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Free-from Food for Family and Friends - 2826626867

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Free-from Food for Family and Friends Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

100% free from gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and yeast. More simple and healthy recipes from The Intolerant Gourmet. Food writer and cook Pippa Kendrick returns with over 120 brand new recipes that prove that free from cooking can be as quick, easy and delicious as traditional methods. While at university, Pippa became seriously ill with complications that stemmed from undiagnosed food allergies. It became a life-threatening situation and was a turning point in her life. Unable to find the information she needed and driven by a love of good food, Pippa began to develop her own recipes. Pippa firmly believes that eating should be a pleasure, one to be shared, and celebrated, no matter what restrictions you have in your diet. Food sensitivities need not get in your way. This second book is packed with food for all the family; food for anytime of the day, any day of the week and everyday of the year. Using fresh, 'real' ingredients, Pippa shows you how to make easy, simple meals that are all entirely free from wheat, yeast, egg, dairy and gluten, and almost all entirely free from nuts. So whether you're looking for a delicious breakfast treat like maple syrup scones, a simple al fresco lunch like caramelised onion quiche, a honey and blueberry drizzle cake to warm you on a lazy afternoon, or spaghetti and meatballs that will please all the family, Pippa can show you how to effortlessly pull off recipes that anyone can eat. It might be that gooey chocolate pudding you've been craving for months (or the lemon tart, or the apple pie and ice cream), or the chicken nuggets you know your children would love, or perhaps you've got friends coming round for a weekend feast. Whatever the meal, or the situation, there are multiple ways to cook the foods you love without missing out. In this book Pippa shows you just how easy that can be.


Low-Carb Gourmet - 2854190145

64,56 zł

Low-Carb Gourmet Rodale

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Millions of people are following low-carb diets, reaping the weight-loss and health benefits of low-carb eating. But it can get monotonous, and if you are a real food lover it can be hard to find recipes that will provide variety and sophistication and that taste great, too. "The Low-Carb Gourmet" features uncomplicated recipes that will be a pleasure to serve and make mealtimes something to look forward to. If you are on, or contemplating, a low-carb diet, "The Low-Carb Gourmet" will give you everything you need to make this kind of eating a way of life: tips on low-carb living, cooking and shopping; inspiration for entertaining and family meals; and, plus over 80 fabulous, easy-to-prepare recipes.


Steeped - 2854339877

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Steeped Andrews McMeel Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Get your oolong on! Add character to your chia parfait with chai, jazz up your brussel sprouts with jasmine, dramatize your pain perdu with darjeeling. "Steeped" infuses your day with the flavors and fragrances of tea. Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, and has a long and colorful history. But tea is also very of the moment, and rising ever-higher in the food world, starring in Martha Stewart's Jasmine Shortbread Sandwich Cookies, "Food 52"'s Darjeeling Tea Pain Perdu, and the Beard Foundation's Tea Sorbet. Every artisanal chocolatier seems to have a variation on Earl Grey truffles, and tea-infused recipes are all over Pinterest, from Creamy Nut Oolong Tea Gelato to Chai-spiced everything. "Steeped "is fun, attractive, and fresh, and speaks beautifully to this moment. Its 70 tea-infused recipes take into account modern tea lovers' interest in the health benefits of tea and in new food movements, with a whole-grain, vegetarian focus grounded in real home food, and easy, interesting, and tempting adaptations of tea's exotic and aromatic flavors. Recipes range from the expected sweet to the unexpected savory: not only Buttermilk Oat Pancakes with Chamomile-Scented Strawberries and Spiked Creme Fraiche, Rhubarb Chamomile Jam, Jasmine Risotto with Coconut Almond Florentines, and Hard Cider Floats with Chai Ice Cream, but also "Teabbouleh," Soba Noodle Salad with Green Tea Vinaigrette, Mini Banh Mi with Tea Aioli, and Moroccan Carrots, Lentils, and Mint with Chai-Spiced Delicata Hummus. Packaged in a beautiful giftable format, "Steeped "is both a useful and enticing cookbook and perfect for merchandising and gifting alongside gourmet teas, teapots, and other tea paraphernalia.


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