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Planet IGS-20160HPT - 2900152563

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Planet IGS-20160HPT Planet

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Planet IGS-20160HPT  Zarządzalny, przemysłowy switch 16-portów 10/100/1000T 802.3at PoE + 2-porty 10/100/1000T + 2-porty 100/1000X SFP (-40~75 stopni C) Environmentally Hardened Design PLANET Industrial 16-Port Gigabit 802.3at PoE+ Switch, IGS-20160HPT, is equipped with rugged IP30 metal case for stable operation in heavy Industrial demanding environments. With IP30 industrial case protection, the IGS-20160HPT provides a high level of immunity against electromagnetic interference and heavy electrical surges which are usually found on plant floors or in curbside traffic control cabinets. Being able to operate under wide temperature range from -40 to 75 degrees C, the IGS-20160HPT can be placed in almost any difficult environment. The IGS-20160HPT also allows either DIN rail or wall mounting for efficient use of cabinet space.   Klluczowe cechy: Physical Port 16 10 / 100 / 1000BASE-T  Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports with  IEEE 802.3at PoE+  Injector 2 10 / 100 / 1000BASE-T  Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports 2 100 / 1000BASE-X mini-GBIC / SFP  slots for SFP type auto detection One RJ45 console interface for basic management and setup Industrial Case & Installation IP30 aluminum case protection DIN rail and wall-mount design 48~56V DC, redundant power with polarity reverse protect function Supports 6000V DC Ethernet ESD protection -40 to 75 degrees C operating temperature Digital Input & Digital Output 2 Digital Input (DI) 2 Digital Output (DO) Integrate sensors into auto alarm system Transfer alarm to IP network via email and SNMP trap Layer 2 Features Prevents packet loss with back pressure (half-duplex) and IEEE 802.3x pause frame flow control (full-duplex) High performance of Store-and-Forward architecture, and runt/CRC filtering eliminates erroneous packets to optimize the network bandwidth Storm Control support - Broadcast/Multicast/Unicast Supports  VLAN - IEEE 802.1Q tagged VLAN- Up to 255 VLANs groups, out of 4094 VLAN IDs- Provider Bridging (VLAN Q-in-Q) support (IEEE 802.1ad)- Private VLAN Edge (PVE)- Protocol-based VLAN- MAC-based VLAN- Voice VLAN Supports  Spanning Tree Protocol - IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)- IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)- IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP), spanning tree by VLAN- BPDU Guard Supports  Link Aggregation - 802.3ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)- Cisco ether-channel (static trunk)- Maximum 10 trunk groups with 4 ports per trunk group- Up to 8Gbps bandwidth (duplex mode) Provides port mirror (1-to-1) Port mirroring to monitor the incoming or outgoing traffic on a particular port Loop protection to avoid broadcast loops Supports ERPS (Ethernet Ring Protection Switching) Layer 3 IP Routing Features Supports maximum 32 software static routes and route summarization Quality of Service Ingress Shaper and Egress Rate Limit per port bandwidth control 8 priority queues on all switch ports Traffic classification - IEEE 802.1p CoS- IP TOS/DSCP/IP precedence- IP TCP/UDP port number- Typical network application Strict priority and Weighted Round Robin (WRR) CoS policies Supports QoS and In/Out bandwidth control on each port Traffic-policing policies on the switch port DSCP remarking Multicast Supports IGMP snooping v1, v2 and v3 Supports MLD snooping v1 and v2 Querier mode support IGMP snooping port filtering MLD snooping port filtering MVR (Multicast VLAN Registration) Security IEEE 802.1x Port-based/MAC-based network access authentication Built-in RADIUS client to cooperate with the RADIUS servers TACACS+ login users access authentication RADIUS/TACACS+ users access authentication IP-based Access Control List (ACL) MAC-based Access Control List Source MAC/IP address binding DHCP snooping to filter distrusted DHCP messages Dynamic ARP Inspection discards ARP packets with invalid MAC address to IP address binding IP Source Guard prevents IP spoofing attacks IP address access management to prevent unauthorized intruder Management Switch Management Interfaces - Console/Telnet Command Line Interface- Web switch management- SNMP v1 and v2c switch management- SSH/SSL and SNMP v3 secure access Four RMON groups (history, statistics, alarms, and events) IPv6  IP address/NTP/DNS management Built-in Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) client BOOTP and DHCP for IP address assignment Firmware upload/download via HTTP/TFTP DHCP Relay DHCP Option 82 User Privilege levels control Network Time Protocol (NTP) Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) SFP- DDM  (Digital Diagnostic Monitor) Cable diagnostic technology provides the mechanism to detect and report potential cabling issues Reset button for system reboot or reset to factory default PLANET Smart Discovery Utility for deployment management Redundant Ring, Fast Recovery for Surveillance System The IGS-20160HPT supports redundant ring technology and features strong rapid self-recovery capability to prevent interruptions and external intrusions. It incorporates advanced  Redundant Ring  technology, Spanning Tree Protocol (802.1w RSTP), and redundant power supply system into customer


QNAP TS-230 - 2904171008

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Lightweight, quiet, and versatile, the TS-230 is your ideal entry-level NAS. Coated in a shade of elegant baby blue, the NAS can easily fit into your living environment to stimulate an intelligent and fun lifestyle. You can centrally store and back up all your digital files to the TS-230 for easily accessing, syncing, and sharing those files, creates snapshots to protect important files, and build a one-stop home entertainment portal for streaming photos, music, and videos to multiple devices in your home and beyond. Besides laptop and mobile phone, the TS-230 is also the tech gadget that you should have one! An entry-level NAS with snapshot protection, allowing you to protect files and data from accidental deletion and malware attacks. Centrally store personal or family photos, music, and videos; easily browse, organize, and share multimedia files, and enjoy video streaming for better entertainment. H.264 hardware decoding and real-time transcoding brings smooth audiovisual experience. myQNAPcloud service allows you to easily access, manage, and share NAS files via the Internet. Use HBS to back up or sync NAS files to remote or cloud storage space for reliable data backup and restoration. Serves as your secure private cloud and supports user account protection, IP blocking, 2-step verification, encryption access, and more. Sleek and stylish design makes modern life simple and fun! Adorned with a refreshing baby blue color, the minimal and slim TS-230 fits anywhere in your home. Featuring a unique, toolless design, setting up the TS-230 is so easy that it doesn't even need a screwdriver! Let the TS-230 be your new companion for starting a smart and fun lifestyle. Effective cooling fan for heat flow The TS-230 is small in size (188.6mm high, 90.2mm wide, and 156.2mm in depth) and requires only 12.3W, providing powerful features without a high power bill. The 8 cm HDB type Sintetico bearing fan is used as a cooling fan for maintaining high airflow while generating low level noise, providing better cooling for the TS-230 to ensure constant system operation. Compact feature-rich NAS for home and everyday use The TS-230 features a Realtek RTD1296 quad-core 1.4 GHz processor and built-in 2 GB DDR4 RAM for meeting personal and home NAS applications. Equipped with a 1 Gigabit Ethernet network port and support for SATA 6Gbps disk drives, the TS-230 provides data transfer performance up to 113 Mbps. If you decide to encrypt files with AES-256 encryption, the performance is still an impressive 113 Mbps


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