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10 Euro, Opowieści i legendy Austrii - Ryszard Lwie Serce (1157-1199), 2009 - 1373091712

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10 Euro, Opowieści i legendy Austrii - Ryszard Lwie Serce (1157-1199), 2009 Austrian Mint

Kategorie > Srebrne i złote monety Euro

Seria: "Opowieści i legendy Austrii" Kraj: Austria Emitent: Narodowy Bank Austrii Producent: Mennica Austrii (Austrian Mint) Stan zachowania monety: I (menniczy) Nominał: 10 Euro (10


42cm 'Big Bertha' and German Siege Artillery of World War I - 2885459428

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42cm 'Big Bertha' and German Siege Artillery of World War I Bloomsbury Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the early days of World War I, Germany unveiled a new weapon - the mobile 42cm (16.5 inch) M-Gerat howitzer. At the time, it was the largest artillery piece of its kind in the world and a closely guarded secret. When war broke out, two of the howitzers were rushed directly from the factory to Liege where they quickly destroyed two forts and compelled the fortress to surrender. After repeat performances at Namur, Maubeuge and Antwerp, German soldiers christened the howitzers 'Grosse' or 'Dicke Berta' (Fat or Big Bertha) after Bertha von Krupp, owner of the Krupp armament works that built the howitzers. The nickname was soon picked up by German press which triumphed the 42cm howitzers as Wunderwaffe (wonder weapons), and the legend of Big Bertha was born. This book details the design and development of German siege guns before and during World War I. Accompanying the text are many rare, never-before-published, photographs of 'Big Bertha' and the other German siege guns. Colour illustrations depict the most important aspects of the German siege artillery.


A European Vision for Air Passengers. - Anna Konert - 2836938716

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A European Vision for Air Passengers. - Anna Konert

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Introduction (...) the future development of international civil aviation can greatly help to create and preserve friendship and understanding among the nations and peoples of the world, yet its abuse can become a threat to the general security; and (...) it is desirable to avoid friction and to promote that cooperation between nations and peoples upon which the peace of the world depends;1 Air passenger rights have become one of the most important consumer rights areas since the number of people who are travelling is growing every year.2 "Over the last thirty years, there has been a boom in mobility in Europe. For millions of citizens travel has become a reality, indeed a right (...) The air transport sector has seen a number of changes: the emergence of low cost airlines, the restructuring of other airlines, the opening up of new routes, and the availability of information or tickets on the Internet with a general reduction in fares. Millions of people have flown as a result of the setting up of an internal aviation market".3 According to Vice-President of the Commission Siim Kallas, responsible for transport "passengers need a common set of principles, so that they can be more easily aware of their rights if something goes wrong with their trip, regardless of the mode of transport they use or whether a journey takes place wholly within a single Member State or goes through an intra-Community or external frontier"4. Europe's success in securing and upholding passenger rights is one of the resounding achievements of the EU transport policy. Therefore, it was 1 Preamble to Convention on International Civil Aviation, signed at Chicago, on 7 December 1944 (Chicago Convention). 2 ECC-Net Air Passenger Rights Report 2011 - in the aftermath of the 'Volcanic Ash Crisis', October 2011 (available at report_2011.pdf). 3 Communication From The Commission To The European Parliament And The Council Strengthening passenger rights within the European Union, Brussels, 16.2.2005 COM(2005) 46 final. 4 8 Introduction necessary for the European Community to strengthen the rights of passengers and to ensure that air carriers operate under harmonized conditions in a liberalized market. Liberalisation, however, is not enough. Other measures are needed to protect passengers' interests and ensure that they fully profit from the single market.5 Air passenger rights can cover the following fields: People with disabilities and people with reduced mobility; Denied boarding; Cancellation; Long delays; Problems with Baggage; Identity of the airline; Package holidays; Price transparency. All these fields are covered by special regulations. Notwithstanding the most controversial and with unclear provisions is Regulation (EC) 261/20046. Therefore, there is a need to analyse the existing judgments and different theories in legal doctrine regarding this Regulation. It introduced important new rights for air passengers in the event of denied boarding, long delay, cancellations and downgrading. The Regulation took effect on 18 February 2005 and sets a minimum level of quality standards in order to protect passengers. It repealed Regulation (EEC) No. 295/91 and it sets out the entitlements of air passengers when a flight that they intend to travel on is delayed or cancelled, or when they are denied boarding to such a flight due to overbooking, or when the airline is unable to accommodate them in the class they had booked. It is very important to ensure a high level of protection for passengers. Moreover, full account should be taken of the requirements of consumer protection in general. As it is stated in Preamble to Regulation 261/2004, denied boarding and cancellation or long delay of flights cause serious trouble and inconvenience to passengers and the number of passengers denied boarding against their will remains too high, as does that affected by cancellations without prior warning and that affected by long delays. Therefore, it was necessary for the European Community to strengthen the rights of passengers and to ensure that air carriers operate under harmonized conditions in a liberalized market. It is also stated that the number of passengers denied boarding against their will should be reduced by requiring air carriers to call for volunteers to surrender their reservations, in exchange for benefits, instead of denying passengers boarding, and by fully compensating those finally denied boarding and that passengers denied boarding against their will should be able either to cancel their flights, with reimbursement of their tickets, or to continue 5 European Commission, Air - legislation in force since 2005 at: themes/passengers/air/index_en.htm 6 Official Journal of the European Union, L 46, pp. 1-7 (17-2-2004). Introduction 9 them under satisfactory conditions, and should be adequately cared for while awaiting a later flight.7 As IATA indicates, airlines are committed to looking after their passengers, and overlapping passenger rights regimes around the world creates difficulties for the industry and confusion for passengers. The patchwork of regimes defeats the purpose of providing passengers with clear, transparent rights that they can count on. Clear information to passengers on their rights should be the first priority of government and the industry.8 In response to this, the industry unanimously adopted a set of principles at the 2013 IATA Annual General Meeting. The principles call on governments to develop consumer protection regulations that:


CLOSE TO YOU: REMEMBERING THE CARPENTERS - The Carpenters (Płyta DVD) - 2837268179

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Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Lista utworów - Płyta 1 1. Yesterday Once More 2. Superstar 3. Rainy Days And Mondays 4. Top Of the World 5. Ticket To Ride 6. Love Is Surrender 7. Maybe It's You 8. Reason To Believe 9. Where Do I Go From Here? 10. This Masquerade 11. It's Going To Take Some Time 12. One More Time 13. Those Good Old Dreams 14. For All We Know 15. Crystal Lullaby 16. I Believe You 17. (They Long To Be) Close To You 18. Bless The Beasts And Children 19. All You Get From Love Is A Love Song 20. Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft Płyta 2 1. I Need to Be In Love 2. Now 3. Solitaire 4. Please Mr. Postman 5. Hurting Each Other 6. I Won't Last A Day Without You 7. Sweet, Sweet Smile 8. A Song For You 9. Ordinary Fool 10. When You've Got What It Takes 11. Goodbye To Love 12. Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore 13. Sing 14. Baby, It's You 15. Let Me Be The One 16. Only Yesterday 17. Jambalaya (On The Bayou) 18. Touch Me When We're Dancing 19. We've Only Just Begun 20. When It's Gone (It's Just Gone) Opis - The Carpenters byli jednym z najpopularniejszych zespołów lat 70-tych oraz najlepiej sprzedającą grupą w tamtym okresie. W trakcie czternastoletniej kariery wydali 11 albumów, które rozeszły się w nakładzie przekraczającym 100 milionów egzemplarzy, oraz 31 singli, otrzymując 18 nominacji i 3 statuetki Grammy. Działalność duetu zakończyła nagła śmierć Karen Carpenter w 1983 roku.W 2009 roku mija 40-ta rocznica wydania pierwszego albumu The Carpenters - "Ticket To Ride" (pierwotnie "The Offering") oraz podpisania kontraktu z wytwórnią A&M Records. Z tej okazji ukazała się dwupłytowa kompilacja obejmująca najważniejsze i najpopularniejsze utwory w ich karierze, takie jak: "Ticket To Ride", "We've Only Just Began", "Superstar" czy "Please Mr. Postman" Nazwa - CLOSE TO YOU: REMEMBERING THE CARPENTERS Autor - The Carpenters Wydawca - UNIVERSAL Kod EAN - 0602527200071 Rok wydania - 2009 Nośnik - Płyta DVD Ilość elementów - 1 Podatek VAT - 23% Premiera - 2009-09-28


After The Woodchopper's. . - 2839374299

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After The Woodchopper's. . Document Records


1. Out Of This World 2. June Comes Around Every Year 3. Caldonia 4. Hapiness Is A Thing Called Jow 5. Goosey Gander 6. Northwest Passage 7. A Kiss Goodnight 8. I've Got The World On A String 9. Love Me 10. No Time 11. The Good Earth 12. Put The Ring On My Finger 13. Bijou (Rhumba A La Jazz) 14. Gee It's Good To Hold You 15. Your Fathers Mustache 16. Wild Root 17. Everybody Knew But Me 18. Blowin' Up The Storm 19. Atlanta, Ga 20. Let It Snow 21. Welcome To My Dream 22. It's Anybody's Spring 101. You've Got E Crying Again 102. No, Don't Stop 103. Panacea 104. Heaven Knows 105. Bijou (Rhumba A La Jazz) 106. Sweet & Lovely 107. Heads Up 108. Wild Root (Extended Version) 109. Linger In My Arms A Little Longer 110. Surrender 111. Mabel, Mabel 112. Steps 113. Four Men On A Horse 114. Igor 115. Fan It 116. Nero's Conception 117. Lost Weekend 118. Pam 119. Sidewalks Of Cuba 120. Stars Fell On Alabama 121. If It's Love You Want 122. Lady Mcgowan's Dream 201. Romance In The Dark 202. Summer Sequence 203. Uncle Remus Said 204. Everywhere 205. With Someone New 206. Wrap Your Troubles In Dream 207. Back Talk 208. Someday Sweetheart 209. I Surrender Dear 210. At The Woodchopper's Ball 211. Blue Flame 212. The Blues Are Brewin' 213. Non-alcoholic 214. Across The Valley 215. Baby, Baby All The Time 216. There Is No Greater Love 217. Ivy 218. Can You Look Me In The Eyes 219. That's My Desire 220. Pancho Maximillian Hernandez 221. Somebody Loves Me 301. In The Blue Evening 302. Am I Blue? 303. Blue Moon 304. Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea 305. Blues In The Night 306. Under A Blanket Of Blue 307. I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues 308. Blue Prelude 309. Baby Come Home 310. Bloop Beep 311. Boulevard Of Memories 312. Civilization 313. A Tune For Huming 314. Baby, Have You Got A Little To Square 315. If Anybody Can Steal My Baby 316. I Told Ya I Love Ya, Now Get Out 317. Sabre Dance 318. Cherokee Canyon 319. I've Got News For You 320. Keen & Peachy 321. The Goof & I 322. Lazy Lullaby 401. Four Brothers 402. Swing Low Sweet Clarinet 403. My Pal Gonzales 404. P.s. I Love You 405. That's Right 406. Lemon Drop 407. I Got It Bad 408. I Ain't Gonna Wait Too Long 409. Early Autumn 410. Keeper Of The Flame 411. The Crikets 412. More Moon 413. Detour Ahead 414. Jamaica Rhumba 415. Not Really The Blues 416. The Great Lie 417. Tenderly 418. Lollypop 419. You Rascal You 420. Rhapsody In Wood 421. Calico Sal 422. Jelly Dean 501. Spain 502. Pennies From Heaven 503. I Want A Little Girl 504. Music To Dance 505. The Nearness Of You 506. Sonny Speaks 507. Starlight Souvenirs 508. When It Rains It Pours 509. Johannesburg 510. Here Comes The Blues 511. I Left Hmy Hat In Haiti 512. Lonesome Gal 513. Searching 514. Jet 515. Ninety Nine Guys 516. I Can See You 517. By George 518. Leo The Lion 519. It Isn't Easy 520. Cuban Holiday 521. The Glory Of Love 522. Hollywood Blues 523. Pass The Basket 601. New Golden Wedding 602. Blue Flame 603. Business Man's Bounce 604. Prelude To A Kiss 605. Brother Fats 606. Three Handed Woman 607. My Baby's Gone 608. Dandy Lion 609. Blues In Advance 610. Jump In The Line 611. Terressita 612. Stompin' At The Savoy 613. Early Autumn 614. Celestial Blues 615. Baby Clementine 616. Perdido 617. Moten Stomp 618. Singin' In The Rain 619. Love Is Here To Stay 620. East Od The Sun (West Of The Moon) 621. I Would Do Anything For You 701. In A Little Spanish Town 702. Nice Work If You Can Get It 703. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me 704. This Is New 705. Almost Like Being In Love 706. Mother Goose Jumps 707. Lazy Lullaby 708. I'm Makin' Up For Lost Time 709. Buck Dance 710. No True Love 711. Go Down The Wishing Road 712. Blue Lou 713. A Fool In Love 714. Wooftie 715. Never Mind The Noise 716. Run Joe 717. Fancy Woman 718. Eight Babies To Mind 719. Men From Mars 720. Moody 721. Beau Jazz 722. Wild Apple Honey 723. Strange 724. Misty Morning 725. Would He? 726. Sleep 801. Autobahn Blues 802. By Play 803. La Cucaracha Mambo 804. Ill Wind 805. Boo Hoo 806. Hittin' The Bottle 807. Wild Apple Honey 808. Hat Trick 809. At The Woodchopper's Ball 810. Opus De-funk 811. Gina 812. I Remember Duke 813. A Sentimental Journey 814. Cool Cat On A Lot Tin Roof 815. Where Or When 816. Captain Ahab 817. I'll Never Be The Same 818. Pimlico 819. The Girl Upstairs 820. Skinned 821. Skinned Again 901. Love Is A Many Splendide Thing 902. Drums In Hi-fly 903. 9:20 Special 904. Bag's Other Groove 905. Broadway 906. Jumpin' At The Woodside 907. The Boot 908. Wailing Wall 909. Bass Face 910. Junior 911. Everyday I Have The Blues 912. Trouble In Mind 913. Smack Dab In The Middle 914. Pinetop's Blues 915. Basin Street Blues 916. (They Call It) Stormy Monday 917. Dupree Blues 918. I Want A Little Girl 919. Blues Groove


Kenny Baker Plays Armstro - 2839649481

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1. My Heart 2. Yeah! I'm In The Barrel 3. Gut Bucket Blues 4. Come Back Sweet Papa 5. Georgia Gring 6. Heebie Jeebie 7. Cornet Chop Suey 8. Oriental Strut 9. You're Next 10. Muskrat Ramble 11. Don't Forget To Mess Around 12. I'm Gonna Gitcha 13. Dropping Shucks 14. Who's It 15. The King Of The Zulus 16. Big Fat Ma & Skinny Pa 17. Lonesome Blues 18. Sweet Little Papa 19. Jazz Lips 20. Skid-dat-de-dat 101. I Want A Big Butter & Egg Man 102. Sunset Cafe Stomp 103. Made Me Love You 104. Irish Black Bottom 105. Willie The Weeper 106. Wild Man Blues 107. Chicago Breakdown 108. Alligator Crawl 109. Potato Head Blues 110. Melancholy Blues 111. Weary Blues 112. Twelth Street Rag 113. Keyhole Blues 114. S.o.l. Blues 115. Gully Low Blues 116. That's When I'll Come Back To You 117. Put'm Down Blues 118. Ory's Creole Trombone 119. The Last Time 120. Struttin' With Some Barbecue 201. Got No Blues 202. Once In A While 203. I'm Not Rough 204. Hotter Than That 205. Savoy Blues 206. Fireworks 207. Skip The Gutter 208. A Monday Date 209. Don't Jive Me 210. West End Blues 211. Sugar Food Strut 212. Two Deuces 213. Squeeze Me 214. Knee Drops 215. No Papa No 216. Basin Street Blues 217. No One Else But You 218. Beau Koo Jack 219. Save It Pretty Mama 220. Weather Bird 301. Muggles 302. Hear Me Talkin' To Ya? 303. St. James Infirmary 304. Tight Like This 305. Knocking A Jug 306. I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby 307. Mahagony Hall Stomp 308. Ain't Misbehavin' 309. Black & Blue 310. That Rhythm Man 311. Sweet Savanah Sue 312. Some Of These Days 313. When You're Smiling 314. After You've Gone 315. I Ain't Nobody 316. Dallas Blues 317. St. Louis Blues 318. Rockin' Chair 319. Song Of The Islands 320. Bessie Couldn't Help It 401. Blue Turning Grey Over You 402. Dear Old Southland 403. My Sweet 404. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me 405. Indian Cradle Song 406. Exactly Like You 407. Dinah 408. Tiger Rag 409. I'm Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas 410. I'm In The Market For You 411. I'm Confessing That I Love You 412. If I Could Be With You 413. Body & Soul 414. Memories Of You 415. You're Lucky To Me 416. Sweethearts On Parade 417. You're Driving Me Crazy 418. The Peanut Vendor 419. Just A Gigolo 420. Shine 501. Walkin' My Baby Back Home 502. I Surrender, Dear 503. When It's Sleepy Time Down South 504. Blue Again 505. Little Joe 506. You Rascal You 507. Them There Eyes 508. When Your Lover Has Gone 509. Up A Lazy River 510. Chinatown, My Chinatown 511. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams 512. Star Dust 513. You Can Depend On Me 514. Georgia On My Mind 515. The Lonesome Road 516. I Got Rhythm 517. Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea 518. Kickin' The Gong Around 519. Home 520. All Of Me 601. Love, You Funny Thing 602. The New Tiger Rag 603. Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now 604. Lawd, You Made The Night Too Long 605. That's My Home 606. Hobo You Can't Ride This Train 607. I Hate To Leave You Now 608. You'll Wish You'd Never Been Born 609. Medley Of Armstrong Hits (Part 2) 610. When You're Smiling 611. St. James Infirmary 612. Dinah 613. Medley Of Armstrong Hits (Part 1) 614. You Rascal You 615. When It's Sleepy Time Down South 616. Nobody Sweetheart 617. I've Got The World On A String 618. I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues 619. Hustlin' & Bustlin' For Baby 620. Sittin' In The Dark 621. High Society 622. He's A Son Of The South 623. Some Sweet Day 624. Basin Street Blues 625. Honey, Do! 626. Snowball 701. Mahogany Hall Stomp 702. Swing You Cats 703. Honey, Don't You Love Me Anymore? 704. Mississippi Basin 705. Laughin' Louis 706. Tomorrow Night 707. Dusky Stevedore 708. There's A Cabin In The Pines 709. Mighty River 710. Sweet Sue, Just You 711. I Wonder Who 712. St. Louis Blues 713. Don't Play Me Cheap 714. I'm In The Mood For Love 715. You're My Lucky Star 716. La Cucaracha 717. Got A Bran' New Suit 718. I've Got My Fingers Crossed 719. Old Man Mose 720. I'm Shooting High 801. Falling In Love With You 802. Red Sails In The Sunset 803. On Treasure Island 804. Thanks A Million 805. Shoeshine Boy 806. Solitude 807. I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music 808. The Music Goes Round & Round 809. Rhythm Saved The World 810. I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket 811. Yes Yes My My 812. I Come From A Musical Family 813. If We Never Meet Again 814. Somebody Stole My Break 815. Lying To Myself 816. Ev'ntide 817. Swing That Music 818. Thankful 819. Red Nose 820. Public Melody Number One 901. Yours & Mine 902. Red Cap 903. She's The Daughter Of A Planter From Havana 904. Alexander's Ragtime Band 905. Cuban Pete 906. I've Got A Heart Ful Of Rhythm 907. Sun Flowers 908. Once In A While 909. On The Sunny Side Of The Street 910. Satchel Mouth Swing 911. Jubilee 912. Struttin' With Some Barbecue 913. The Trumpet Players Lament 914. I Double Dare You 915. True Confession 916. Let That Be A Lesson To You 917. Sweet As A Song 918. So Little Time 919. Mexican Swing 920. As Long As You Live


Around The World Live - 2839315197

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Around The World Live Eagle Vision


1. Farewell Andromeda 2. Spirit 3. Fly Away 4. Looking For Space 5. Come & Let Me Look In Your Eyes 6. Baby You Look Good To Me Tonight 7. Druthers 8. I'd Rather Be A Cowboy 9. How Can I Leave You Again 10. Singing Skies & Dancing Waters 11. Love Is Everywhere 12. Pickin' The Sun Down (Blue Grass & High Sierra) 13. I Want To Live 14. Rocky Mountain High 15. Follow Me 16. Moreton Bay 17. To The Wild Country 18. Grandma's Feather Bed 19. Back Home Again 20. Matthew 21. Thank God, I'm A Country Boy 22. Take Me Home, Country Roads 23. Annie's Song 24. Eagle & The Hawk 25. Calypso 26. Sunshine On My Shoulders 27. Leaving On A Jet Plane 28. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie 29. Thirsty Boots 30. Boy From The Country 31. Like To Deal With The Ladies 32. When I'm 64 101. Starwood In Aspen 102. Take Me Home, Country Roads 103. Follow Me 104. I'd Rather Be A Cowboy 105. Leaving On A Jet Plane 106. Goodbye Again 107. Rocky Mountain Suite 108. Matthew 109. Fly Away 110. Dancing With The Mountains 111. Back Home Again 112. Thank God, I'm A Coutnry Boy 113. Sleepin' Alone 114. Rocky Mountain High 115. Eagle & The Hawk 116. Annie's Song 117. Calypso 118. Sunshine On My Shoulders 119. Mother Nature's Son 120. How Mountain Girls Can Love 121. Sweet Surrender 122. Johnny B. Goode 123. Memphis 124. Wake Up Little Susie 125. Boy From The Country 201. Farewell Andromeda 202. Take Me Home, Country Roads 203. Grandma's Feather Bed 204. Back Home Again 205. Matthew 206. Dreamland Express 207. The Harder They Fall 208. I Can't Escape 209. Flying For Me 210. (Let Us Begin) What Are We Making Weapons For 211. Sunshine On My Shoulders 212. Eagle & The Hawk 213. Wild Montana Skies 214. Relatively Speaking 215. I'd Rather Be A Cowboy 216. How Can I Leave You Again 217. I'm Sorry 218. Shanghai Breezes 219. Fly Away 220. My Sweet Lady 221. Heart To Heart 222. Rocky Mountain High 223. Annie's Song 224. Peace 225. Calypso 226. It's About Time 227. Perhaps Love 228. Boy From The Country 229. Claudette 230. Don't Close Your Eyes Tonight 231. I Remember You 232. Sweet Surrender 301. Rocky Mountain High 302. Sunshine On My Shoulders 303. Leaving On A Jet Plane 304. Goodbye Again 305. Follow Me 306. Matthew 307. Grandma's Feather Bed 308. I Want To Live 309. Rhymes & Reasons 310. Eagle & The Hawk 311. The Gold & Beyond 312. Take Me Home, Country Roads 313. Biwako Shuko No Uta 314. Season Of The Heart 315. Annie's Song 316. Calypso 317. It's About Time 318. Take Me Home, Country Roads 319. Back Home Again 320. Thank God, I'm A Country Boy 321. Take Me Home, Country Roads 322. Matthew 323. What Are We Making Weapons For? 324. Rocky Mountain High 325. Matthew 401. Earth Day 1990 402. Day At The Birghorn


Tight Like This - The - 2839534474

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Tight Like This - The FREMEAUX


1. Heah Me Talking To Ya 2. St James Infirmary 3. Tigh Like This 4. Knockin' A Jug 5. I Can't Give You Anything But Love 6. Mahogany Hall Stomp 7. S' Posin 8. Wheather Bird 9. To Be In Love 10. Funny Feathers 11. How Do You Do It That Way 12. Aint Misbehavin' 13. Black & Blue 14. That Rhythm Man 15. Sweet Savannah Sue 16. Ain't Mishbehavin' 17. Some Of These Days 18. Some Of These Days 19. When You're Smiling 20. When You're Smiling 21. After You've Gone 22. After You've Gone 101. After You've Gone 102. I Ain't Got Nobody 103. I Ain't Got Nobody 104. Ballas Blues 105. Dallas Blues 106. St Louis Blues 107. St Louis Blues 108. St Louis Blues 109. Rockin Chair 110. Song Of The Islands 111. Bessie Couldn't Help It 112. Blue Turning Grey Over You 113. Dear Old Southland 114. My Sweet 115. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me 116. Rockin' Chair 117. Indian Craddle Song 118. Exactly Like You 119. Dinah 120. Tiger Rag 121. Blue Yodel 201. I'm Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas 202. In The Market For You 203. Confessin' That I Love You 204. If I Can Be With You One Hour Tonight 205. Body & Soul 206. Memories Of You 207. You're Lucky To Me 208. Sweethearts On Parade 209. You're Driving Me Crazy 210. You're Driving Me Crazy 211. The Peanut Vendor 212. Just A Gigolo 213. Shine 214. Walkin' My Baby Back Home 215. I Surrender Dear 216. When It's Sleepy Time Down South 217. Blue Again 218. Little Joe 219. You Rascal You 220. Them There Eyes 221. When Your Lover Has Gone


Ben Webster Jazz Ballads - 2839253002

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Ben Webster Jazz Ballads Membran


1. That's All 2. Willow Weep For Me 3. Just A-sittin' & A-rockin' 4. Don't Blame Me 5. My Funny Valentine 6. 'Nuff Said 7. Imagination 8. All Too Soon 9. It Happens To Me 10. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me 11. I Surrender Dear 12. Come Rain Or Come Shine 13. Blue Serge 14. Sophisticated Lady 15. Almost Like Being In Love 16. You're Mine, You! 17. Chelsea Bridge 101. Danny Boy 102. Until Tonight 103. Tenderly 104. Don't Take Your Love From Me 105. Memories Of You 106. All Too Soon 107. Kat's Fur 108. Love Is Here To Stay 109. My Greatest Mistake 110. You're Only Happy When I'm Blue 111. Prelude To A Kiss 112. I Surrender Dear 113. What Am I Here For? 114. Love's Away 115. Sepia Panorama 116. Don't Get Around Much Anymore 117. Chelsea Bridge


Hand Cut - 2840181037

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Hand Cut


1. Run For Your Life 2. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 3. I Do It All For You 4. Where The Ending Starts 5. Surrender Your Heart 6. If You Can't Stand The Heat 7. I'd Like To Say I Love You 8. You Love, Love 9. Shot Me Through The Heart 10. Running Out Of Time 11. Stepping Out 12. If You Can't Stand The Heat (12 Version) 13. If You Can't Stand The Heat (Early Version) 14. Run For Your Life (2008 Extended Version) 15. Running Out Of Time (Extended Version) 16. Twentieth Century Hero (Live) 17. Don't Pay The Ferryman (Live) 101. Medley (Live) 102. Pinball Wizard 103. Hot Stuff 104. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy 105. Knock On Wood 106. Rockin' All Over The World 107. When We Were Young (7 Mix) 108. When We Were Young (Extended Club Mix) 109. When The Love Has Fone 110. London Town (7 Mix) 111. London Town (Extended Club Mix) 112. Identity 113. Rules Of The Game 114. Rules Of The Game (12 Mix) 115. When We Were At War 116. When We Were At War (2012 Extended Remix) 117. Oh Suzanne (Original Version) 118. Oh Suzanne (Jay Aston Version) 119. Oh Suzanne (Extended Version) 120. Oh Suzanne (Cheryl Vs Jay


Power of Acceptance - 2884440161

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Power of Acceptance Watkins Media

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What if, starting today, we stopped thinking in terms of lack and imperfection? What if we stopped trying to change reality with the power of our thoughts and intention? What if we no longer thought that everything needs to be fixed, healed or improved? In her new book, Postma (author of "The Deeper Secret "and "The Secret Within") explores the mental and emotional blocks that keep us from true joy. She writes, "Rarely has anything in my life gone the way I had hoped, expected or thought. There have been some heavy blows. However, in hindsight, I can see that everything turned out just as it should have." Calling upon many wisdom traditions and her own hard-won insights, Postma traces a gentle path that will lead to the renewal of your mind and spirit. She writes, "To embrace reality is an act of total renewal. When we dare to see things as they truly are it immediately brings us a feeling of liberation, strength and healing. Therefore it is no coincidence that Buddhists describe "experiencing God" as being "completely present" in reality. To surrender means to let go of the control you think you have in your life. It means releasing your preconceived thoughts and notions about how you think your life should be. It is all about no longer forcing your personal will on reality. In fact, to surrender is a celebration of real freedom."


Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction - 1059545279

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Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction Penguin

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Adrian Mole's pen is scribbling for the twenty-first century. Working as a bookseller and living in Leicester's Rat Wharf; finding time to write letters of advice to Tim Henman and Tony Blair; locked in mortal combat with a vicious swan called Gielgud; measuring his expanding bald spot; and trying to escape the clutches of Marigold and win-over her voluptuous sister Daisy ... Adrian still yearns for a better more meaningful world. And he's not ready to surrender his pen yet ... Monday October 7th Rang my solicitor, David Barwell, on the way to work. His secretary, Angela, said, 'Mr Barwell is busy having an asthma attack due to the new carpet that has been fitted over the weekend.' I advised her to expect a correspondence from Mark B'astard regarding the lease on Unit 4, The Old Battery Factory, Rat Wharf, Grand Union Canal, Leicester. She said bitterly, 'I shan't bother telling Mr Barwell. It's me that does all the work. All he does is sit behind his desk and fiddle with his inhaler.' I had to wait ten minutes outside the shop; Mr Carlton-Hayes had trouble finding a parking space. I watched him walk up the High Street. He looked as if he was on his last legs. I don't know how much longer he can carry on with the shop. This is just my luck. He said, 'Terribly sorry to keep you waiting, my dear.' I took the keys from him and opened the door. Once inside, he leaned against the recent biographies to catch his breath. I said to him, 'If we had a few chairs and sofas in here like I suggested, you could sit down and be comfortable.' He said, 'We're not Habitat, Adrian, my dear, we're booksellers.' I said, 'Customers expect to be able to sit down in bookshops nowadays, and they also expect a cup of coffee and to be able to visit the lavatory.' He said, 'A properly brought-up person micturates and defecates and drinks a cup of coffee before they leave their house.' We had the usual quotient of mad people in during the day. A steam train enthusiast with a ginger beard and sellotaped spectacles asked me if we had a copy of the 1954 Trans-Siberian timetable in Russian. I showed him our Railway section and invited him to search through the mildewed railway ephemera that Mr Carlton-Hayes insists on keeping in stock.   A woman with a crew cut and dangly earrings asked if we were interested in buying a first edition of The Female Eunuch. I wouldn't have bought it. It was in very poor condition, missing its dust jacket, and the pages were covered in annotations and exclamation marks in red ink. But Mr Carlton-Hayes intervened and offered the woman


Moments To Remember - 2839437494

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Moments To Remember HIGH NOTE


1. Moments To Remember 2. A Kiss To Build A Dream On 3. Congratulations To Someone 4. Baby, It's Cold Outside 5. Only You 6. Pledging My Love 7. Your Cheatin' Heart 8. On The Sunny Side Of The Street 9. Takes Two To Tango 10. When It's Sleepy Time Down South 11. C'est Si Bon 12. If 13. It's All In The Game 14. You're The Apple Of My Eye 15. Two Deuces 16. That's What The Man Said 17. That's My Home 18. The Gypsy 19. Georgia On My Mind 20. Ramona 21. Bye & Bye 22. April In Portugal 23. I Surrender, Dear 24. Memories Of You 25. The Whiffenpoof Song 101. Sincerely 102. That's My Desire 103. Unless 104. When You're Smiling 105. You Rascal, You 106. Skokiaan 107. Someday You'll Be Sorry 108. Of All The Wrongs You've Done To Me 109. My Monday Date 110. I Can't Give You Anything But Love 111. Body & Soul 112. Everybody Loves My Baby 113. Mandy, Make Up Your Mind 114. I'll Walk Alone 115. That Lucky Old Sun 116. Jeannine, I Deam Of Lilac Time 117. Blueberry Hill 118. Georgia Grind 119. Mack The Knife 120. Kiss Of Fire 121. Back O' Town Blues 122. (I Want A) Big Butter & Egg Man 123. Indian Love Call 124. Basin Street Blues


Albums 1980 - 2012 - 2839389451

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1. Astradyne (2008 - Remaster) 2. New Europeans (2008 - Remaster) 3. Private Lives (2008 - Remaster) 4. Passing Strangers (2008 Digital Remaster) 5. Sleepwalk (2008 Digital Remaster) 6. Mr X (2008 - Remaster) 7. Western Promise (2008 - Remaster) 8. Vienna (2008 Digital Remaster) 9. All Stood Still (2008 Digital Remaster) 101. The Voice (2008 Digital Remaster) 102. We Stand Alone (2008 - Remaster) 103. Rage In Eden (2008 - Remaster) 104. I Remember (Death In The Afternoon) (2008 - Remast 105. The Thin Wall (2008 - Remaster) 106. Stranger Within (2008 - Remaster) 107. Accent On Youth (2008 - Remaster) 108. The Ascent (2008 - Remaster) 109. Your Name (Has Slipped My Mind) (2008 - Remaster) 201. Reap The Wild Wind (2009 - Remaster) 202. Serenade (2009 - Remaster) 203. Mine For Life (2009 - Remaster) 204. Hymn (2009 - Remaster) 205. Visions In Blue (2009 - Remaster) 206. When The Scream Subsides (2009 - Remaster) 207. We Came To Dance (2009 - Remaster) 208. Cut & Run (2009 - Remaster) 209. The Song (We Go) (2009 - Remaster) 301. Monument (2009 - Remaster) 302. Reap The Wild Wind (Live;2009 - Remaster) 303. Visions In Blue (Live;2009 - Remaster) 304. The Voice (Live;2009 - Remaster) 305. Vienna (Live;2009 - Remaster) 306. Passing Strangers (Live;2009 - Remaster) 307. Mine For Life (Live;2009 - Remaster) 308. Hymn (Live;2009 - Remaster) 309. The Song (We Go) (Live) 401. White China (2009 Digital Remaster) 402. One Small Day (2009 Digital Remaster) 403. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (2009 Digital Remast 404. Lament (2009 Digital Remaster) 405. Man Of Two Worlds (2009 Digital Remaster) 406. Heart Of The Country (2009 Digital Remaster) 407. When The Time Comes (I'll Cry...) (2009 Digital Re 408. A Friend I Call Desire (2009 Digital Remaster) 501. Same Old Story (2009 Digital Remaster) 502. Sweet Surrender (2009 Digital Remaster) 503. Dream On (2009 Digital Remaster) 504. The Prize (2009 Digital Remaster) 505. All Fall Down (2009 Digital Remaster) 506. Time To Kill (2009 Digital Remaster) 507. Moon Madness (2009 Digital Remaster) 508. Follow Your Heart (2009 Digital Remaster) 509. All In One Day (2009 Digital Remaster) 601. Astradyne (Live At The Roundhouse) 602. Passing Strangers (Live At The Roundhouse) 603. We Stand Alone (Live At The Roundhouse) 604. Mr X (Live At The Roundhouse) 605. Visions In Blue (Live At The Roundhouse) 606. The Thin Wall (Live At The Roundhouse) 607. I Remember (Death In The Afternoon) (Live At The R 608. Rage In Eden (Live At The Roundhouse) 609. Lament (Live At The Roundhouse) 701. One Small Day (Live At The Roundhouse) 702. All Stood Still (Live At The Roundhouse) 703. Your Name (Has Slipped My Mind) (Live At The Round 704. Vienna (Live At The Roundhouse) 705. Reap The Wild Wind (Live At The Roundhouse) 706. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Live At The Roundho 707. Hymn (Live At The Roundhouse) 708. Sleepwalk (Live At The Roundhouse) 709. The Voice (Live At The Roundhouse) 801. Live 802. Flow 803. Brilliant 804. Change 805. Rise 806. Remembering 807. Hello 808. One 809. Fall 810. Lie 811. Satellite 812. Contact


Way to Victory, Vol. 2 of 2 (Classic Reprint) - 2862159712

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Way to Victory, Vol. 2 of 2 (Classic Reprint) Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from The Way to Victory, Vol. 2 of 2 Looking back upon the last phase of the war, with more detachment of mind than was possible to me or to any man in the actual tumult of it, certain aspects of the military and moral situation of the armies in conflict, and of the Armistice which followed the German surrender, stand out in clearer detail through the dust and smoke and slaughter on the battlefields. The genius of one man, taking the highest risks with cool and thoughtful courage, dominates one's imagination in the retrospect of those days - the daring intelligence of Marshal Foch. He was fearfully handicapped by weakness of man-power immediately available as fighting units. His Army of Reserve was almost mythical in the blackest days of all when the enemy brought over all his available divisions from Russia, and struck blow after blow with enormous weight first against the British and then against the French, breaking through their defences each time and forcing them into rapid and perilous retreat. The British armies had been, as I have told previously, weakened to a tragic extent by the Battle of Flanders in 1917, when they lost 800,000 men in casualties, and then, before the German offensive in March of 1918, consented, generously and rashly, under strong political pressure from France, to take over a longer line of front. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.


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