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Frameworkless Front-End Development Springer, Berlin

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Explore an alternative method of front-end application development without using frameworks or third-party libraries. This book provides you with the required skills and freedom to consider a "no framework" approach when choosing a technology for creating a new project.You'll work through the most important issues in a clear and sensible way, using practical methods and tools to gain an understanding of non-functional requirements. This book answers questions on important topics such as state management, making a routing system, creating a REST client using fetch, and reveals the trade-offs and risks associated with choosing the wrong framework or tool for your project, as well as providing sustainable, functional alternatives.Frameworkless Front-End Development breaks down the concept of technical debt and the ways in which a framework can impact the lifespan of a project. Along with gaining a comprehensive and clear guide on coding effectively from scratch without frameworks, you will also learn some principles of technical decision-making.NEW FOR THIS EDTION: A brief history of JavaScript frameworks and their key developmentsHow to protect domain codeHow to work with frameworkless in legacy applicationsDefending from Frameworks and anti-corruption layers WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: A better understanding of DOM manipulationHow to manage the state of a fronted application with different patternsHow to safely migrate existent applications to a new framework or to frameworkless codeThe importance of non-functional requirementsHow a Framework can affect the "health" of a codebase  WHO IS THIS BOOK FOR: Skilled JavaScript developers who want to understand how to effectively write code without using dependenciesCTOs who need to help teams to choose a technology stack for their next projectConsultants that need to refactor an existent JavaScript front-end codebase


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