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The Hoarse Oaths Of Fife

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The Hoarse Oaths of Fife re-fights in novel form the Battle of Loos, 25th September, 1915,surpassed by far every previous slaughter of Scottish fighting men. The German machine guns reaped them in swathes - the Highland Light Infantry at Mad Point, the Seaforthsat Fosse 8, the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders at Cuinchy brick stacks. The flower of Scotland's infantry did reach their objective, the coal-mining village of Loos,with Piper Laidlaw standing on his parapetto urge them on. But they went too far and lost direction and ended up like all the rest,heaped in dead mounds. At the northernmost point of the British line, the Fourth Black Watch stormed across No Man's Land with the Punjabi Muslims of the Vaughan's Rifles behind them. Their share of glory was a private massacre all to themselves, a fate brought to life in tragic detail through the experience of Kenny Roberts, Great War veteran, who through his profane reverence for his native soil is destined to become a clarion voice in Scottish fiction.The Battle of Loos centenary is September 2015.No fiction has re-told the battle of Loos with anything like this power of characterisation before.It is the first fiction in English to reveal what happened to the children begotten of French and Belgian women who fraternised with the Muslim soldiers of the Indian Army on the Western Front.


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