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The Aims of Argument: A Text and Reader - 2864424705

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The Aims of Argument: A Text and Reader MCGRAW HILL BOOK CO

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna


Effective Argument - 2859228384

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Effective Argument Longman Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Effective Argument is a combined rhetoric and reader designed for freshman composition courses that focus on the writing and reading of arguments. Part One of the text offers students instruction on how to read arguments critically and to write them effectively. Throughout this section, specific argument techniques are reinforced with examples and frequent exercises. Part Two offers more than fifty readings divided into four groups. "Speaking Up" presents twelve argumentative essays on various topics. "Taking Sides" offers nine pairs of essays with opposing claims. "Varying Voices" contains four groups of essays that explore different aspects of an issue. A final section of readings includes several classic arguments.


Hitchcock Reader - 2212842664

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Hitchcock Reader Blackwell Science


Alfred Hitchcock, the "Master of Suspense," has been internationally recognized as a technical and stylistic innovator in the history of cinema. A Hitchcock Reader grows out of the editors' desire as classroom teachers for a comprehensive and critical text in introductory or advanced courses devoted to the director's films. Yet the book should also satisfy scholars by providing an updated anthology representing the rich variety of critical responses that Hitchcock's films have evoked over the years.This new edition of A Hitchcock Reader aims to preserve what has been so satisfying and successful in the first edition. The new volume provides updated scholarship and new editorial introductions, including a general introduction to the volume, added visuals, and a new comprehensive bibliography.


Modern Sculpture Reader - 2862380669

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This title presents a critical collection of writings on the creation, display, and interpretation of sculpture. In many anthologies of art, sculpture is given short shrift in relation to other media, if it is treated at all. "Modern Sculpture Reader" aims to rectify this situation by presenting a collection of important texts that have defined sculpture's radically changing status and role since the end of the 19th century, a time marked by a general reappraisal of the forms and functions of art. From the rigorously theoretical to the experimental and poetic, "Modern Sculpture Reader" offers a lively discourse on the medium by a range of artists, writers, critics, and poets - Marcel Duchamp, Louise Bourgeois, Claes Oldenberg, Andre Breton, Ezra Pound, and Clement Greenberg - in a variety of genres: poems, lectures, transcribed interviews, newspaper and magazine articles, and artists' statements. These diverse text selections offer valuable insight into the development of the critical language of sculpture and its connections to other media in an era of increasingly conceptual artistic practice.


Hitchcock Reader - 2869577600

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Hitchcock Reader Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons...

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This new edition of A Hitchcock Reader aims to preserve what has been so satisfying and successful in the first edition: a comprehensive anthology that may be used as a critical text in introductory or advanced film courses, while also satisfying Hitchcock scholars by representing the rich variety of critical responses to the director's films over the years. a total of 20 of Hitchcock's films are discussed in depth - many others are considered in passing section introductions by the editors that contextualize the essays and the films they discuss well-researched bibliographic references, which will allow readers to broaden the scope of their study of Alfred Hitchcock


Introduction to Linguistic Annotation and Text Analytics - 2869546817

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Introduction to Linguistic Annotation and Text Analytics BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Linguistic annotation and text analytics are active areas of research and development, with academic conferences and industry events such as the Linguistic Annotation Workshops and the annual Text Analytics Summits. This book provides a basic introduction to both fields, and aims to show that good linguistic annotations are the essential foundation for good text analytics. After briefly reviewing the basics of XML, with practical exercises illustrating in-line and stand-off annotations, a chapter is devoted to explaining the different levels of linguistic annotations. The reader is encouraged to create example annotations using the WordFreak linguistic annotation tool. The next chapter shows how annotations can be created automatically using statistical NLP tools, and compares two sets of tools, the OpenNLP and Stanford NLP tools. The second half of the book describes different annotation formats and gives practical examples of how to interchange annotations between different formats using XSLT transformations. The two main text analytics architectures, GATE and UIMA, are then described and compared, with practical exercises showing how to configure and customize them. The final chapter is an introduction to text analytics, describing the main applications and functions including named entity recognition, coreference resolution and information extraction, with practical examples using both open source and commercial tools. Copies of the example files, scripts, and stylesheets used in the book are available from the companion website, located at Table of Contents: Working with XML / Linguistic Annotation / Using Statistical NLP Tools / Annotation Interchange / Annotation Architectures / Text Analytics


A Thematic Analysis of the Intertextual References to Transcendentalism in Jon Krakauer's "Into the Wild" and their Role in the Portrayal of Christoph - 2874930847

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A Thematic Analysis of the Intertextual References to Transcendentalism in Jon Krakauer's "Into the Wild" and their Role in the Portrayal of Christoph Grin Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Seminar paper from the year 2017 in the subject Literature - Basics, University of Limerick, language: English, abstract: This thesis aims to critically analyze the intertextual references in the book "Into the Wild" by Jon Krakauer, to the transcendentalist movement which occurred in in 19th century America. The thesis will develop a thematic analysis of the differences and similarities between Transcendentalist literary icons, such as Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Christopher McCandless, the book's protagonist. It will explore various themes from the transcendentalist doctrine and identify areas where Krakauer applies Thoreau's ideas and principles in an effort to characterize McCandless in the narrative. The result of Krakauer's formulated parallels between the transcendentalists and McCandless has created a long-standing polarisation amongst readers where some accuse Krakauer of using Thoreau and Emerson to create a highly romanticized and idealized portrayal of McCandless and criticize him for not representing McCandless' death as foolish and senseless. Others seem to think that the analogies drawn are justified because they accentuate McCandless' transcendentalist qualities and provide an accurate depiction of his moral nature and idealism. Each chapter of the thesis will encompass a specific concept or theme belonging to Transcendentalism and explore Krakauer's intertextual use of the movement with the aim of exposing both sides of the argument. It will also establish how these references have shaped the reader's perception of the protagonist and how intertextuality in Into the Wild has contributed to the cult phenomenon surrounding Christopher McCandless. In a broad sense, the term intertextuality can be defined as the study of a presence of a text within another text and it is most often employed in literary analysis. It describes the intricate relationship and interconnectedness which exists betweenworks of literature with the general assumption that texts gain their meaning through evocation of other texts. The concept was developed in the late 1960s by poststructuralist Julia Kristeva who states that "a text is a permutation of texts, an intertextuality in the space of a given text in which several utterances, taken from other texts, intersect and neutralize one another". Essentially, all texts contain traces of other texts. Intertextuality is the concept of texts using ideological concepts, themes, stylistic technique or even just certain words and phrases borrowed from another text.


A Beautiful Bricolage - 2869414454

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A Beautiful Bricolage Wipf & Stock Pub

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Theopoetics is a plea for a more fully human way of speaking about God in the twenty-first century, a way that offers new life to dry and dying platitudes. Drawing deeply from linguistics, theology, philosophy, and even quantum mechanics, theopoetics attempts to reimagine the relationship between human language and speech about God through poetic phrasing and metaphor--thereby proposing a new God-talk. Interacting with selective works from within the discipline, Silas Krabbe offers a guide that not only maps the diversity of thought but also charts what is going on in the depths of the field. Using the metaphor of a river, Krabbe attempts to baptize the reader into theopoetics by leading an immersive exploration: sounding its waters, hearing resonances and echoes, feeling its flow, and becoming entangled in the braiding of its streams. Plunging ever more deeply into the differences that exist within the discourse of theopoetics, Krabbe is able to identify common aims, currents, and even hints of where this theopoetic river may lead. Not only a text about theopoetics, A Beautiful Bricolage is a work of theopoetics itself. It thereby draws the reader into a mode of inquiry that repudiates those who attempt to grasp it. ""Silas Krabbe has produced a wide-ranging and engaging entree into the multiple varieties of theopoetic work, which succeeds in sorting out their divergences and intersections and assesses their contributions to a conversation that lies at the heart of what is called radical theology."" --John D. Caputo, Thomas J. Watson Professor of Religion Emeritus, Syracuse University; David R. Cook Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, Villanova University ""In A Beautiful Bricolage, Silas has not, thank the sweet heavens above, compiled an orderly array of meaning containers. He has instead engaged in poetic utterance replete with bumping, colliding, embracing, and lots of resonating. Given time and space to reverberate, these words can crumble walls and open worlds, not because Silas has captured and contained meaning, but because he daringly seeks to resonate with that which is already resonating.""  --Steve Frost, Executive Director, The Tasai Collective ""Krabbe's work is a subtle and patiently wending read, aptly contributing to theopoetics theory and interpretation within academic theology and continental philosophy of religion."" --L. Callid Keefe-Perry, The Association for Theopoetics Research and Exploration ""Krabbe offers a stunning rehearsal of the key moves and histories of theopoetics as such, even as he performs a gorgeously unpretentious poetics of his own. Aesthetic and political, deconstructive and creative, historical and prophetic, this beautiful bricolage conspires at multiple levels, across and beyond disciplines, with this ancient and cutting-edge discourse."" --Catherine Keller, Author; George T. Cobb Professor of Constructive Theology, Drew University ""A playful scouting report on theopoetics, an exciting camp of religious thinkers . . . who are shaking up the theological world."" --James H. Olthuis, Emeritus Professor of Philosophical Theology, Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto Silas Krabbe is the Community Theologian and Coordinator at Mosaic Church located in Vancouver's downtown eastside, one of Canada's poorest neighborhoods. A graduate of Columbia Bible College (BA in Biblical Studies and Community Development) and Regent College (MATS in Christianity and Culture), he seeks to entangle contemporary theologies issued from the ivory tower with back-alley musings about the world.


Commentary on Lysias, Speeches 1-11 - 2874945517

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Commentary on Lysias, Speeches 1-11 Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Lysias was the leading Athenian speech-writer of the generation (403-380 BC) following the Peloponnesian War, and his speeches form a leading source for all aspects of the history of Athenian society during this period. The speeches are widely read today, not least because of their simplicity of linguistic style. This simplicity is often deceptive, however, and one of the aims of this commentary is to help the reader assess the rhetorical strategies of each of the speeches and the often highly tendentious manipulation of argument. This volume includes the text itself (reproduced from Carey's OCT and apparatus criticus), with a facing translation. Each speech receives an extensive introduction, covering general questions of interpretation. In the lemmatic section of the commentary, individual phrases are examined in detail, providing a close reading of the Greek text. To maximize accessibility, the Greek lemmata are accompanied by translation, and individual Greek terms are mostly transliterated. This is the first part of a projected multi-volume commentary on the speeches and fragments, which will be the first full commentary on Lysias in modern times.


Learning to Read Critically in Teaching and Learning - 2877423393

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Learning to Read Critically in Teaching and Learning Sage Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'"Learning to Read Critically in Teaching and Learning" offers a contribution to the debates on curriculum and pedagogy. The title itself is especially noteworthy since it indicates quite clearly that the reader is being encouraged both to learn and to develop their critical faculties on the topic of teaching and learning. This is a clever multi-layering of meaning that reflects the aims of the book extremely well' - "School Leadership & Management". This book combines a teaching text with exemplary reports of research and a literature review by international scholars. Part one offers ideas on: how to become a critical reader and self-critical writer of literature; how to apply these insights in planning a written assignment, dissertation or thesis. The student is provided with a framework for the critical analysis of any text and shown how to incorporate it in a literature review. Part two presents accounts of leading-edge research from well-known contributors, offering insights into key issues in the field of teaching and learning. These accounts reflect diverse theoretical approaches, national contexts, topics, research designs, methods of data collection and analysis, and styles of reporting. The student is invited to practice literature review skills by applying the critical analysis questions to any research report. Part three is a critical literature review of a substantive issue in teaching and learning. It shows how a high-quality literature review may be constructed and addresses key issues in the field. This book is essential for students on research-based masters and doctorate courses in teaching and learning; and for students undertaking research training in the humanities and social sciences. This series, edited by Mike Wallace, supports research-based teaching on masters and taught doctorate courses in the humanities and social sciences fields of enquiry. Each book is a 'three in one' text designed to assist advanced course tutors and dissertation supervisors with key research-based teaching tasks and aims to: develop students' critical understanding of research literature; increase students' appreciation of what can be achieved in small-scale investigations similar to those which they undertake for their dissertation; and, present students with major findings, generalisations and concepts connected to their particular field.


Anselm's Proslogion - 2869388312

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Anselm's Proslogion SCM PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

St Anselm (1033-1109) was an Italian theologian and philosopher and the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1093-1097. He is best known for his work, Proslogion, in which he defends the Church and sets out his philosophy and argument for the existence of God, now known as the Ontological Argument. OA is now a commonly studied subject at schools and universities, yet this critical, original treatise outlining the OA is often misunderstood by readers. Here in the Briefly text, the author guides the reader through Anselm's argument concerning existence and whether it is an attribute of God in the same way omnipotence, omniscience and benevolence are believed to be. As such the argument is an a priori argument. It does not rest on proving God's existence from the empirical realm but on showing that God must exist logically (or that God's non-existence is illogical).The main idea behind Anselm's argument is that epistemology (what we know) IS ontology (what there is); or, that if it is possible to conceive of X, then X must surely exist.


Introduction to Corporate Environmental Management - 2869718774

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Introduction to Corporate Environmental Management Greenleaf Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book is designed to meet the urgent need for a comprehensive and definitive introduction and teaching text on corporate environmental management. It aims to become the standard textbook for courses examining how business can take the environment into account while also providing an accessible and thorough overview of this increasingly multidisciplinary subject for practitioners. Written by the internationally acknowledged experts Stefan Schaltegger and Roger Burritt (authors of the highly influential Contemporary Environmental Accounting) along with Holger Petersen, the book invites the reader to join in an exploration of the ways in which companies can engage in environmental management and why such engagement can be profitable for business. The reader is invited to: examine whether the contents reflect their own experience, takes their experience further, or opposes their own views; note which of the ideas presented are especially important, add to those ideas, or encourage a reaction (positive or negative); answer questions creatively (based on their own perspective of the issues); encourage themselves to be inspired by questions, which can be investigated further through other written sources of information, such as books you will be guided to through the bibliography, the Internet or the general media; and think about and plan the ways in which the knowledge provided can be implemented in your own situation. The book is organised into four main sections. First, the fundamental ideas and linkages behind business management, the environment and sustainable development are briefly but clearly sketched. The second part of the book outlines the criteria against which environmentally oriented business management can be assessed and the fields of action in which success can be achieved. The third part presents a discussion and examples of strategies for environmental management, which are linked, in the fourth part, to the essential tools of environmental management, especially green marketing, environmental accounting and eco-control. The book is full of case studies and examples related to the main contents of each chapter and each chapter provides a number of questions for the student or reader to address. An Introduction to Corporate Environmental Management is both a textbook and a sourcebook. The reader can either work through the material in a structured way or dip into the content and follow up on specific areas of interest. The materials are designed to be used for understanding and reference, rather than to be learned by heart. The primary aim is for the reader to obtain a practical understanding of the relationship between management and environmental issues which can be applied in day-to-day situations-whether as part of a student's wider view of management or within the practitioner's real-world situation. It will be essential reading for many years to come.


Swedish - 2875347799

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Swedish Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This grammar-reader is based on almost twenty years' experience of teaching beginners the Swedish language and is reassuringly practical in approach. Miss Hird's aims are threefold: to provide a compromise between the traditional grammar-readers and the new textbooks which are not designed for beginners outside Sweden; to supply grammatical information and exercises and reading texts together for ease of reference; and to stimulate the student's interest in Swedish life, institutions and culture. The grammar part of the book is in seventeen lessons, each comprising a text in Swedish which Miss Hird has specially composed to include useful vocabulary and graded grammatical points upon which exercises (including translation exercises) are set for practice. The central theme of the texts is Stockholm, and attractive drawings illustrate it. To help the student, there is a full vocabulary list covering all the lessons, a brief summary of Swedish grammar, a glossary of grammatical terms, a check list of irregular verbs and a comprehensive index of the grammatical points covered in the book. In the reader part of the book, the texts chosen range from a short play by Strindberg to a sketch by Stig Claesson, one of Sweden's most popular contemporary authors. Each text is preceded by a short biographical and literary introduction and is followed by questions designed to test the student's comprehension and to stimulate his appreciation.


Politics of the Public Sphere in Early Modern England - 2877362886

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Politics of the Public Sphere in Early Modern England MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book uses the notion of the public sphere to produce a new view of the history of England in the post-reformation period, tracing its themes from the 1530s to the early eighteenth century. The contributors, who are all leaders in their own fields, bring a diverse range of approaches and types of material and analysis to bear on the central theme. The book aims to put the results of some of the most innovative and exciting work in the field before the reader in accessible form. Each chapter can stand on its own and represents a contribution to its own area of study and sub-period as well as to the overall argument of the book. Approaching the central questions raised by the book in different ways, and reaching differing conclusions, the essays do not follow a single line of argument, but rather show how a series of questions and issues, organized around the topos of the public sphere, can make this period look different. Politics, culture and religion all feature prominently in the resulting analysis, which should be of interest both to advanced undergraduate students of early modern English history and literature as well as more advanced researchers in those and related fields.


Management & Prevention of Thrombosis in Primary Care - 2822223358

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Management & Prevention of Thrombosis in Primary Care Arnold Publishers / Hodder Arnold H&S

Medycyna > English Division

This text provides a comprehensive practical guide to the understanding and management of thromboembolytic disease. Management of thrombosis, formerly the domain of the cardiologist or haemotologist, has become an increasingly significant issue in primary care and general practice, particularly as the range of therapies available has increased. With a uniform structure taking the reader through a background pathophysiology chapter, management strategies and drug administration, this text aims to provide a valuable guide to the general physician who lacks formal training in this area plus the trainee or pracitising cardiologist, haematologist and cardiovascular surgeon. Each chapter includes an introduction, background or pathophysiology when appropriate, and comprehensive coverage of management options. It also incorporates most therapies with exact dosing and administration schedules. A detailed and very up-to-date account of venous and arterial thrombosis. The main strength of the book is the clinical focus on a number of clinical situations.Cardiology NewsA very detailed index, including the abbreviations for the clinical trials, allows the reader to pick out immediately what is needed.Acta Cariologica ( An international journal of carWith a structured approach, Management and Prevention of Thrombosis in Primary Care is applicable to everyday practice and will be a valuable addition to the literature of all care physicians.Karger Journals


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