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Transnational, European, and National Labour Relations - 2877407307

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Transnational, European, and National Labour Relations Springer International Publishing AG

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The future of labour relations and labour law, affected by globalisation and internationalisation processes is a matter which receives much attention, not only in the scientific legal community, but also wider public. For this reason, there is an increasing number of studies and research in this field, especially in the context of erosion of national prerogatives and decentralisation of cross-border economic activities. Neo-liberal globalisation, transnational corporations and the issue of labour and social standards have opened a variety of problems on global, European and national levels. The European Union endeavours in the recent years to deal with market challenges, posed particularly in the labour market, by positive, as well as negative harmonisation.


Your Rights - 2869676996

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Your Rights Pluto Press

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'A very useful general guide ...It is the kind of book that everyone needs from time to time, whether it is to decide whether there are grounds for using the law or just to check up on something. It is well laid out and easy to use.' Labour Research This is the eighth edition of the successful civil liberties guideYour Rights. Now expanded and extended in scope to include all new legislation that has come into force since the last edition was published in 2000, this book includes: -- A new introduction covering the Human Rights Act 1998 and the European Convention on Human Rights -- A new chapter on the Rights of the Bereaved -- Updated and expanded chapters on: Rights of Suspects, Rights of Defendants, Rights of Prisoners, Rights of Immigrants, Rights of Families and Children -- A new section on religious discrimination Written by leading lawyers and campaigners at Liberty, this is the ultimate reference handbook for specialists and general readers alike.


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