashmere - Light Of Love 206. Shakatak With Al Jarreau 207. The Reddings - Back To The Basics (With Our Love) 208. Carl Carlton - Sexy Lady 209. Alvin Fields - Lucky Number Seven 210. Amuzement Park - So Inspired 211. Lillo Thomas - Your Loveas Got A Hold On Me 212. Full Force - Turn You On 301. Alphonse Mouzon - I'm Glad That Youare Here 302. B.t. Express - This Must Be The Night For Love 303. Bloodstone - My Love Grows Stronger 304. Chew - Tell Me You Love Me 305. Chocolate Milk - Who's Getting It Now 306. Leprechaun - Loc It Up 307. Gene Dunlap - Love Dancin' 308. Jr. Tucker - Too Young To Fall In Love 309. Plush - Free And Easy 310. Skool Boyz - I Don't Want Nobody Else (One Woman Man) 311. Controllers - Got A Thang 312. Paul Laurence - Strung Out 401. Carol Douglas - My Simple Heart 402. Muscle Shoals Horns - Don't Bust Yo' Bubbles 403. Bobby Nunn - Sexy Sassy 404. Champaign - Can You Find The Time 405. Band Aka - Joy 406. Clarence Mann - Show Me Girl 407. Lonnie Liston Smith - Never Too Late 408. The Jammers - What Have You Got To Lose 409. The Stone City Band - Ladies Choice 410. Forecast - Happy Days (Hip Hip Hooray) 411. Lew Kirton - Don't Wanna Wait 412. Scott White - Hypnotized 501. The Blackbyrds - Don't Know What To Say 502. The Players Association - We Got The Groove 503. Tom Browne - Let's Dance 504. Alvin Fields - Special Delivery 505. Shine - Don't Stop 506. The Bar-kays - You Made A Change In My Life 507. Kool & The Gang - Let's Go Dancin' (Ooh, La, La, La) Re-mix 508. Lamont Dozier - Shout About It 509. Moses Tyson - Stomp 510. O'jays - Summer Fling 511. 52nd Street - I Can't Let You Go 512. Steven Dante - Love Follows 601. Johnny Guitar Watson - I Miss Your Kiss 602. David Joseph - Joys Of Life 603. Crown Heights Affair - Somebody Tell Me What To Do 604. Marz - Move It , Groove It 605. Harry Ray - Love Is A Game 606. J.m.t. Band - Just Your Love 607. Patrick Boothe - Dance All Night 608. The Chi-lites - Changing For You 609. Sun - Legs (Bring The Wolf Out Of Me) 610. Junior - Stone Lover 611. Rockie Robbins - Goodbyes Don't Last Forever 612. Tease - Tingle 701. The Sylvers - Reach Out 702. Lew Kirton - Just Can't Get Enough 703. Bloodstone - Nite Time Fun 704. Kadenza - Let's Do It 705. Silver Platinum - Dance 706. Juicy - Don't Cha Wanna 707. Rufus With Chaka Khan - Jigsaw 708. Lillo Thomas- Never Give You Up 709. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes Feat. Sharon Paige - Tonight' 710. Precious Wilson - She Don't Really Wanna Know 711. Sos Band - The Finest (Extended Version) 712. Scott White - Love Emergency 801. The Jones Girls - Let's Celebrate (Sittin' On Top Of The Wor 802. Kc & The Sunshine Band - Party With Your Body 803. Tavares - Keep On 804. Thundder - Moove' Everything You've Got 805. Bill Summers & Summers Heat - Throw It Down, Shake Your Body 806. Goodie - Do Something 807. Con Funk Shun - If You're In Need Of Love 808. Raymun - Do You Feel Like I Feel 809. Billy Ocean - Dance With Me 810. Melba Moore - Underlove 811. Bobby Broom - Find Yourself 812. Luther Vandross - It's Over Now 901. Sho-nuff - It's Alright 902. Vernon Burch - Fun City 903. Gladys Knight & Pips - Baby, Baby Don't Waste My Time 904. Keni Burke - Hang Tight 905. Bobby Nunn - Get It While You Can 906. Denise Lasalle & Satisfaction - I'm Trippin' On You 907. Master Jam - Dancin' All Night 908. Sergio Mendes - Voo Doo 909. Merge - Take It To The Top 910. Billy Griffin - Don't Ask Me To Be Friends 911. T-connection - Anything Goes 912. The Controllers - My Secret Fantasy


Ready-to-Use Self Esteem Activities for Young Children - 2894520864

211,57 zł

Ready-to-Use Self Esteem Activities for Young Children Centre for Applied Research in Education

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Here's a remarkable collection of ready-to-use activities and ideas to help young children feel good about themselves... develop friendships... celebrate diversity... and accept changes! Altogether you'll find over 220 illustrated activities that are not only fun, but also provide countless opportunities to reinforce academic skills. Each takes a unique three-pronged approach to acquiring a positive sense of self: The acquisition of self-esteem for the "head" The inspiration to make a difference from the "heart" Creative ideas, projects, and reproducibles for the "hands"For easy use, all activities include a purpose, materials, step-by-step directions, and ideas to extend learning, and are organized into the following six sections: Wonderful Me


Valentine's Day Disaster - 2862068833

92,67 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

It was Valentine's Day in New Mouse City, and I couldn't wait to celebrate! I had sent valentine cards to all my friends and family members. But when I opened my mailbox on the morning of February 14th, it was empty! Had everyone forgotten about me? Was I destined to spend Valentine's Day alone in my mousehole, sobbing, with only my pet fish to console me? It was starting to look like a true Valentine's Day disaster!


From Veronica with Love - 2862093238

115,38 zł

From Veronica with Love Trafford Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Veronica has picked a wonderful way to celebrate her 80th birthday, publishing her memoirs within the auspices of the Dominion Institute's Memory Project, established to keep memories of the 20th century from being lost. Her memories encompass education in a convent, starting work at 14 while bombs rained on London in 1940, joining the Women's Auxiliary Air Force and working as a Flight Mechanic on aircraft engines, then emigrating to Canada; a second WAAF engagement as a drill instructor and later, to the United States where she spent 40 years in Hawaii, California, Arizona and Florida before retiring in British Columbia, near where her father had started out 80-some years earlier. "Looking back I can't help wondering where I would be if there had been no WWII. That event affected everyone and the course of our lives was changed forever. Most of us were able to pick up the pieces and move on, but for others, that wasn't possible. "The years spent in the WAAF were all part of an education, being able to get along with others in all walks of life. We were all different, yet wearing the same uniform and marching to the same drummer. Many friendships were formed, and love affairs started only to end when a posting happened and there was a parting of the ways. "Despite all the potatoes and carrots I peeled and other penalties paid for breaking the rules, I wouldn't have missed the experience. Now that I've finally settled down after all my moves, I am able to relive those days with my friends in the WAAF Association here in Canada. Our monthly luncheons are a noisy affair, it seems as if we have all become those 17 and 18 year olds again as we recount a funny event."


Congregational Nebraska (Classic Reprint) - 2862344847

90,67 zł

Congregational Nebraska (Classic Reprint) Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from Congregational Nebraska In preparing this little book to celebrate the jubilee of Nebraska Congregationalism, the work continued to grow from a brief sketch to the present treatise. The range of study was larger than anticipated; the sources yielded larger results; the plan of work was radically changed; and so a jubilee volume was undertaken. The success of my work I must leave the indulgent reader to determine. No one is more conscious of its imperfections than am I, but at the same time I am confident that there are some things in this volume that will be of interest to the churches, for many friends have kindly responded to the appeal for information and help, and what they have written has added much to the value of the book. The interest they have taken in my effort and the help they have rendered are highly appreciated; and to them individually due credit is given in connection with their contribution.' About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.


Es Vive Ibiza 2007 - 2839227478

54,99 zł

Es Vive Ibiza 2007 Sonic Records / Fierce Angel


1. Ada - Maps 2. Soul Central - Time After Time 3. The Drum Bums - The Idea 4. Crazy Penis - You Started Something 5. Todd Terry Allstars - Get Down 6. Black Magic - Freedom 7. Bobby D'ambrosio - Optimistic 8. Orange Muse - After All 9. Club 4 Life - Don't Matter 10. Hott 22 - Just Friends 11. Disco Freaks - Take Me To The Sun 12. Bob Sinclar - Sound Of Freedom 13. Kurtis Mantronix - I Can't Walk 101. Peyton - Celebrate 102. Wideboys - Bomb The Secret 103. Sousearcher - Feelin Love 104. Buzzjunkies - Don't Mess My Man 105. Eighteen Ft St.mills - Rush On Me 106. Verde - Shine 107. Masters At Work - Work 108. Ultra Nate - Automatic 109. Stonebridge - Sos 110. Seamus Haji - Last Night A Dj 111. Corenell Vs L.m.experience - Keep On Jumping 112. Sunset To Sunrise - Whelan & Dj Scala 113. Fabrique - Better Days 201. Skewrl - All Woman 202. Mandy - Body Language 203. Vendetta Vs Thompson - Love 204. R.owens & S.haji - If 205. Camel Riders - Twisted 206. Michael Grey - Somewher Beyond 207. The Migrants - I Thought That 208. Radak & Blanc - Digital 209. Inaya Day - U Spin Me Round 210. M.wilkinson&nanchang Nancy - Playground 211. Jesse Garcia - Off Da Hook 212. Baxter Baxter - Traylight 213. Tim Deluxe - Let The Beats Roll 214. Big Mal Ft Luciana - Bigger Than Big Już Po Raz Drugi Wytwórnia Fierce Angel, We Współpracy Ze Słynnym Hotelem Es Vive Na Ibizie, Serwuje 3-płytową Kompilacje Napakowaną Doskonałą Taneczną Muzyką, Królującą Na Popularnej Hiszpańskiej Wyspie - Mecce Wszystkich Klubowiczów. Deep, Electro, Disco, Czyli To Co Najgorętsze W Muzyce House Na Jednym Wydawnictwie, Podsumowującym Tegoroczny, Letni Sezon Klubowy.


Bedpans And Bobby Socks - 2904118109

43,85 zł

Bedpans And Bobby Socks Little, Brown Book Group

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In my dreams, I was always in some vast landscape on a long, straight road. Driving. Always driving.' Gwenda had always loved the open road, but her home town of Newcastle didn't really offer the sort of adventure she longed for. So, in 1957, with friend and fellow nurse Pat in tow, she left the dismal British winter behind, and embarked on an amazing American adventure. After a year nursing in Cleveland, Gwenda, Pat and three new friends set off on a road trip around North America, driving in a rickety 1949 Ford. What follows is the charming true story of five remarkable young women. Over the course of eighteen months, the girls go to a 4th July rodeo, visit San Francisco and Las Vegas, learn to surf in Hawaii, spot movie stars in Hollywood and celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Wherever they go, the travelling nurses cause a sensation. This is a delightfully nostalgic memoir of friendship and the romance of the open road.


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