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Aerocool 120mm Shark Fan Devil Red Edition - Transparent Black Red LED - 1990966606

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Aerocool 120mm Shark Fan Devil Red Edition - Transparent Black Red LED Aerocool

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The Aerocool Shark fan series cuts through the air as silently and efficiently as a shark on the hunt! As quiet as possible, with high airflow and also great-looking: Those are the demands for a new fan on the market. Aerocool has managed to find an optimal compromise and additionally includes a large extent of delivery! Quiet: This is where the new fluid dynamic bearing plays out its advantages: It makes the fan quiet and efficient which is additionally supported by the newly designed fan blades. High Airflow: The new fan blade shape with a more close spacing reduces noise emissions and greatly increases static pressure of the fan which is very important for the cooling performance. Great looks: Besides the practical considerations of the fan the optical design is also truly exceptional. The Shark series is offered in many shades from a plain black to colourful fan blades with LEDs! Technical specifications (with adaptor cable): Dimensions: 120x120x25mm Colour: Black/grey frame, red fan blades, red LEDs Starting voltage: Operating voltage: 7.0V Airflow: 32,5 CFM (max) / 55,2m


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