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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is often associated with general intellectual disabilities because approximately 75% of people with autism have a non-verbal Intelligence Quotient (IQ) below 70, but autism can also occur in people with normal or even superior intelligence. Autism is a developmental disorder having deficiencies in social development, in communication. People with autism have restricted and repetitive interests and behavior. Chapter One of this book examines parental perceptions of the social skills of their children with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder. Chapter Two reviews the use of childrens literature to teach social skills in children. Chapter Three discusses inclusive education, mentoring and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for the development of social skills in young people with autism. Chapter Four argues that continuous use and development of a cloud computing-based support system for comprehensive childcare and the Scale for Assessing Social Skill Development in Children will provide greater evidence of its efficacy, assist in expertise acquisition, and contribute to the healthy development of children and their caregivers. Chapter Five introduces applications of group participation for people with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), with a particular focus on adolescents and emerging adults.


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