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Nicene Faith - 2862348995

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Nicene Faith CONTINUUM

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this sequel to The Way to Nicaea, Fr John Behr turns his attention to the fourth century, the era in which Christian theology was formulated as the Nicene faith, the common heritage of most Christians to this day. Engaging the best of modern scholarship, Behr provides a series of original, comprehensive, and insightful sketches of the theology of the key protagonists of the Nicene faith, presenting a powerful vision of Christian theology, centered upon Christ and his Passion. Part One, True God of True God, opens with a reflection on the nature of Christian theology, challenging common presuppositions, and an analysis and survey of the fourth century controversies, followed by studies of Alexander, Arius, the Council of Nicaea, and, Athanasius. Part Two, One of the Holy Trinity, provides analyses of the work of Basil of Caesarea, Gregory of Nazianzus, and Gregory of Nyssa, together with their opponents, in particular Eunomius and Apollinarius.


Growth in Afro-Caribbean Pentecostal Churches - 2854431532

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Growth in Afro-Caribbean Pentecostal Churches New Generation Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In commemoration of one hundred years of the Pentecostal movement (1906-2006) Possibly the most globally significant element in the revival of charismatic Christianity worldwide is the startling and sustained growth, over a significant period of time, of the Afro-Caribbean Pentecostal Churches. In this scholarly and communicative study, Dr Lionel Etan-Adollo examines the origins of the Pentecostal movement, traces its development through an informed examination of practical, social, economic, environmental and spiritual micro and macro factors, and sketches a future path for sustained and functional future development of Pentecostalism with particular reference to its Afro-Caribbean context. Dr Lionel Etan-Adollo works as a Senior Management Consultant, a Project Management Professional (PMP) and much more. He has worked on global projects and has travelled as far as Australia, US, Africa and many countries in Europe, and has had the opportunity to visit, worship and study the leading Churches where he has been. This is his spiritual passion and part of his work with God. He has completed post-graduate and doctoral degrees in Theology and Biblical Studies amongst several others. Presently, he is pursuing another doctoral degree in Oil and Gas Law and Policy.


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