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Whether you love him or hate him, George Steinbrenner has had a bigger impact on baseball than any other team owner in history. Under Steinbrenner's autocratic reign, the New York Yankees have won 7 World Series Championships and 11 Pennants on 3,364 Wins. Before his passing, "The Boss" definitely restored the Yankees to being the most dominant, dynastic team in baseball. However, this return to greatness is one which has often raised the ire of detractors, brought forth outcries of a bloated payroll, and gave birth to criticisms of Steinbrenner's questionable business practices. What better way to chronicle this truly unique baseball life, than through the words of the men who worked with Steinbrenner, through the first-hand statements of those who feuded with him, and even through the many, unforgettable, often impassioned, and sometimes brash quotes of Steinbrenner himself over his many years as the head honcho of this New York baseball institution? This book captures the life of this legendary team owner without the bias of a biographer or sports reporter. The opinions in this volume come directly from those involved in the championships, the public fights, and the monumental deals. Ever want to know what past-enemies Billy Martin, Yogi Berra, and Dave Winfield thought of their feuds with Steinbrenner? Want to know what Don Mattingly had to say following Steinbrenner's passing? Topics discussed range from Big Stein's suspension and subsequent "lifetime ban" from baseball; to his famous Seinfeld "appearances," to Steinbrenner candidly commenting on his own flaws; to the appreciation of those he's helped over the years; to Steinbrenner's views on business, life philosophy, and charity; to criticisms of those he's scorned, to the numerous comments on his legacy from managers (Joe Torre, Lou Piniella, Joe Girardi), politicians (Bill Clinton, Rudy Giuliani), and current and former players (Derek Jeter, Wade Boggs, Darryl Strawberry, & many more). For an unbiased take on his life, Steinbrenner's stats as an owner are also crunched to give a factual perspective of his reign. Steinbrenner's quotes cover such wide and interesting topics as Watergate, Pete Rose, Locker-Room Double Standards, Reggie Jackson, Alex Rodriguez, Yankee Tradition, Buying Championships, The Pine Tar Incident, General George S. Patton, His Alleged Fist-Fight with 2 Dodger Fans, and On How He'd Like to Be Remembered.


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