krainaksiazek the domestic politics of global climate change key actors in international climate cooperation 20126535

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China, the European Union and Global Governance - 2867764812

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China, the European Union and Global Governance Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd

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China, the European Union and the Restructuring of Global Governance examines the key determinants of European and Chinese approaches to the restructuring of global governance systems. Using a multidisciplinary method, this collection of chapters analyses four distinct fields that are key for both China and the EU and in the development of their relations and future cooperation: the global trading system, the international monetary system, climate and energy policy as well as international security. In the context of China's growing role in global governance and of EU - China cooperation, these contributions emphasize strategies, prospects and objectives of both actors. They outline possible avenues for an enhanced partnership in light of the changing global order which implies a rethinking of the existing multilateral structures. This interdisciplinary study will appeal to researchers and scholars interested in global governance, European foreign policy, Chinese foreign policy, EU - China relations, as well as trade, the international economy and climate change policies. Postgraduate students in international relations, international political economy, European studies and Chinese studies, as well as policymakers in the areas of external relations and EU - China relations, will also find much to interest them in this book.


The Palgrave Handbook of Canada in International Affairs - 2867239411

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The Palgrave Handbook of Canada in International Affairs Springer International Publishing

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This book argues that Canada and its international policies are at a crossroads as US hegemony is increasingly challenged and a new international order is emerging. The contributors look at how Canada has been adjusting to this new environment and resetting priorities to meet its international policy objectives in a number of different fields: from the alignment of domestic politics along new foreign policies, to reshaping its international identity in a post-Anglo order, its relationship with international organizations such as the UN and NATO, place among middle powers, management of peace operations and defense, role in G7 and G20, climate change and Arctic policy, development, and relations with the Global South. Embracing multilateralism has been and will continue to be key to Canada's repositioning and its ability to maintain its position in this new world order. This book takes a comprehensive look at Canada's role in the world and the various political and policy variables that will impact Canada's foreign policy decisions into the future.Chapter 22 is available open access under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License via


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