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Climate Change and American Foreign Policy - 2854443230

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Climate Change and American Foreign Policy PALGRAVE MACMILLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing the world. The role played by the United States may determine our collective future. Newly availab.e in paperback, Climate change and American Foreign Policy examines the actors, institutions, and ideas shaping US policies and actions. Updated with a comprehensive preface by the editor, the book introduces the issue of climate change in the context of US foreign policy. It analyses policies and critically evaluates the US role. Chapters cover a full range of topics, including climate science, economics and regulation, domestic politics and nongovernmental organizations, the presidency and Congress, diplomacy and negotiations leading to international agreements on climate change, environmental regimes, and questions of responsibility and justice. The book concludes by looking at how international norms have influenced US climate change policies. Climate Change and American Foreign Policy will be of interest to everyone concerned about climate change, global environmental politics, US foreign policy, and international relations.


History of Global Climate Governance - 2854299859

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History of Global Climate Governance Cambridge University Press

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What has happened globally on the climate change issue? How have countries' positions differed over time, and why? How are problems and politics developing on an increasingly globalised planet, and can we find a solution? This book explores these questions and more, explaining the key underlying issues of the conflicts between international blocs. The negotiation history is systematically presented in five phases, demonstrating the evolution of decision-making. The book discusses the coalitions, actors and potential role of the judiciary, as well as human rights issues in addressing the climate change problem. It argues for a methodical solution through global law and constitutionalism, which could provide the quantum jump needed in addressing the problem of climate governance. This fascinating and accessible account will be a key resource for policymakers and NGOs, and also for researchers and graduate students in climate policy, geopolitics, climate change, environmental policy and law, and international relations.


Energy Politics - 2854323273

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Energy Politics University of Pennsylvania Press

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It is not uncommon to hear states and their leaders criticized for "mixing oil and politics." The U.S.-led Iraq War was criticized as a "war for oil." When energy exporters overtly use energy as a tool to promote their foreign policy goals, Europe and the United States regularly decry the use of energy as a "weapon" rather than accept it as a standard and legitimate tool of diplomacy. In Energy Politics, Brenda Shaffer argues that energy and politics are intrinsically linked. Modern life-from production of goods, to means of travel and entertainment, to methods of waging war-is heavily dependent on access to energy. A country's ability to acquire and use energy supplies crucially determines the state of its economy, its national security, and the quality and sustainability of its environment. Energy supply can serve as a basis for regional cooperation, but at the same time can serve as a source of conflict among energy seekers and between producers and consumers. Shaffer provides a broad introduction to the ways in which energy affects domestic and regional political developments and foreign policy. While previous scholarship has focused primarily on the politics surrounding oil, Shaffer broadens her scope to include the increasingly important role of natural gas and alternative energy sources as well as emerging concerns such as climate change, the global energy divide, and the coordinated international policy-making required to combat them. Energy Politics concludes with examinations of how politics and energy interact in six of the world's largest producers and consumers of energy: Russia, Europe, the United States, China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.


Environment, International Relations and U.S. Foreign Policy - 2854489735

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Environment, International Relations and U.S. Foreign Policy Georgetown University Press

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As the world's largest polluter and its wealthiest country, the United States has a potentially enormous impact on international efforts to protect the environment. In this innovative and thought-provoking book, an international group of scholars examines how U.S. foreign policy affects and is affected by global environmental change. Covering three broad areas - national security and geopolitics, domestic and international politics, and national interests and international obligations - the contributors examine a host of key issues, including ozone depletion and climate change, biodiversity and whale hunting, environmental and energy security, and international trade. They also raise moral issues associated with the United States' obligations to the rest of humanity. Because the environment has become an ever-more pressing issue at the diplomatic level, this book is essential, timely reading for policymakers, activists, and anyone interested in environmental change and international relations.


Global Environment - 2854251817

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Global Environment Sage Publications

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The new edition of this award-winning volume reflects the latest events in the in global environmental politics and sustainable development while providing balanced coverage of the key institutions, environmental issues, treaties, and policies. The volume has been reorganized to better highlight global environmental institutions, major state and non-state actors, and includes an expanded set of cases such as climate change, biodiversity, hazardous chemicals, ozone layer depletion, nuclear energy and resource consumption. Based on reviewer feedback from faculty and students, the new edition broadens coverage of the growing global environmental agenda and explores the relationships between states, NGOs, and international organizations.


Palgrave Handbook on Inter-Organizational Relations - 2854515012

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Palgrave Handbook on Inter-Organizational Relations Springer Palgrave Macmillan

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This unique handbook brings together a team of leading scholars and practitioners in order to map, synthesize and assess key perspectives on cooperation and rivalry between regional and global organizations in world politics. For the first time, a variety of inter-disciplinary theoretical and conceptual perspectives are combined in order to assess the nature, processes and outcomes of inter-organizational partnerships and rivalries across major policy areas, such as peace and security, human rights and democratisation as well as finance, development and climate change . This text provides scholars, students and policy-makers of International Relations with an exhaustive reference book for understanding the theoretical and empirical dimensions of an increasingly important in International Relations (IR), Global Governance and related disciplines.§


Nuclear Energy in the Gulf - 2854232687

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Nuclear Energy in the Gulf I B TAURIS

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The future heralds a potential crisis in power supply in view of growing global and domestic demand for fossil fuel energy, particularly in supplying power for seawater desalination in the case of the Gulf region. The possibility of fossil fuel depletion on the one hand, and the increasing rate of development in the Gulf countries on the other, has prompted the Gulf states to consider the development of peaceful nuclear energy as an alternative source of power generation. Here, leading energy experts from academic, professional and technical backgrounds examine the inherent risks and opportunities associated with the development of nuclear energy in the Gulf. They examine key related issues such as: climate change, security infrastructure and the role of international cooperation in the field of nuclear technology and long-term development.


Indian Foreign Policy - 2854497219

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The book presents an overview of Indian foreign policy today. It looks at factors that are shaping India's foreign policy, from domestic politics to material capabilities as well as India's relations with the world and neighbouring countries. Key global issues such as the role of India in international and regional organizations, nuclear proliferation, democracy and climate change are discussed and there is a focus on important current issues such as the strategic triangle of Russia, China and India.


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