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The New Meaning Of Educational Change - 2849938849

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The New Meaning Of Educational Change

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Learning How to Learn - 2867127322

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Learning How to Learn Cambridge University Press

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For almost a century, educational theory and practice have been influenced by the view of behavioural psychologists that learning is synonymous with behaviour change. In this book, the authors argue for the practical importance of an alternate view, that learning is synonymous with a change in the meaning of experience. They develop their theory of the conceptual nature of knowledge and describe classroom-tested strategies for helping students to construct new and more powerful meanings and to integrate thinking, feeling, and acting. In their research, they have found consistently that standard educational practices that do not lead learners to grasp the meaning of tasks usually fail to give them confidence in their abilities. It is necessary to understand why and how new information is related to what one already knows. All those concerned with the improvement of education will find something of interest in Learning How to Learn.


In Search of a Future - 2866880959

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In Search of a Future OUP India

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In a conversation about youth agency, the most common discourses that come up are of acts of liberation, resistance, and deviance. However, this perspective is fairly narrow and runs the risk of reinforcing pervasive and often polarizing depictions of youth. In order to broaden the understanding of young people's collective actions and their potential social implications, it is necessary to ask: What types of agency do young people demonstrate? This book aims to scrutinize some of the conceptual ideas that underlie prevalent visions of youth as agents of social change and as a source of hope for a better future. As a part of the Education and Society in South Asia series, it provides insightful accounts of students' daily routines on and around a public university campus in Kathmandu, Nepal, and calls attention to a group of non-elite university students who have remained less visible in scholarly and public debates about student activism, youth unemployment, and international migration. By placing different strands of literature on youth, aspiration, and mobility into conversation, In Search of a Future unveils new and important perspectives on how young people navigate competing social expectations, educational inequalities, and limited job prospects. Series: ESSA this series seeks to problematize our understanding of education, as process, in the context of the making of citizens in a 'modern', changing South Asia. Education has been examined in its institutional avatar ad nauseam. Such efforts view educational institutions as organizations that transmit and evaluate educational knowledge and provide certification based on academic achievement. The causes of inequality, located in gender, caste, class and religion have perhaps been examined in this context as these shape individuals' lives in multiple and complex ways. At the same time, educational institutions are spaces, as processes, through which participants bring meaning and create worlds that hugely impact their personal and intellectual development. Other books in the Series include: Social, Ecological and Moral Vision for Inclusive Education: J. Krishnamurti and Educational Practice


Theory and Resistance in Education - 2867123690

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Theory and Resistance in Education Praeger

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At the beginning of the new millennium, educators, parents, and others should reevaluate what it means for adults and young people to grow up in a world that has been radically altered by a hyper capitalism that monopolizes the educational force of culture as it ruthlessly eliminates those public spheres not governed by the logic of the market. Giroux provides new theoretical and political tools for addressing how pedagogy, knowledge, resistance, and power can be analyzed within and across a variety of cultural spheres, including but not limited to the schools. A new introduction adds much to the well received first edition. The time for radical social change has never been so urgent, since the fate of an entire generation of young people, if not democracy itself, is at stake. Giroux argues that challenge gives new meaning to the importance of resistance, the relevance of pedagogy, and the significance of political agency.


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