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Intergenerational Pathways to a Sustainable Society - 2884458761

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Intergenerational Pathways to a Sustainable Society Springer International Publishing AG

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This volume explores intergenerational practices and their impact on social sustainability. It links sustainability concepts from various contexts with intergenerational related dimensions and applies them to programmatic efforts to address different social problems such as underperforming educational and work-related systems, failing support systems for dependent or vulnerable populations and community renewal and regeneration efforts. To this end the core argument is to present issues related to age, aging, and generations not only as challenges or even problems but as sources for the development of innovative responses to some tenacious societal issues and for paving pathways to facilitate improved quality of live for all generations.For societies to be sustainable all generations must coexist at any given time and across time (non-contemporary generations). Hence, the ultimate vision presented here is one of a sustainable intergenerational way of life as both a conceptual tool and as a call for action. Intergenerational pathways are introduced as compelling and effective strategies for improving health and well-being across the lifespan, strengthening families, improving under-performing educational and work-related systems, and helping to build more cohesive, caring communities.Reviewing some of the historical factors and developments influencing intergenerational studies, as well as presenting regional case studies and comparative research of various models, approaches and applications, this book intends to present successful international intergenerational models that may be applied to everyday multigenerational practices in institutions such as learning, education, family life, housing, healthcare, employment and community development.The intergenerational programs and practices highlighted in this accessible resource for students, academics and practitioners set a positive tone and an empowering direction for how modern societies can navigate and find opportunity amidst challenging demographic and social changes.


Strategic Management in Tourism - 2882400357

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Strategic Management in Tourism CABI Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Linking strategic thinking with action for the management of tourism, this book evaluates global trends, analyses environmental impact and reviews the major factors affecting international tourism management. Now in its third edition, this well-established resource includes extra pedagogy such as learning objectives, questions and case studies.


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