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Starting a Business For Dummies - UK - 2903932062

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Starting a Business For Dummies - UK John Wiley & Sons

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Starting your own business is an exciting - and challenging - time.§This updated edition of the startup classic shows you how to build a business agile enough to take advantage of emerging trends and opportunities, and sturdy enough to weather any storm. Packed with real-life examples and links to hundreds of valuable resources, Starting a Business For Dummies, 4th Edition gives you what you need to make the leap from employee to successful entrepreneur with confidence.§All your favourite, trusted content has been updated including:§Laying the groundwork and testing the feasibility of your business idea§Writing a winning business plan and finding funding§How to operate effectively, including managing your finances and employing people§Growing your business and improving performance§New content includes:§The latest funding schemes, including government funding and crowdfunding§Tendering for public sector work§Avoiding business cyber-crime§Franchising and pop ups§Exporting (the government has set a target of doubling the number of exporting companies by 2020)§Environmental impact (a recent survey found 77% of SMEs wanted to know how to measure and improve their environmental impact)


Starting A Business For Dummies(r) - 2870469767

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Starting A Business For Dummies(r)

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Business & management>Ownership & organization of enterprisesKsi...

Starting Your Own Business Is An Exciting - And Challenging - Time. This Updated Edition Of The Startup Classic Shows You How To Build A Business Agile Enough To Take Advantage Of Emerging Trends And Opportunities, And Sturdy Enough To Weather Any Storm.


Starting an eBay Business For Dummies - 2903493058

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Starting an eBay Business For Dummies John Wiley & Sons

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The gold standard for eBay users who want to get serious about selling Want to turn your eBay use into a steady revenue stream? Come to where everyone starts, with a copy of the latest edition of Starting an eBay Business For Dummies . EBay superstar author Marsha Collier packs the fourth edition of her mega-selling book with everything you need to know, from how to tap the explosive power of social media for promoting your business to the very latest on eBay's fees and payment structure, how to maintain your own customer service center, ways to build an audience, and much more. Shows you how to lay the foundation for a business by setting up a store and reviews legal requirements and restrictions Helps you price and source your merchandise Explores how to attract an audience using social media through your own site Gives you a quick MBA in budgeting, money transactions, customer service, shipping, and more Offers insight on other sellers who have been successful on eBay and what you can learn from them Kick-start your eBay business and get profitable with this must-have guide from eBay superstar Marsha Collier.


Starting an Etsy Business For Dummies - 2884446735

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Starting an Etsy Business For Dummies John Wiley & Sons

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna continues to be one of the most popular markets for artists, crafters, and curators. Launched in 2005, Starting an Etsy Business For Dummies, 3rd Edition, guides readers through the process of setting up a successful shop and effectively marketing their products. New content includes: Best practices for applying SEO to your shop and listings How to navigate the new homepage design, individual shop pages, drop-down menus, and more The new features for the seller, that did not exist previously including: Dashboard: A new place to manage all stats, orders and shop activity Listings Manage: A new place to manage all product listings New tools such as: Pattern, Etsy Manufacturing, Etsy Shop Updates and QuickBooks Self-Employed. The "nuts and bolts" of setting up shop, running the shop and processing the order. Etsy has upgraded many simple features essential to operating ones shop. Since Etsy's header and footers have been totally redesigned, ALL screenshots would need to be updated. Tips for increasing local sales by connecting with other local vendors through seller communities Harnessing the power of Pinterest to promote (and protect) your business


Law for Small Business For Dummies - UK - 2884478323

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Law for Small Business For Dummies - UK John Wiley & Sons

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Your own in-house legal adviser -- at a fraction of the cost. Written in plain-English for business people without any legal training, Law for Small Business For Dummies covers everything you need to be aware of, legally, when you're starting and running your own business. It addresses the common things that may go wrong and helps you deal with issues before a (potentially costly) dispute arises. Inside you'll find the key areas of business law including contracts, websites, intellectual property, data protection, partnership agreements, advertising and marketing, confidentiality agreements, sale and supply of goods (including e-commerce), negligence and product liability. You'll get all the answers to those legal questions that you didn't even know to ask! Protect your business from the most common risks small businesses face, such as: personal liability; non-payment; non-compliance with legal and regulatory requirements; disputes with clients and suppliers; claims and litigation. A nd get access to handy contract templates on


Business Plans For Dummies - 2900090432

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Business Plans For Dummies John Wiley & Sons

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This is your one-stop guide to creating a winning business plan from scratch. Whether you're starting a new business or growing an established one, you'll need a solid business plan to get you where you want to go. Revised for today's rocky economic climate, this edition of the UK's bestselling business plan guide gives you what you need to map out your business strategy and stay on course including a complete sample plan that you can easily adapt for your business! This title helps to: chart your course assess the current state of your business and where you'd like to take it, and establish clear, achievable objectives; get to know your customers learn the latest techniques for getting a better idea of who your customers are and what they want; scope out the competition find out who your competitors are and what it'll take to get your share of the market pie (and theirs); sort out your finances construct a value chain, examine your cash flow and calculate a sensible budget; enter the Dragons' Den convince bankers, investors, venture capitalists and other funding sources your business is a good investment; and, read the tea leaves learn to decipher changing cultural, political and technological trends and to alter your strategies as needed. Open the book and find: tips on developing a sure-fire business strategy; how to set realistic objectives; forecasting and budgeting strategies; keys to writing a motivational mission statement; how to decipher the latest consumer trends; advice on building your brand and brand loyalty; tips for seeing and seizing opportunities before the competition; and, ways to adapt your plan to economic change. Learn to: prepare a watertight business strategy; assess the marketplace; and, devise a sensible forecast and budget.


Financial Accounting For Dummies - UK - 2903325671

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Financial Accounting For Dummies - UK John Wiley & Sons

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Your plain--English guide to financial accounting for students and trainees. Financial Accounting For Dummies provides students who are studying finance, accounting and business with the basic concepts, terminology, and methods to interpret, analyse, prepare and evaluate financial statements. Covers concepts accountants and other business professionals use to prepare reports; mergers and acquisitions purchase and pooling; free cash flow; and financial statement analysis. Whether you're a student on your way to earning a degree, working towards your ACCA qualification, or a trainee just starting out in your accounts career, Financial Accounting For Dummies gives you a wealth of information to grasp the subject. This UK version is adapted to take in UK accounting practice and international reporting standards Provides a firm grounding in interpreting, analysing, preparing and evaluating corporate financial statements Includes easy--to--understand explanations and real-life examples to consolidate learning

Sklep: For Dummies - 2884953383

208,24 zł For Dummies John Wiley & Sons

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Go from eBay beginner to eBay pro in no time! Whether you aim to browse, buy, sell, or open up your own eBay shop, this third edition of Britain's bestselling guide to eBay gets you up and running with everything you need to know. Fully updated and packed with new information on eBay apps, creating and running an eBay business, becoming a PowerSeller and much more, it covers every aspect of, from security issues and avoiding scams to making serious cash in your spare time or as a full-time eBay merchant. Get acquainted - from registering and setting up a homepage to organising eBay sales and communicating using the 'My eBay' page, you'll quickly feel right at home on eBay Bid and buy with confidence - discover how to search for and evaluate items, make bids and win auctions, or use the 'Buy It Now' option Sell like a pro - get the lowdown on how to choose and post items for sale, set prices and conduct auctions for maximum profits, as well as how to ship stuff and collect payments Keep the taxman happy - how to keep track of your earnings and comply with all the relevant tax rules and regulations, including the VAT Give your auctions pizzazz - get expert tips on how to spice up your auctions with pictures and graphics as well as links to other websites Stay safe and secure - learn everything you need to know about avoiding fraudsters, scammers and hackers and safeguarding your privacy and your identity. Open the book and find: how to register and buy and sell on eBay; advice on bidding and winning eBay auctions; expert tips on choosing items to sell and picking the ideal auction time; how to set up sale listings and monitor your transactions; tips for marketing your stuff on eBay. The lowdown on avoiding cons and protecting your privacy Guidance on setting up an eBay business account. How to open your own eBay shop learn to: make serious money selling your wares Bid, win and buy the easy way; build and expand your eBay business; stay safe on uk.


Microeconomics For Dummies - UK - 2884486902

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Microeconomics For Dummies - UK John Wiley & Sons

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Microeconomics is all about the behaviour of individual people and individual firms. That sounds pretty straightforward, but gets more complicated quickly. And if you're like most people, you're not an economist. But if you're a business student at university, the odds you need to get to grips with microeconomics. That's where we come in. Microeconomics For Dummies, UK Edition is the plain-English guide that can help you succeed with your studies. Toning down the jargon and replacing with clear, concise explanations and real-world examples, Microeconomics For Dummies introduces you to all the key concepts, such as: supply, demand, and equilibrium; consumer decision making process; elasticity; costs of production; competition and monopolies. So, if you're frustrated with that 1,000-page textbook that weighs a ton, Microeconomics For Dummies, UK Edition, is the perfect alternative.


Success as a Real Estate Agent For Dummies - 2904095847

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Success as a Real Estate Agent For Dummies John Wiley & Sons

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Make your fortune in the real estate business With home prices jumping nationwide, the real estate market is clearly starting to show stabilization. In the latest edition of Success as a Real Estate Agent For Dummies, expert author Dirk Zeller shows you how to become a top-performing agent. Whether it's lead generation via blogging or social media channels, you'll discover key ways to communicate and prospect in a new online world. Inside, you'll find the latest coverage on being successful selling high-value homes, how to sell short sales to buyers without scaring them off, dealing with residential and commercial real estate, how to use third parties to drive leads and create exposure like Trulia,, and Zillow, and much more. Features tips and tricks for working with buyers Includes must-haves for successful real estate agents Offers tried-and-true tactics and fresh ideas for finding more projects Gives you the skills to close more deals Whether you're looking to rev up your real estate business, deciding whether to specialize in commercial or residential real estate, or just interested in fine-tuning your skills, Success as a Real Estate Agent For Dummies has you covered.


Beekeeping For Dummies - 2902666236

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Beekeeping For Dummies John Wiley & Sons

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A honey of a guide to getting started in beekeeping - from sourcing your bees to harvesting your sweet reward§Your complete guide to beekeeping in virtually any setting - city, town or country - Beekeeping For Dummies, UK Edition gives you step-by-step instructions on all practical aspects of starting and maintaining a beehive and reaping the many rewards.§To bee or not to bee - discover the many benefits of beekeeping, while learning about bee anatomy, language, habits, complex social organisation, and a typical day in the life of a bee§The adventure begins - everything you need to know about starting a hive, including locating the hive, buying equipment, choosing and sourcing the right kind of honey bees, and more§Up close and personal - find out how to open your beehive and get to know your bees and their world from the inside, as well as the different tasks involved with keeping the hive buzzing along§A healthy bee is a happy bee - anticipate, diagnose and solve problems that can beset a hive, including common illnesses and pesky pests such as mites and insects§Sweet rewards - get the lowdown on the equipment you need to reap your golden harvest along with step-by-step directions to harvesting and bottling your honey§Fun stuff - learn to brew mead, bake the best honey cake, plant flowers for your bees, make beeswax candles, and make two hives from one§Open the book and find:§Explanations of bee anatomy and physiology§Tips on safely extracting honey§The benefits of beekeeping§The best ways of buying and hiving your bees§Beekeeping tasks throughout the year§Bee diseases and threats§How to keep your neighbours happy§Lists of regional associations and equipment suppliers§Learn to:§Understand the amazing behaviour of your honey bees§Obtain and hive your first colony§Deal with pests and diseases that may harm your bees§Harvest your own honey


Start Up and Run Your Own Business - 2882149626

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Start Up and Run Your Own Business Kogan Page

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Starting your own business is one thing, but running and keeping it going is another. Annually, there are around 400,000 start-ups in the UK, but in a single year 300,000 businesses also fail. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your own ambition to make your business one of the success stories. This book helps you do just that. More than a 'how to' book, "Start Up and Run Your Own Business" brings the skills of experienced blue-chip consultants to bear on your enterprise. Now in its 8th edition, the book lends you both the authority and experience you need to make the right decisions to ensure your business survives and thrives beyond the critical first few years. Author Jonathan Reuvid gives expert advice and commentary on all the key issues you need to address to make your business successful - from business definition, marketing and raising finance, to procurement, accountancy, IT, taxation and HR issues. This 8th edition is also fully revised and updated to cover all the ramifications of the current 'credit crunch' conditions and economic downturn for growing and fledgling businesses. Combining best practice advice with cogent strategies for growth and expansion, "Start Up and Run Your Own Business" has earned a deserved reputation for reliability and authority. This new edition continues this tradition, helping you make the most of your business venture.


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