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Lessons from My Guardian Angel - 2901215197

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Lessons from My Guardian Angel Cube17, Inc.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Much more than a self-help book, it will transform the way you live your life from waking up in the morning to bed time. It will change your relationships, priorities and expectations. The life changing lessons are deliveries in entertaining true stories, each with specific life lessons. This makes the book as entertaining as a page turning novel and as transcendent as a powerful self-help spiritual book. Do you believe in Angels? After reading these powerful stories you'll see Guardian Angels in a new way. Discover the lessons your Angel left for you. When you pay close attention to important moments in your life, you'll catch a glimpse of something special. Close your eyes and reach out. What you're feeling is your Guardian Angel reaching back. "The Lessons Motivate You. The Stories Make You Laugh and Cry" A collection of autobiographical stories that explore where your Guardian Angel comes from. "I had several imaginary friends as a child. Growing up I thought I recognized one here and there out of the corner of my eye. Was it my Guardian Angel following me and intervening during difficult situations? You can decide for yourself. This book guides you through a series of stories that inspire you and double as life lessons. The goal is to grow your spirit and transcend your beliefs of what's possible in your life, in the life of others, and in your relationships. Combining real life stories with motivation and inspiration with the possibility of transcending your ideas, beliefs and your life placing you in a path to Self-Discovery... Your New Self Discovery: . Be present and mindful every moment of your life . See your friends, family and all loved ones in a completely different way . Deal with death and strategy in your life and the life of others . Find new reasons to be happy and stay happy forever


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