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Power Yoga for Athletes - 2826962160

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Power Yoga for Athletes Fair Winds Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Hockey, football, baseball, golf, swimming, lacrosse - whatever your sport of choice, yoga will help you to improve focus, flexibility, and performance. As a perfect complement to traditional training by isolating specific muscle groups, yoga is based on the principle of integrating the body as a whole and shifts the emphasis to the quality of the movement. This holistic approach can reveal weaknesses and imbalances that may never have been exposed before, allowing you to better strengthen and train your body. Power Yoga for Athletes is perfect for those who want a total body and mind workout. Yoga is the ideal cross-training tool and a perfect stand-alone exercise, whether you're looking to improve balance, focus, control, breathing, posture, or flexibility; strengthen your back, joints, or core; or reduce or heal from injury. Featuring 100 yoga poses from instructor Sean Vigue designed specifically for athletes, Power Yoga for Athletes incorporates more than just poses. It describes a whole-body program for cross-training and conditioning. Each yoga pose features step-by-step directions, instructional photography, muscles being worked, overall benefits, and the sports for which each pose is ideal. These poses benefit athletes of all types, including runners, swimmers, cyclists, golfers, and baseball, basketball, football players, and more. Get the balance, strength, and focus you need to perform at your best.


Conscious Lifestyle Magazine - Spring 2016 Issue - 2867197661

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Conscious Lifestyle Magazine - Spring 2016 Issue Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

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Winter 2016 Issue Feature Articles: + The Art of Intuitive Eating + He Shou Wu: Herb of Intuition and Longevity + Cellular Enlightenment: The Art of Healing at the Genetic Level + Holistic Sex: Surrendering to the Pleasure of Intimacy + Recipe: Bright Buddha Bowls + Yoga: Creating Balance in Your Body and Life + Breathing to Supercharge Your Life + Unwinding the Mind + The Infinite Self + Trusting the Wisdom of Life + Travel: The Island Paradise of Puerto Rico + Art: Altered States of Color + Conscious Events, Enlightened Living and Book Reviews + And More... Conscious Lifestyle Magazine is the world's leading publication covering all aspects of conscious living from alternative and holistic health to spirituality, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, organic living, positive psychology, mind-body medicine, personal development, healing modalities, conscious culture, travel, art and transformational events and media. Each issue provides powerful, practical tools and techniques for creating an enlightened life filled with happiness, health, passion, prosperity, deep spiritual awareness, fulfilling relationships and effortless flow in everything you do. All issues feature life-changing, in-depth articles and content designed to create a powerful transformational experience in the reader all written and produced by the world's leading conscious authors, visionaries, experts, change-makers and spiritual teachers. Everything is designed to be stimulating, insightful, fascinating and most importantly practical for creating lasting positive change in your life. Learn more at:


Full Catastrophe Living (Revised Edition) - 2826656460

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Full Catastrophe Living (Revised Edition) BANTAM TRADE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The landmark work on mindfulness, meditation, and healing, now revised and updated after twenty-five years


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