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Richard Scarry's Funniest Storybook Ever! - 2875248717

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Richard Scarry's Funniest Storybook Ever!

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Get Ready To Laugh, Laugh, Laugh, In Richard Scarry's Funniest Storybook Ever! Richard Scarry's Classic Collection Of His Funniest Stories Is Back In Print! All Your Favorite Busytown Characters Are Back And Getting Up To Countless Silly Situations. Whether It's An Out-of-control Mix-up With Ma Pig's New Car, Babysitters Making Accidental Exploding Fudge, Sneaky Mice Pirates Taking Over Uncle Willie's Ship, Or Even A Talking Loaf Of Bread That Baffles Humperdink The Baker And Lowly Worm, Young Readers Will Be Rolling On The Floor With Laughter Thanks To The Hysterical Hijinks Found In This Funniest Storybook Ever! Note: Includes Some Stories That Also Appear In Richard Scarry's Favorite Storybook Ever . Contents : Absentminded Mr. Rabbit Sergeant Murphy And The Banana Thief Speedboat Spike Ma Pig's New Car Mr. Fixit The Three Sitters Tanglefoot The Talking Bread The Three Fishermen The Accident Please Move To The Back Of The Bus Uncle Willie And The Pirates The Unlucky Day Rudolf's Airplane Lowly Worm's Birthday


Richard Scarry's Funniest Storybook Ever! - 2899799898

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Richard Scarry's Funniest Storybook Ever! Random House

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Richard Scarry's classic collection of his funniest stories is back in print! All your favorite Busytown characters are back and getting up to countless silly situations. Whether it's an out-of-control mix-up with Ma Pig's new car, babysitters making accidental exploding fudge, sneaky mice pirates taking over Uncle Willie's ship, or even a talking loaf of bread that baffles Humperdink the Baker and Lowly Worm, young readers will be rolling on the floor with laughter thanks to the hysterical hijinks found in this Funniest Storybook Ever!


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