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Trophy White Tales Big Mac Publishers

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Jerry brings out some of the best hunting stories ever told in, Trophy White Tales.****Calvin Beeke, Michigan Whitetail Pursuit ****"Jerry Lambert delivers the campfire to his readers in the most quintessence form. A warm blend of family values and situations everyone who has hunted deer can relate to." ****Marc Anthony, Outdoor Writer, & hunter with 5 Boone & Crockett bucks. ****"Jerry really brings you into the woods on all his adventures and makes you feel like you are there with him.****Tim Hart, Q1 Buck Pole Television host.****"A wonderful fireside book for all ages." **** Dave Wilkins, Droptine Outdoor Adventures.***********************************************************************A lot of folks write about their experiences in the outdoors, but most are boring and little more than self-aggrandizement, frivolous fluff with tedious details of their "conquests" in the wild. Not Jerry. He tells these wonderful and varied "Tales" in a down to earth fashion, beautifully works in relationships with family and friends even to the point of reflections from his young (and successful) daughter on a hunt. Jerry educates us about this amazing highly sought-after animal, the White Tail Deer and does so in a way that you are sorry when the last story has been read. He has been a successful writer in many journals, magazines and newspapers for years. This book shows why. He has certainly gone though some amazing adventures in 30 years of his love affair with white-tail bucks. Give us some more Jerry! ********* From the Publisher


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