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The Lost Welsh Kingdom - 2840261607

66,99 zł

The Lost Welsh Kingdom

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Impermanent Ways: The Closed Lines of Britain - Welsh Borders - 2878810676

67,26 zł

Impermanent Ways: The Closed Lines of Britain - Welsh Borders

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is the tenth volume in this highly popular series of books which look in detail at the lost and closed lines of the United Kingdom. Author Jeffery Grayer, who has contributed many titles to the series, this time looks at the closed lines of the Welsh Border counties. He has amassed a collection of colour views from a variety of former lines both in England, Wales and of course, cross-border routes. This new book is a perfect exercise in nostalgia for all those who like to travel back in time from the comfort of their armchair, and is equally valuable for active travellers and railway historians.


Summer Of The Danes - 2875770495

41,72 zł

Summer Of The Danes Little, Brown Book Group

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the summer of 1144, a strange calm has settled over England. The armies of King Stephen and Empress Maud have temporarily exhausted each other. Brother Cadfael considers peace a blessing, but a little excitement never comes amiss to a former soldier and Cadfael is delighted to accompany his young friend, Brother Mark, on a mission of church diplomacy to his native Wales, not expecting to be caught up in yet another royal feud. The Welsh prince Owain Gwynedd has banished his brother Cadwaladr, accusing him of the treacherous murder of an ally. The reckless Cadwaldr has retaliated by landing an army of Danish mercenaries, poised to invade Wales and retake his lost lands. As the two armies teeter on the brink of bloody civil war, Cadfael is captured by the Danes together with a headstrong young woman fleeing an arranged marriage, but before he can untangle such domestic passions, Cadfael has to survive the brotherly quarrel that could plunge an entire kingdom into deadly chaos.


Tommy's Ark - 2880128725

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Tommy's Ark Bloomsbury Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For soldiers in the Great War, going over the top was a comparatively rare event; much more frequently, they were bored and lonely and missing their families at home. Needing an outlet for their affection, many found it in the animal kingdom. "Tommy's Ark" looks at the war through the eyes of the soldiers who were there, and examines their relationship with a strange and unexpected range of animal life, from horses, dogs and cats to monkeys and birds - even in one case a golden eagle. Animals became mascots - some Welsh battalions had goats as mascots, some of the Scots had donkeys. And then there were the animals and insects that excited curiosity amongst men drawn into the army from the industrial heartlands of Britain, men who had little knowledge of, let alone daily contact with, wildlife. Civilians turned soldiers observed the natural world around them, from the smallest woodlouse to voles, mice and larger animals such as deer and rabbit. Richard van Emden explores his subject far more radically than previous attempts, revealing how, for example, a lemur was taken on combat missions in the air, a lion was allowed to pad down the front line trenches and how a monkey lost its leg during the fighting at Delville Wood on the Somme. This title is illustrated with more than sixty previously unseen or rarely published photographs, drawn mainly from the author's own extraordinary collection.


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