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Understanding Semiconductors APress

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Gain complete understanding of electronic systems and their constituent parts. From the origins of the semiconductor industry right up until today, you'll learn the basics of electricity and then build on new topics one after another. Throughout, the explanations of technical concepts go deep enough to fully explain the vernacular, mechanisms, and basic processes, without getting lost in the supporting theories or the theories that support the supporting theories. Concepts are tethered to the real world with crisp analysis of industry dynamics and future trends. As a break from the straight-ahead scientific concepts that keep the world of semiconductors spinning, Understanding Semiconductors is liberally sprinkled with apt analogies that elucidate difficult concepts. For example, when describing the relationship between voltage, current, power, and the flow of electricity through an electronic system, the book draws a parallel to a hot shower and the water utility system. Most of these are paired with an illustration, giving you the best chance possible to absorb the concept at hand before moving on to the next topic. Whether you're narrowly technical or don't know silicon from silly putty, working directly in hardware technologies and want to know more, or simply a curious person seeking hard information about the technology that powers the modern world, Understanding Semiconductors will be an informative, dependable resource. What You'll Learn Design chips with EDA tools Work with transistors and other common components Make better buying decisions with commercial electronics through what you've learned Who This Book Is ForHobbyists and new electrical engineering enthusiasts with minimal technical experience or pre-existing qualifications. Though designed for a non- or semi-technical reader-engineers focused in one particular domain can also use this book to broaden their understanding in areas that aren't directly related to their core area of expertise.


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