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Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy - 2212830896

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Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy Oxford

Nauki humanistyczne

Vastly expanded second edition, with over 500 new entries. Covers terms from neighbouring disciplines such as religion, science, and logic. Contains over 500 biographies of famous and influential philosophers.


Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy - 2869365224

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Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This dictionary is written by one of the leading philosophers of our time, and it is recognized as the best dictionary of its kind. Comprehensive and authoritative, it includes over 3,300 alphabetical entries, it is the ideal introduction to philosophy for anyone with an interest in the subject, as well as students and teachers.


Oxford Classical Dictionary - 2869581289

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Oxford Classical Dictionary Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'offers not only that breakfast for the mind we keep hearing about, but lunch, tea, dinner, supper and non-stop snacks...offers a cornucopia of accurate and succinct knowledge that would be hard to equal' (Peter Green, Washington Times about the third edition). For over sixty years, The Oxford Classical Dictionary has been the unrivalled one-volume reference in the field of classics. Now completely revised and updated to include the very latest research findings, developments, and publications, this highly acclaimed reference work will be the most up-to-date and comprehensive dictionary available on all aspects of the classical era. In over 6,700 entries written by the very best of classical scholars from around the world, the Dictionary provides coverage of Greek and Roman history, literature, myth, religion, linguistics, philosophy, law, science, art, archaeology, near eastern studies, and late antiquity. New entries supplement the existing material, including entries on topics such as Adrasteia, Latin anthologies, Jewish art, ancient religious beliefs, emotions, film, gender, kinship, and many more. Other specific developments include an added focus on two new areas: 'anthropology ' and 'reception'. All entries are written in an accessible style and all Latin and Greek words have been translated to ensure ease of use. Under the editorship of Simon Hornblower, Antony Spawforth, and Esther Eidinow, a huge range of contributors have revised and updated the text, which has made an already outstanding work even better. The Dictionary covers: 1) politics, government, economy - from political figures to political systems, terms and practices, histories of major states and empires, economic theory, agriculture, artisans and industry, trade and markets 2) religion and mythology - deities and mythological creatures, beliefs and rituals, sanctuaries and sacred buildings, astrology 3) law and philosophy - from biographies of lawgivers and lawyers to legal terms and procedures, from major and minor philosophers to philosophical schools, terms, and concepts 4) science and geography - scientists and specific theory and practice, doctors and medicine, climate and landscape, natural disasters, regions and islands, cities and settlements, communications 5) languages, literature, art, and architecture - languages and dialects, writers and literary terms and genres, orators and rhetorical theory and practice, drama and performance, art, painters and sculptors, architects, buildings and materials 6) archaeology and historical writing - amphorae and pottery, shipwrecks and cemeteries, historians, and Greek and Roman historiography 7) military history - generals, arms and armour, famous battles, attitudes to warfare 8) social history, sex, and gender - women and the family, kinship, peasants and slaves, attitudes to sexuality


Oxford Dictionary of Difficult Words - 2869344401

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Oxford Dictionary of Difficult Words Oxford University Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

We all know what the words cat and dog and mother and tree mean. What we really need is a dictionary that helps us with the tough words, like elucubrate, or demesne, or cynosure. True, a standard dictionary can bail us out when we run across a tough word at home or in a library. But we often read elsewhere--in a doctor's waiting room or on a plane, or while on vacation. What do we do then? The Oxford Dictionary of Difficult Words is designed to meet this need. A portable, pocket-sized reference, it features more than 10,000 entries that focus exclusively on words that, while outside most people's working vocabulary, are often encountered in literature, in technical writings (such as computing or medical terminology), and in such diverse subject areas as law, philosophy, and art. Entries contain pronunciations, parts of speech, concise definitions, example sentences showing the word used in context, and etymologies when a word's history may shed light on its meaning. Special attention is given to easily confused or closely related words (such as efficacious, effective, effectual, and efficient, or cynical, sarcastic, sardonic, and ironic). Usage notes are provided to ensure that readers know how to integrate these words into their vocabularies for more precision and power in speech and writing. Produced by a team of experienced lexicographers, drawing on Oxford's exclusive 200-million-word database of contemporary English, this handy volume helps us with the words that lie just outside our vocabulary, words we just won't find in other pocket dictionaries.


Dictionary of Hinduism - 2862341836

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Dictionary of Hinduism Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Covering all the major Hindu practices, festivals, beliefs, gods, sacred sites, languages, and religious texts, this is the most comprehensive Hinduism dictionary of its kind. It contains 2,800 entries on everything from Tantra to temples, from bhakti to Divali, as well as biographical entries for key thinkers, teachers, and scholars. All entries are clear, concise, up to date, and fully cross-referenced. With its coverage spanning 3,500 years of Hinduism - from the religion's conception to Hinduism in the 21st century - this brand new A-Z also acknowledges the historical interplay between Hindu traditions and others, for example, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, and Islamic. Detailed appendices include maps, pronunciation guide, a chronology, principal sources and further reading, and useful websites. This dictionary is an invaluable first port of call for students and teachers of Hinduism, theology, Asian studies, or philosophy, as well as the related disciplines of history, sociology, and anthropology. It is also an ideal source of reference for all practicing Hindus and for anyone with an interest in Indian religions and culture.


Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources - 2826823563

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Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources is the key lexical reference work for anyone reading Medieval Latin texts produced in Britain or by British authors. The period covered extends from the the sixth to the sixteenth century. The Dictionary sets out clearly for individual words the full range of meanings found in the medieval period and the kinds of linguistic contexts and works in which they appear, highlighting possible alternative meanings and allusions. Contemporary example quotations amplify each entry. The full range of attested variant spellings of words is recorded and helpful cross-references are provided, making the Dictionary particularly valuable for researchers working on Medieval Latin manuscript sources of all kinds and on documentary sources in particular. The DMLBS is an essential companion to any collection of medieval Latin texts, including those in modern editions accompanied by facing translations, and an indispensable aid to reading the vast quantity of medieval texts and documents that are not available in translation. Because of its chronological coverage and overall completeness, it is also the single most helpful reference work for readers of texts in Medieval Latin produced elsewhere in Europe. The Dictionary offers considerable assistance to readers who are less familiar with Latin in general or with the medieval varieties of the language in particular. Because of the tremendous importance of Latin in the middle ages as a language of literature, religion, science, and formal record not only in Britain but across Europe too, the Dictionary is an important tool for scholars in a wide range of fields whose work brings them into contact of a less direct or obvious kind with the language. The study of literature, philosophy, theology, science, and many more fields in the middle ages - even when focused primarily on sources written not in Latin but in the everyday languages of the time - is illuminated by an awareness of the contemporary Latin material and the Dictionary makes this material much more accessible.


Use of Own Reason or Self-Imposed Immaturity in Dystopian Literature? - 2862233957

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Use of Own Reason or Self-Imposed Immaturity in Dystopian Literature? GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Seminar paper from the year 2012 in the subject English - Literature, Works, grade: 1,7, University of Duisburg-Essen (Anglophone Studien), course: Dystopian Literature, language: English, abstract: At least since Aldous Huxley s dystopian classic Brave New World, first published in 1932, dystopian literature has been quite popular up to the present. As for example, Suzanne Collins trilogy Hunger Games is one of the most influential as well as famous current dystopian novels. According to the Oxford Dictionary, dystopia as a literary term is defined as [an] imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one. [ ] (Oxford Dictionaries 2012). The term paper at hand focusses on the individual living in totalitarian societies. Therefore, a closer look will be taken at the two female protagonists of Margaret Atwood s The Handmaid s Tale and Kazuo Ishiguro s Never Let Me Go, Offred and Kathy. Their characters will be analyzed with special regard to their moral action as well as their use of reason living within a totalitarian system. The examination of the two characters is based on fundamental aspects of Kantian philosophy concerning the understanding of enlightenment, freedom and the use of reason.Since totalitarian regimes, as presented in dystopian literature, usually are authoritarian and oppressive, it is interesting to consider if such a society leaves room for making use of one s own reason (cf. Oxford Dictionaries 2012). Therefore the initial question of this term paper is: Do the two protagonists of The Handmaid s Tale and Never Let Me Go make use of their own reason in terms of Kant s definition of pure practical reason, freedom and enlightenment, or do they prefer to live under a self-imposed nonage? To answer this question, the term paper is divided into four chapters. Following this introduction, the second chapter concentrates on Immanuel Kant s philosophical theories. After a short expository passage, Immanuel Kant s basic hypotheses on moral concepts as well as his image of man will be explained, serving as a basis for the examination of Offred s and Kathy H s characters. In the first part of chapter two, the most important aspects of the Categorical Imperative will be illustrated. In the second part of chapter two, Kant s concepts of pure practical reason, freedom and Enlightenment will shortly be introduced as well as explained.In the third chapter, the two female protagonists characters will be analyzed by focussing on Kantian philosophy as exposed before. First of all, Offred from The Handmaid s Tale and then Kathy H. from Never Let


Simon Blackburn - Think - 2826646082

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Simon Blackburn - Think Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This introduction to philosophy considers big issues related to life, the universe, and everything, such as God, truth, justice, knowledge and consciousness. New in paperback. Written by the author of }The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy{.


Simon Blackburn - Think - 2880417063

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Simon Blackburn - Think Oxford University Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What am I? What is consciousness? What is the difference between past and future? Does the world presuppose a creator? Do we always act out of self-interest? This is a book about the big questions in life: knowledge, consciousness, fate, God, truth, goodness, justice. It is for anyone who believes there are big questions out there, but does not know how to approach them. Written by the author of the bestselling Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy, Think sets out to explain what they are and why they are important. Simon Blackburn begins by putting forward a convincing case for the study of philosophy and goes on to give the reader a sense of how the great historical figures such as Plato, Hume, Kant, and Descartes have approached its central themes. Each chapter explains a major issue, and gives the reader a self-contained guide through the problems that philosophers have studied. The large range of topics covered range from scepticism, the self, mind and body, and freedom to ethics and the arguments surrounding the existence of God. Written in a lively and approachable manner, this book is ideal for all those who want to learn how the basic techniques of thinking shape our existence.


Think - 2845333247

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Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>Philosophy>History of Western philosophy

Written By The Author Of The Bestselling Oxford Dictionary Of Philosophy, This Book Explains The Big Questions In Life: Knowledge, Consciousness, Fate, God, Truth, Goodness, Justice. It Is Intended For Those Who Think There Are Big Questions Lurking Out


Think - 2858663821

57,04 zł


Książki obcojęzyczne / angielskie

This introduction to philosophy considers big issues related to life, the universe, and everything, such as God, truth, justice, knowledge and consciousness. New in paperback. Written by the author of The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy.


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