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Impact Of Economic Growth On Unemployment In South Africa - 2862416102

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Impact Of Economic Growth On Unemployment In South Africa LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

South Africa is one of the African countries that is endowed with a lot of resources, both human and minerals. However due to activities such as increase in corruption, gross mismanagement and adverse policies of various governments, these resources have not been optimally utilised. One of the most pressing problems facing the South African economy is unemployment, which has been erratic over the past few years. This study examined the impact of economic growth on unemployment, using quarterly time series data for South Africa for the period 1994 to 2012. The study resulted in the following policy recommendation: South African government should re-direct its spending towards activities that directly and indirectly promote creation of employment and decent jobs; a conducive environment and flexible labour market policies or legislations without impediments to employment creation should be created; and lastly government should prioritise industries that promote labour intensive. All this will help in absorbing large pools of the unemployed population thereby reducing unemployment in South Africa.


Analysing Trends of Political Corruption in Transitional States - 2868381248

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Analysing Trends of Political Corruption in Transitional States LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Politicians have hijacked the transition to democratic governance and are manipulating it to guarantee that their privileges are not threatened. In transitional states of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), political corruption has become an Achilles heel. It undermines reform projects, forces businesses to operate outside the formal rules, leads to massive looting of resources, and discourages investments. Consequently, these states are at the risk of being trapped in a system in which political corruption cuts public revenues, weakens public trust, and deteriorates the credibility of the state, unless the necessary reforms are implemented. The nexus between political corruption, its causes and negative impact on states emerging from civil conflict or authoritarian rule in the SADC region remains empirically under- researched. It is against this background that this research is premised as a contribution to the growing literature of international anti-corruption law and transitional justice. This book is relevant to economists, social theorists, criminal justice researchers and practitioners, for example, lawyers, police, politicians, policy makers, etc.


The Impact of External Factors on Corporate Governance System of Firms - 2862297099

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The Impact of External Factors on Corporate Governance System of Firms Scholars Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book uses empirical evidence to identify views about the important components of good corporate governance practice for listed firms in Sub-Saharan African Anglophone countries. This study used survey questionnaire based on international corporate governance norms, data were collected from listed firms in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. The findings include: In Ghanaian and South African firms there are evidence that regulatory framework and enforcement of corporate governance promote sound corporate governance system. We revealed that commitment of board of directors to disclosure and communication may provide effective corporate practices. Political environment and ownership structure of firm's hinder sound corporate governance practices. Accounting system operating in each country plays a vital role in promoting sound corporate governance system. However, societal, cultural and corruption seem to deter corporate governance system in Ghanaian and South African firms. This book recommends that there should be prudent monitoring of corporate governance rules and enforcement.


Poverty, Livelihoods, and Governance in Africa - 2862053507

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Poverty, Livelihoods, and Governance in Africa Springer Palgrave Macmillan

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Bringing together a distinguished cast of contributors, this book provides an authoritative and definitive analysis of the theory, practice, and development impact of corruption in Africa. The book offers a wide range of country case studies outlining the deleterious effects of corruption, the factors which have combined to hamper past efforts to combat it, and the required future solutions and the context of their application in Africa. Combating corruption is demonstrated to require greater priority in the quest for African development.


Development Aid and Sustainable Economic Growth in Africa - 2884467601

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Development Aid and Sustainable Economic Growth in Africa Springer International Publishing AG

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book offers an original analysis of the long-term impact of western and Chinese economic and development cooperation policies in Africa. It argues that western Official Development Assistance (ODA) has failed to create viable and autonomous economies in beneficiary countries not (only) because of corruption, inefficiencies and cultural differences, but because it was never meant to do so. Raudino demonstrates, rather, that it was always designed to provide relief measures and nurture political relations rather than create genuinely industrialized and self-reliant economies. Similarly, by analyzing the nature of Chinese economic investments in Africa the author shows that China's governmental policies hardly represent a revolutionary departure from the cooperation standards set by the West. In making these observations he also taps into the broader question of why wealth continues to be generated unequally across the world. Based on extensive fieldwork, quantitative economic analysis and historical qualitative research, this thought-provoking work will appeal to students and scholars of politics, economics and development studies, as well as to those involved more directly in the aid process.§§§§§§


Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe - Souad - 2854922647

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Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe - Souad

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Pierwsze na świecie świadectwo ofiary zbrodni honorowej. Miała siedemnaście lat i zakochała się: zhańbiła rodzinę. Więc rodzina wydała na nią wyrok śmierci... Pokochała go pierwszą miłością. Myślała, że się z nią ożeni. Ale ukochany zniknął, a ona odkryła, że jest w ciąży. A w jej świecie to najcięższa zbrodnia... W zapomnianej przez Boga wiosce w Cisjordanii kobiety są warte mniej niż zwierzęta domowe. Tu mężczyzna jest panem życia i śmierci żony, córki, siostry. Brat może bezkarnie zabić siostrę, matka - córkę, kolejną bezużyteczną dziewczynkę, jaka się urodzi. Tu kobiecie odbiera się godność, a nawet życie zgodnie z odwiecznym obyczajem i uświęconą tradycją. A śmierć jest karą dla dziewczyny, która zhańbi rodzinę. Tak jak Souad. Wyrok wydaje jej ojciec. Szwagier dokonuje egzekucji. Oblewa Souad benzyną i podpala... SOUAD przeżyła - cudem, ale rodzina usiłowała zabić ją nawet w szpitalu. Na zawsze jednak pozostanie straszliwie okaleczona - na ciele i duszy. I wciąż musi się ukrywać; dopóki żyje, jej rodzinę okrywa hańba. Spalona żywcem, opublikowana pod pseudonimem szokująca opowieść o piekle, jakim było jej dzieciństwo i młodość, stała się międzynarodowym bestsellerem. Wydana w 37 w krajach książka przerywa tabu milczenia wobec istniejącej nadal w krajach muzułmańskich barbarzyńskiej tradycji. Nieludzkiego obyczaju, prawa mężczyzn, na mocy którego co najmniej pięć tysięcy kobiet pada co roku ofiarą zbrodni honorowej. Nazwa - Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe Autor - Souad Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Amber Kod ISBN - 9788324159406 Kod EAN - 9788324159406 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2016 Tłumacz - 31182,maria rostworowska; Format - 110 x 175 x 14 Ilość stron - 224 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2016-06-23


Building Values: - 2862204552

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Building Values: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Addressing corruption in society is considered from the view point of learning positive values to contribute to reducing it now and in the future. This book gives an insight on how the collaborative, participatory and empowerment evaluation approach can be used in strengthening teaching positive values in schools to provide a foundation in values that provides youngsters alternatives that may impact their decisions while still at school and later in life as adults and leaders for them to resist corruption and immoral act when encountered. This book which is based on a research study conducted in Tanzania, contributes invaluable information on the levels of corruption in Africa and most of underdeveloped countries against the developing countries, and how empowerment evaluation techniques and strategies entailing participatory methods can be enhanced to stem corruption. This book will be useful to teachers and educationists, the policy makers, legal institutions and Prevention of Corruption Bureaus, and other private institutions which are determined to address corruption.


It's Our Turn to Eat - 2880022348

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It's Our Turn to Eat Harper Collins Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A gripping account of both an individual caught on the horns of an excruciating moral dilemma and a continent at a turning point. When Michela Wrong's Kenyan friend John Githongo appeared one cold February morning on the doorstep of her London flat, carrying a small mountain of luggage, it was clear something had gone very wrong in a country regarded until then as one of Africa's few budding success stories. Two years earlier, in the wave of euphoria that followed the election defeat of long-serving President Daniel arap Moi, John had been appointed Kenya's new anti-corruption czar. In choosing this giant of a man, respected as a longstanding anti-corruption crusader, the new government was signalling that it was set on ending the practices that had made Kenya an international by-word for sleaze. Now John was on the run, having realised that the new administration, far from breaking with the past, was using near-identical techniques to pilfer public funds. John's tale, which has all the elements of a political thriller, is the story of how a brave man came to make a lonely decision with huge ramifications. But his story transcends the personal, touching as it does on the cultural, historical and social themes that lie at the heart of the continent's continuing crisis. Tracking this story of an African whistleblower, Michela Wrong seeks answers to the questions that have puzzled outsiders for decades. What is it about African society that makes corruption so hard to eradicate, so sweeping in its scope, so destructive in its impact? Why have so many African presidents found it so easy to reduce all political discussion to the self-serving calculation of which tribe gets to 'eat'? And at what stage will Africans start placing the wider interests of their nation ahead of the narrow interests of their tribe?


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