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Face to Face - 2865240940

268,74 zł

Face to Face Wipf & Stock Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Like falling in love, this book argues that a relationship with God begins with surprise, proceeds with discovery, and shapes a life that comes to share a story of love. This book does not describe God, but pursues the nature of personally relating with the triune God. Consequently, it also engages how we relate with humans made in God's image. We finish the Face-to-Face series with this most mysterious and fulfilling encounter--a personal engagement with the Relational God, known as a community of persons who invite us to share in their life. ""This book builds an important bridge between a profoundly constructive but difficult theological tradition and attendant approach to knowing, and the rest of the church that so needs this counsel but that usually finds it obscure, if it finds it at all. And across this bridge flows a great deal of warm-hearted and life-giving wisdom."" --Douglas Campbell, Duke University ""Through personal stories, anecdotes, and experiences, not to mention his years of theological learning, Folsom paints pictures in words and invites his readers into a new reality, one far grander and more intoxicating than they could possibly imagine. This is theology, but not like your fathers knew it."" --Myk Habets, Dean of Faculty, Head of Carey Graduate School, Lecturer in Systematic Theology, Carey


Christmas Songs & Carols For Kids - Różni Wykonawcy (Płyta CD) - 2847263123

19,56 zł

Christmas Songs & Carols For Kids - Różni Wykonawcy (Płyta CD)

Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Opis - "Christmas Songs And Carols For Kids" to album zawierający 35 anglojęzycznych kolęd i piosenek świątecznych w wykonaniu dzieci i nie tylko. Wesołe, barwne aranżacje z najpopularniejszymi świątecznymi przebojami! Tracklista: CD 1 1. Have a Merry Christmas 2. The First Noel 3. O Christmas Tree 4. Wonderful Christmastimea 5. Ding Dong Merrily On High 6. Jingle Bells 7. A Caroling We Go 8. Angels We Have Heard On High (Gloria) 9. Driving Home For Christmas 10. A Gift for You 11. Good King Wenceslas 12. Silver Bells 13. I Saw Three Ships 14. White Christmas 15. Christmas Is for Sharing 16. Sleight Ride 17. We Wish You a Merry Christmas 18. Last Christmas CD 2 1. Jingle Bells 2. O Come, All Ye Faithful 3. Joy to the World 4. It's Christmas Time 5. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 6. Deck the Halls 7. Share the Love At Christmas Time 8. O Little Town of Bethlehem 9. I Just Can't Wait Until It's Christmas 10. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) 11. Let's Have a Merry Christmas This Year 12. Silent Night 13. Santa Claus is Coming To Town 14. If Christmas Could Last All Year 15. The Magic of Christmas 16. Your Wish Is My Wish, Too 17. Jingle Bells Nazwa - Christmas Songs & Carols For Kids Autor - Różni Wykonawcy Wydawca - Soliton Kod EAN - 5901571094670 Rok wydania - 2015 Nośnik - Płyta CD Podatek VAT - 23%


Wherever You Are - 2844861040

37,94 zł

Wherever You Are Feiwel and Friends

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

." . . I wanted you more than you'll ever know, ""so I sent love to follow wherever you go. . . ."Love is the greatest gift we have to give our children. It's the one thing they can carry with them each and every day.If love could take shape it might look something like these heartfelt words and images from the inimitable Nancy Tillman. Here is a book to share with your loved ones, no matter how near or far, young or old, they are.


Macmillan Readers My Cousin Rachel Intermediate Pack - 2861862031

53,42 zł

Macmillan Readers My Cousin Rachel Intermediate Pack Macmillan Education

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"From the first pagethe reader is back in the moody, brooding atmosphere of Rebecca." The New York Times "From the bestselling author of Rebecca, another classic set in beautiful and mysterious Cornwall." Philip Ashley's older cousin Ambrose, who raised the orphaned Philip as his own son, has died in Rome. Philip, the heir to Ambrose's beautiful English estate, is crushed that the man he loved died far from home. He is also suspicious. While in Italy, Ambrose fell in love with Rachel, a beautiful English and Italian woman. But the final, brief letters Ambrose wrote hint that his love had turned to paranoia and fear. Now Rachel has arrived at Philip's newly inherited estate. Could this exquisite woman, who seems to genuinely share Philip's grief at Ambrose's death, really be as cruel as Philip imagined? Or is she the kind, passionate woman with whom Ambrose fell in love? Philip struggles to answer this question, knowing Ambrose's estate, and his own future, will be destroyed if his answer is wrong. Bonus Reading Group Guide Included PRAISE FOR DAPHNE DU MAURIER "Miss du Maurier is... a storyteller whose sole aim is to bewitch and beguile. And in My Cousin Rachel she does both, with Rebecca looking fondly over her shoulder." New York Times "Double-distilled readers' delight." Manchester Guardian


Scent of Water - 2864212017

61,52 zł

Scent of Water Hendrickson Publishers Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"A captivating story filled with English charm, luminous wisdom, and astounding spiritual insight"Goudge's singular gift is the depth and insight she brings to her characters. Mary Lindsay is a born and bred Londoner who has enjoyed her city life--a prestigious job, and friends with whom she takes in the city pleasures of theatre, art and music. But fleeting memories of a childhood visit to her father's elderly cousin out in the country are revived with the news that the woman has willed her home, the Laurels, to Mary. She makes an uncharacteristically sudden and life-changing decision to leave London for the country. The gradual unfolding of her understanding of herself, of the now-deceased woman who has bequeathed her home to Mary, and of the people of Appleshaw, all weave together in a most memorable story of love's redemptive power.Customer Reviews: "I am not a person who re-reads books, but this is one that I feel the need to read again on a regular basis. I wish this would be published again so I could share it with more people. Just reading the book felt like someone had given me a special gift.""It's hard to describe this lovely, enchanting book. It's one of my favorite books and I periodically reread it. It has lovely descriptions of Nature and is a story about the most sacred mystery there is: Love, all kinds of Love. This is probably one of the most life-affirming books I have ever read."


American Spartan - 2854350117

68,15 zł

American Spartan Harper Collins Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

One of the most charismatic, controversial U.S. commanders of modern memory, Army Special Forces Major Jim Gant changed the face of America's war in Afghanistan when his critical white paper, "One Tribe at a Time," went viral at the Pentagon, the White House, and on Capitol Hill in 2009.A decorated Green Beret who had spent years training indigenous fighters, Jim argued for embedding autonomous units with tribes across Afghanistan: these American soldiers would live among Afghans for extended periods, not only to train tribal militias but also to fight with them in battle. He argued that these small U.S. teams could earn the trust of the Afghans and transform them into reliable allies with whom we could defeat the Taliban and Al Qaeda networks.Correspondent Ann Scott Tyson came to share Jim's vision that Americans and Pashtuns could fight side-by-side and create real change across the region, so she accompanied him to Afghanistan. This remarkable story--of Jim's close relationships with village elder Noor Afzhal, the fierce fighting they took straight to the enemy in the mountains of Konar Province, and Ann and Jim's deepening love for each other--is told with a keen sense of drama and immediacy.A story like no other, American Spartan is one of the most remarkable and emotionally resonant narratives of war ever published.


Deal Of A Lifetime - 2861908566

46,79 zł

Deal Of A Lifetime Penguin Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

It is Christmas Eve and a father and son are meeting for the first time in years. The father has a story he needs to share before it's too late. As he tells his son about a courageous little girl lying in a hospital bed a few miles away, he reveals even more about himself; his triumphs in business, his failures as a parent, his past regrets, his hopes for the future. Now, on this night before Christmas, the father has been given the unexpected chance to do something remarkable that could change the destiny of a little girl he hardly knows. But before he can make the deal of a lifetime, he must find out what his own life has actually been worth, and only his son can reveal the answer. With humour and compassion, Fredrik Backman's The Deal of a Lifetime reminds us that life is a fleeting gift, and our legacies rest in how we share that gift with those we love.


Is It Worth a Pair of Uggs? - 2826832095

68,34 zł

Is It Worth a Pair of Uggs? Xulon Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book could actually be used as a daily devotional guide. Believers could read one story at the beginning of each day to remind them that God wants to use them to share the love of Christ with someone that day and give them fresh ideas on how to go abo


What They Don't Teach You At Film School - 2845286916

71,84 zł

What They Don't Teach You At Film School Hyperion

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Two filmmakers who've beaten the system give the real dope on what it takes to get your movie made.


It's Not Me, It's You! - 2865795743

50,84 zł

It's Not Me, It's You! Harper Collins Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'I loved Jon's book. It's even better than the real thing because you can't hear his voice.' Michael McIntyre A control freak looks for love (women who leave wet teaspoons in sugar bowls need not apply). 'I haven't woken up with a cup of tea by the bed for seven years. It seems such a small thing but it's one of a thousand things I miss about having someone around to take care of me. I have spent my entire adult life getting things the way I want them and all I want now is someone to give it all up for.' Is your filing faultless? Your CDs, apostrophes, cutlery all in the right places? Can you eat a biscuit in the correct way? Then Jon Richardson (single for seven years and counting) could be your ideal man...Living alone in a one bedroom flat in Swindon, Jon has had far too much time on his hands to think. In fact to obsess. About almost everything. Jon's obssessive compulsive personality disorder has seen him arrange the coins in his pockets in ascending size and colour code his bookshelves. It takes him less than 90 seconds to locate a receipt for a pair of shoes he bought in 1997. Over to the filing cabinet and R for receipts, S for shoes. But Jon doesn't want to be like this, in fact he would quite like to share his life with someone. But who could that someone be? Someone like himself, a quarrelsome perfectionist only with breasts and less body hair? Absolutely not. But who exactly is Jon looking for and where will he find her? Faced with a loveless future filled with his own peculiar quirks and perfectionism, Jon sets about his search for The One. The question is, will he mind her keeping the knives to the left of the forks in the cutlery drawer or organising the CDs by genre and not alphabetically?


Lady Sophia's Lover - 2862805598

43,84 zł

Lady Sophia's Lover Little, Brown Book Group

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Can Lady Sophie seduce the most eligible man in London? Lady Sophia Sydney would do anything to ensnare the unattainable Sir Ross Cannon. Her goal is to ruin his reputation and cause a scandal that would be the talk of all London. So, she charms her way into his life by gaining his trust and living in his house. Every morning, her lush presence tempts him beyond all reason and every night she promises with her eyes - and her body - that the hours before dawn could be spent in unbridled passion instead of restless sleep - if only he'd let her share his bed. She knows he is falling more in love with her each day. But she never counted on falling in love with him. And she never dreamed he might, very respectably, ask for her hand in marriage ...


Cat Named Blake - 2865252392

56,55 zł

Cat Named Blake Bellissima Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is the story, or at least it is a part of the story about an orange and white striped cat with big green eyes. This is the story of the cat named Blake. It is also a story about love, and how we should all love one another; and even more importantly, it is about caring for even the weakest among us, and about how much we can learn from the creatures of the earth about how we should live, if we would only pay attention. Written by award winning author, attorney and former teacher, Penelope Dyan, this is a perfect chapter book for a book report, as well as a great "read me a story" book that can be read one chapter at a time as little ones are tucked into bed at night. It is written in memory of the one and only Blake, the most perfect orange and white striped kitty with big green eyes that any child or grown-up could ever have the privilege to know, because as you are well aware, no one ever really owns a cat! The reality is that your cat probably really owns you. There is a free YouTube music video on the Bellissimavideo YouTube Channel that goes with this book, and this book is also a book you can share with a child who has experienced the passing away of a beloved pet to help him or her to not only cope with the loss, but to also remember and cherish the positive things brought into their life by the pet.


Accidental Husband - 2865187178

46,05 zł

Accidental Husband Penguin Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Jane Green's "The Accidental Husband" is a powerful story about two women connected by an earth-shattering secret. Maggie and Sylvie are perfect strangers: two very different women, living very different lives on opposite coasts. But they share more in common than they could ever imagine. Both women have beautiful children on the verge of flying the nest, the home they worked hard to build and always longed for, and a handsome and devoted husband they can't believe belongs to them. Both women think their lives are seamlessly secure, but they couldn't be more wrong...For each is about to discover a secret that will shake their world to the very core, throwing into doubt everything they ever thought they knew, and bringing Maggie and Sylvie together in the most unexpected way. Praise for Jane Green: "A heartbreaking tale of love and family, truly compelling". ("Closer"). "Compulsively readable. I raced through it". ("Daily Mail"). "Green is women's fiction royalty ...a compelling family drama". ("Glamour"). Jane Green's internationally best-selling novels, including "The Other Woman", "Jemima J." , "Babyville", "Girl Friday" (published as Dune Road in the USA), "Life Swap" ("Swapping Lives"), "Spellbound" ("To Have and to Hold"), "The Beach House", "Second Chance", "Straight Talking", "Mr. Maybe", "Bookends", "The Love Verb" and "The Patchwork Marriage" ("Another Piece of My Heart") are incredibly moving and extremely relatable. "The Accidental Husband" is Jane's fourteenth novel. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and their blended family of six children.


Kresley Cole - Player - 2837118580

73,13 zł

Kresley Cole - Player Valkyrie Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

#1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole brings readers the third book of the erotic Game Maker Series, a searing tale of a man racked with dark desires and the beautiful young woman who could sate him at last. A madman with a shadowed past . . . In Las Vegas, Sin City, Dmitri Sevastyan finds her, Victoria Valentine--sexy, vulnerable, and in need of a protector. Obsession takes root deep inside him. Despite a history tainted with violation and betrayal, he will stop at nothing to possess her. A grifter with nothing to lose . . . Descended from a long line of con artists, twenty-four-year-old Victoria, a.k.a. Vice, needs the score of a lifetime to keep her loved ones safe. She sets her sights on gorgeous and rich Dmitri Sevastyan. Even as the irresistible Russian toys with her body and mind, he tempts her heart. Love is the ultimate wild card. When Vice and her associates maneuver Dmitri into a hasty Vegas wedding, he refuses to protect himself with a prenup, trusting her with all that he has. But can she trust him? As secrets unfold, the newlyweds share days of doubts and nights of the wickedest pleasures. Yet once Vice discovers her husband's past, will she stay to fight for her marriage or cut her losses and run?


You and Me on Vacation - 2863982211

41,44 zł

You and Me on Vacation Penguin Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'A gorgeous romance' BETH O'LEARY'The perfect getaway' JODI PICOULTTWO FRIENDSTEN SUMMER TRIPSTHEIR LAST CHANCE TO FALL IN LOVE12 SUMMERS AGO: Poppy and Alex meet. They hate each other, and are pretty confident they'll never speak again. 11 SUMMERS AGO: They're forced to share a ride home from college and by the end of it a friendship is formed.And a pact: every year, one vacation together. 10 SUMMERS AGO: Alex discovers his fear of flying on the way to Vancouver. Poppy holds his hand the whole way.7 SUMMERS AGO: They get far too drunk and narrowly avoid getting matching tattoos in New Orleans. 2 SUMMERS AGO: It all goes wrong. THIS SUMMER: Poppy asks Alex to join her on one last trip.A trip that will determine the rest of their lives. You and Me on Vacation is a love story for fans of When Harry Met Sally and One Day. Get ready to travel the world, snort with laughter and - most of all - lose your heart to Poppy and Alex.**PREORDER NOW**------------------------------------------------------------WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT EMILY HENRY'The hottest book of the summer - the pages simply sizzle!' JOSIE SILVER'Full of banter, heat, and sexual tension. A gorgeous page-turner of a novel' LAURA JANE WILLIAMS'Full of sexual tension and tantalizing possibility. I fell head over heels for Alex and Poppy, and loved travelling all over the world with them both' BETH O'LEARY'Emily Henry is my newest automatic-buy author .. . a heartfelt, funny, tender escape that you wish could last forever' JODI PICOULT'A compulsively readable book full of sparkling wit, dazzling prose and a romance that grabbed me by the heart and wouldn't let me go.Absolutely my favourite read of the year, and probably one of my favourite books of all time' ABBY JIMENEZ'Funny, and seriously sizzling' BEST'Original, sparkling bright and layered with feeling. If whipcrack banter and foggy sexual tension is your catnip, you'll adore this book' SALLY THORNE'What an absolute flipping triumph of a novel!!! I LOVED it ' EMMA COOPER


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