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Dynamika systemu wyborczego III Rzeczpospolitej na tle historycznym - Dominik Sieklucki - 2836947749

35,50 zł

Dynamika systemu wyborczego III Rzeczpospolitej na tle historycznym - Dominik Sieklucki

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Dominik Sieklucki poddał analizie proces ewolucji systemu wyborczego III Rzeczypospolitej, poczynając od pierwszych ordynacji uchwalonych w 1990 roku, przez późniejsze liczne zmiany w prawie wyborczym, a na przyjętym w 2011 roku Kodeksie wyborczym i jego nowelizacjach kończąc. Traktując wybory jako wieloetapowy proces rządzony przez zespół reguł składających się na system wyborczy, poddał weryfikacji tezy dotyczące uwarunkowań, mechanizmów, kierunków i skutków ewolucji tego systemu, a jednocześnie starał się wskazać najważniejsze, charakterystyczne tendencje związane ze zmianami w prawie wyborczym. Procesualny charakter wyborów znalazł odzwierciedlenie w strukturze monografii jej główne punkty stanowią etapy procesu wyborczego w największym stopniu determinujące poziom rywalizacyjności wyborów oraz ich ostateczny wynik. Autor uwzględnił w analizie wszystkie instytucje wybieralne w powszechnym głosowaniu (Sejm i Senat RP, Prezydenta RP, organy jednostek samorządu terytorialnego i Parlament Europejski), a zasadnicze rozważania poprzedził prezentacją najważniejszych zagadnień dotyczących teorii systemów wyborczych i omówieniem polskich rozwiązań wyborczych od czasów najdawniejszych po wybory parlamentarne przeprowadzone w 1989 roku. Zarysował również perspektywy polskiego systemu wyborczego po kodyfikacji prawa wyborczego. Nazwa - Dynamika systemu wyborczego III Rzeczpospolitej na tle historycznym Autor - Dominik Sieklucki Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego Kod ISBN - 9788323339281 Kod EAN - 9788323339281 Rok wydania - 2015 Format - 15.5x23.0cm Ilość stron - 341 Podatek VAT - 5%


Norman Parkinson - 2852496543

135,24 zł

Norman Parkinson Palazzo Editions

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

New and updated hardback edition with additional images. Featuring original colour photographs and black and white prints from Parkinson's own archive. Foreword by Iman From his first outdoor fashion shoot in 1935, Norman Parkinson's "moving pictures taken with a still camera" brought glamour and inventiveness to fashion photography. He set the New Look against the New York skyline, Quant dresses in swinging London, and Calvin Klein and Krizia in exotic locations from Tahiti to Tobago. "If a girl looks like a model, she is not for my lens," said "Parks". He wanted energy and individuality, and found it in "top girls" like Wenda, the willowy actress he married in 1947, Celia Hammond, Jerry Hall, Iman and Appollonia van Ravenstein. Parkinson's long association with Vogue, and his numerous assignments for Harper's Bazaar, Queen and other international magazines, brought him fame and recognition. In return he gave the fashion world ineffable style and unforgettable images. This timely new edition is updated to feature additional iconic Parkinson images, including a striking collection of Audrey Hepburn to coincide with the National Portrait Gallery's Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon exhibition in the UK. It is an impressive examination of an unrivalled twentieth-century photographic portfolio.


Cecil Beaton: The New York Years - 2854250382

286,71 zł

Cecil Beaton: The New York Years RIZZOLI PUBLICATIONS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The definitive book on the legendary photographer's life in New York City, with many never-before-seen images and reminiscences by his closest friends and confidants. From the 1930s, when he helped revolutionize fashion journalism, through the 1960s, when he launched headlong into the Pop art era, London-based photographer Cecil Beaton brought to New York City his own perspective--aristocratic, sexually ambiguous, and theatrical. At the same time, New York offered Beaton innumerable opportunities to reinvent himself and his career. "Cecil Beaton: The New York Years" features sketches, costumes, set designs, previously unpublished letters, and over 220 photographs and drawings, many in color and never seen before. This volume documents Beaton's most influential relationships with quintessential figures of the New York art scene, including Greta Garbo, his female confidant and muse, and Andy Warhol. Richly illustrated, Cecil Beaton is the definitive portfolio chronicling Beaton's stunning career in fashion, portraiture, and the performing arts. The book will be divided into five parts: Beaton in Vogue: Beaton's photography for Conde Nast's Vogue in the 1930s hastened the decline of fashion illustration in favor of today's emphasis on photography. Beaton himself became a celebrity photographer, as famous as his subjects, in the later mold of Richard Avedon and Annie Leibovitz. Beaton and the Stage: After World War II, Beaton appeared on the New York stage as an actor, and he also designed sets and costumes for such musicals as My Fair Lady and Coco and operas Vanessa and La Traviata, both at the Metropolitan Opera. Beaton on New York: Beaton produced many illustrated books on New York City and his tell-all diaries detailed his life among the city's best-known figures. Beaton was also commissioned to produce innumerable photographs of New Yorkers, from Truman Capote to Tom Wolfe. Beaton on Garbo: Greta Garbo was Beaton's closest female friend She was also his muse, and his photographs captured her in many different scenarios and moods from the mid-1940s, when she ended her Hollywood career and permanently moved to New York. Beaton on Warhol: In 1968, Beaton was advised to photograph a group of young New Yorkers, the most famous of which was Andy Warhol and his Factory. In effect, this photo shoot charted the passing of the torch from Beaton to Warhol, two figures who defined their era's concepts of popular culture, celebrity, and sexual mores.


Audrey the 60s - 2826688849

124,48 zł

Audrey the 60s AURUM PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Audrey Hepburn charmed cinema audiences in the 1950s as a new type of screen presence - gamine, doe-eyed and refreshingly casual. By the 1960s she had metamorphosed to become a trendsetting sophisticate, achieving unrivalled status as an actress, model, movie star and champion for underprivileged children worldwide. Curator and archivist David Wills has amassed one of the world's largest private collections of original Audrey Hepburn photography. Now, in Audrey: The 60s, he has gathered a spectacular selection of work from her key photographers - much of it digitally restored from original negatives and transparencies - to create a truly breath-taking portfolio of images which pays homage to the most beloved and enduring style icon of the decade that changed everything. Among the highlights are: * Never-before-seen on-set photography from some of Audrey Hepburn's most cherished movies, including Breakfast at Tiffany's, Charade, My Fair Lady, How to Steal a Million and Two for the Road; * Outtakes and rare images from fashion shoots, some not seen since their original appearance in Vogue; * Previously unpublished work by photographers Bert Stern, Cecil Beaton, Douglas Kirkland, William Klein, Howell Conant, Bob Willoughby, Pierluigi Praturlon and many others. Pairing over two hundred stunning images with reflections and recollections from friends, photographers, designers, close collaborators and Hepburn herself, Audrey: The 60s is an unforgettable showcase of the actress's timeless beauty and extraordinarily influential style.


Vintage Dita - 2826769433

130,77 zł

Vintage Dita John Rule

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Dita von Teese gehört heute zur internationalen Top-Prominenz. Sie ist eine Stil-Ikone und wird deshalb auch von vielen Frauen bewundert. Heute modelt sie für große Modehäuser und ist Stammgast bei den Pariser Schauen. Ob Oskarverleihung oder Opernball, es geht schon fast gar nicht mehr ohne sie. Dieses Buch zeigt eine Dita, die als bekennende Korsettfetischistin (sie besitzt weit über 100 maßgefertigte Korsetts), Schuhfetischistin ("ohne High Heels gehe ich nicht aus dem Haus"), auch andere Fetischthemen wie Bondage oder Latex gern ausprobiert hat.This book, the timeless vintage portfolio shows Dita von Teese between 1996 to 2004, whose rise to celebrity status was just a heartbeat away. Today, Dita is a style icon and admired by countless women everywhere. She regularly models for the big fashion houses and has a permanent place at the Paris catwalks. It doesn"t matter whether it"s the Oscar Awards Ceremony or the Opera Ball, it"s not the same if Dita isn"t there. This book reveals a side to Dita that is well known to the public, i.e. her fetish for corsets (she has more than 100 tailor-made ones), her fetish for shoes ("I never leave home without my high heels on"), as well as other fetishes such as bondage and latex. Dita von Teese has created a style of classic proportions, and she is certainly in a class of her own. People used to call her "today"s Bettie Page" but the comparison is out of place, as Dita is better than Bettie ever was.


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