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Teaching Transatlanticism EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY PRESS

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This is an essential resource for teaching 19th-century print culture in the expanding field of transatlantic studies. How are University instructors to contribute to a growing field when most Ph.D.s continue to be conferred in British or American literature? To provide a foundational resource for teaching Anglo-American transatlanticism in the long 19th century, this volume by leading scholars and experienced professors from Canada, the UK, and the US outlines conceptual approaches to transatlanticism and offers practical resources ranging from individual assignment descriptions to full syllabi. Complemented by a website, the collection provides practical resources for teaching grounded in current scholarship. Addressing both current and future university teachers, and recognising the varying degrees to which today's curricular formations enable/allow for transatlantic teaching, the individual chapters and the associated project website range from treating full-scale courses to reconsidering individual texts and authors in transatlantic context. An afterword by graduate students currently working in transatlanticism demonstrates the impact and opportunities of this burgeoning field. Features: readers will receive help with conceptual issues as well as practical issues; contributors from a range of different institutions are experts in teaching and researching American, British, Canadian, and transatlantic literature and print culture in the long 19th century; classroom accounts address multiple genres, issues, and media; chapter authors blend reflections on real-world teaching contexts that candidly address challenges with scholarly analysis of key issues in the field today; and a project website supplements the book chapters and invites continued conversations through a moderated discussion space and submission venue for readers' own teaching materials.


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