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Does God Love Everyone?

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Does God Love Everyone? - 2858571656

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Does God Love Everyone?



Does God Love Everyone? - 2866870316

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Does God Love Everyone? Cascade Books

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Does God truly love all persons? Most Christians think the obvious answer to this question is, ""Yes, of course he does!"" Indeed, many Christians would agree that the very heart of the gospel is that God so loved the whole world that he gave his Son to make salvation available for every single person. This book shows that one of the most popular and resurgent theological movements in the contemporary evangelical church--namely, Calvinism--cannot coherently and consistently affirm this vital claim about the love of God. While some Calvinists forthrightly deny that God loves everyone, more commonly Calvinists attempt to affirm the love of God for all persons in terms that are compatible with their doctrines that Christ died only for the elect--those persons God has unconditionally chosen to save. This book shows that the Calvinist attempts to affirm God's love for all persons are fraught with severe philosophical and theological difficulties. Calvinism, then, should be rejected in favor a theology that can forthrightly and consistently affirm the love of God for all persons. Nothing less is at stake than the very heart of the gospel. Option 1: ""In his defense of God's sincere love for everyone, Jerry Walls provides a biblically robust and logically astute perspective. He rightly argues that 'this issue is not simply an academic question to be debated by scholars . . . what is at stake is the very nature of the gospel we preach.'""    Option 2: ""Do not be misled, this book is not really about John Calvin. Nor is it even about the TULIP systematic that bares his name. Rather, it is primarily about the person, character, and love of our graciously good God. In that regard, Jerry Walls has produced a work that will serve the church for generations to come.""   Option 3: ""Walls gets to heart of the matter when he asks, 'What does it say about a theological system if many of those who believe it doubt whether God loves unbelievers? Do we have good news for everyone? Is there a message of hope for all persons? Can we honestly preach to all unbelievers that God loves them?' Calvinism, applied logically, cannot answer these questions in a way that is consistent with the scriptures."" --Leighton Flowers, Director of Youth Evangelism for Texas Baptists ""The movement loosely known as Calvinism has emerged as a vibrant and powerful force within evangelical Protestantism. Jerry Walls, in turn, has emerged as the most forceful and rigorous critic of Calvinism. In this short and readable book, he puts his theological knowledge and philosophical acumen to work in making a biblical and logical case that Calvinism is beset with real difficulties. Does God Love Everyone? raises some sharp challenges that deserve serious engagement."" --Tom McCall, Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School  ""Arguably the greatest service this volume offers is a solid response to the busy ministry leader who is asking, 'So, what's the big fuss over Calvinism?' Does God Love Everyone? provides understandable answers to that contemporary question. Those Christian faith traditions, who have historically embraced a vibrant evangelistic effort, will appreciate the clear observations Walls provides for keeping their commitment to effectively reach 'all the people,' with the gospel, on sturdy theological ground."" --Byron D. Klaus, Former President, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary ""Walls demonstrates biblically and philosophically the 'heart of what's wrong with Calvinism' while maintaining an irenic spirit. Everyone concerned about truth, evangelism, and the honor of God ought to read this book, especially if they are not yet settled in their mind about the Calvinist 'doctrines of grace.'""


Under the Duvet - 2212824601

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Under the Duvet Penguin

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'When people ask me what I do for a crust and I tell them that I'm a novelist, they immediately assume that my life is a non-stop carousel of limos, television appearances, hair-dos, devoted fans, stalkers and all the glitzy paraphernalia of being a public figure. It's time to set the record straight. I write alone, in a darkened bedroom, wearing my PJs, eating bananas, my laptop on a pillow in front of me ...' Her novels are adored by millions around the world


Whitethorn Woods - 2874168524

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Whitethorn Woods Large Print Pr

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" Binchy has an accessible, comfortable writing style and fine storytelling ability . . . [Her] stories of an Ireland in transition have pleased readers for years." - Joan Hinkemeyer, "Rocky Mountain News" " Maeve Binchy is a benevolent god of a novelist . . . "Whitethorn Woods "draws on her strengths: She can channel Irish voices with the best of them, and each of those voices has its own twisting story to tell . . . often with verve and humor." - Margaret Quamme, "Columbus Dispatch" " "Whitethorn Woods "is a tour-de-force for Binchy, who seamlessly inhabits all these narrators and gets their individual voices pitch-perfect . . . By the time you arrive at the last page, you' ll feel you know virtually everyone in [this] little corner of Ireland . . . Binchy is in top form." - Melinda Bargreen, "Seattle Times" " What could be sweeter than a trip to [an] Irish village packed with robust native characters? That' s exactly what Maeve Binchy offers in her latest novel . . . Love, longing, and rich scenes of daily life intertwine in this neatly constructed story." - Marjorie Kehe, "Christian Science Monitor" " Stellar Irish novelist Maeve Binchy can display unexpected depths for a crowd-pleasing author . . . One soon becomes engaged in the lives of more than two dozen characters . . . Touches of humor enliven the account, but Binchy' s chief stock-in-trade here is making relatively average lives colorful and worth our interest." - Maude McDaniel, "Bookpage" " In classic Binchy style, many diverse characters tell their own, sometimesoverlapping, stories . . . After [finishing], readers will want to call their mothers . . . An enjoyable peek into other people' s thoughts." - "Library Journal" " Binchy focuses her prodigious talent on a robust assemblage of characters embroiled in romantic and domestic crises. Inventively and intricately weaving a series of linked vignettes, [she] astounds with the versatility of the supplicants' voices . . . Binchy is at her best in this tender yet potent tale of a traditional land and people threatened and challenged by the forces of change." - Carol Haggas, "Booklist" " Binchy deliver[s] a panoply of richly drawn first-person characters . . . Stories of greed, infidelity, mental illness, incest, the joys of being single, the struggles of modern career women, alcoholism, and the heartbreak of parenting span generations, simply and poignantly. Binchy takes it all in and orchestrates the whole masterfully." - "Publishers Weekly" " Binchy inserts questions of faith into her usual romantic braid of multiple storylines . . . These are often fully realized stories that stand on their own . . . Binchy' s lilting Irish zest is undeniably addictive." - "Kirkus Reviews" UK reviews: " What readers are buying into with a Binchy book is a unique environment: a world of warmth and compassion in which a kind heart is prized above a pretty face, family life is celebrated and qualities such as decency and initiative are rewarded. This is the milieu of her latest novel . . . Binchy has always had a knack for character . . . It takes a particularly skilful writer to engage thereader' s sympathy [as she does] . . . These characters speak with their own voices directly off the page." - Martina Devlin, "The Irish Times" " Vintage Binchy. A touching, funny, optimistic book full of wonderful, well-observed characters." - Wendy Holden, "Daily Mail" " Binchy [is a] national treasure . . . In "Whitethorn Woods" her particular gift for creating a world and then drawing you in is employed with her usual skill [and] just the right combination of warmth, gossip and insight into human nature . . . Always maintaining a sense of humour, she effortlessly makes the reader feel that they are returning to an old friend." - Mairead Byrne, "Irish Independent" " For everyone who weaves in and out of these tightly made stories, a timeless search for love, money or perfect happiness continues to inject drama into the most humdrum lives . . . The charm is in the telling, often with the author' s tongue held firmly in cheek." - Aisling Foster, "The Times "(London) " What never goes out of fashion- and Binchy has it in spades- is the ability to apply a clever twist to your tale, and to apply it with such skill and timing that the reader doesn' t see it coming . . . A couple of afternoons in the gentle environs of "Whitethorn Woods" will not disappoint.- Sile McArdle, "Sunday Independent "(Ireland) " Binchy has a special talent for bringing her characters to life and, in the end, drawing them all together in a very satisfactory way. An engaging read." - Sheila Forbes, "Daily News" " Warm and cosy as aturf fire . . . "Whitethorn Woods "is another feast for all those who love Maeve Binchy' s books." - Lucille Redmond, "Evening Herald "(Dublin) " This is Binchy at her mischievous best: tongue-in-cheek, oozing warmth and humour and evoking a culture and people she knows and loves. Comfort food indeed." - Sally Morris, "First "magazine From Canada: " "Whitethorn Woods" is Binchy' s best read in a decade . . . In Binchy' s hands the old progress-versus-tradition story takes on new life . . . Binchy weaves an absorbing web of stories . . . [She] taps into that mysterious process by which our sense of belonging, individual and collective, accumulates around particular places and the stories attached to them . . . Story by story, voice by voice, Binchy builds the fictional community of Rossmore so that, by the end of the novel, we know Rossmore' s inhabitants better than our own neighbours . . . It' s novelists like Binchy who keep today' s publishing industry going . . . Few contemporary novelists match Binchy' s gift for giving us the world through her characters' eyes . . . Write on, Maeve. May you continue to delight new generations of readers." - Elizabeth Grove-White, Toronto" Globe and Mail" "From the Hardcover edition."


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