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Understanding and Managing Public Organizations - 2854303967

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Understanding and Managing Public Organizations Jossey Bass Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This revised edition of the best-selling text in the field includes a guiding framework of organizational analysis emphasizing the integration and coordination of the domains of the organization with the motivations, work attitudes, and behaviors of the people who lead them. Includes new research and practice from the US and internationally in collaboration and networks, innovation, process improvement through IT, open government and citizen participation, customer service, and a provides a greater emphasis on management practice through illustrative examples of those who are leading successful change efforts.


Understanding and Managing Public Organizations - 2877534156

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Understanding and Managing Public Organizations



Understanding Nonprofit Organizations - 2862358663

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Understanding Nonprofit Organizations Westview Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Understanding Nonprofit Organizations examines the most important issues that face today's leaders and managers of nonprofit organizations through the writing of scholars, consultants, and practicing executives. It focuses on governing, leading, and managing nonprofit organizations and how such organizations differ from both the public and private sectors. Each part opens with a framing essay that identifies the central themes and issues and summarizes the significance of the contribution that each piece makes to the development of knowledge in the field. Completely revised and updated, the third edition includes new articles on legal frameworks, philanthropy, managing volunteers and accountability, as well as an original essay on capacity building by Michele Cole. In addition, the third edition now features brand-new case studies adapted by C. Kenneth Meyer specifically for Understanding Nonprofit Organizations--making it an even more student-friendly text for graduate and upper-division undergraduate nonprofit organizations and management survey courses.


Restructuring Welfare Organizations in Europe - 2862166084

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Restructuring Welfare Organizations in Europe PALGRAVE MACMILLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Focusing on the new institutional governance affecting health care and state education in the new millennium, Mattei offers a compelling analyses of the pressures 'from within' public organizations providing welfare services. In a broad comparative perspective, the book analyses current welfare reforms in Britain, Germany, France and Italy. Mattei draws on recent work in public administration theory, and empirical new findings from public hospitals and state secondary schools, to develop an important argument about the variations of accountability relationships and the effects on the decision-making process. The book offers illuminating insights into the effectiveness of the new public governance of welfare organizations, pointing in particular to the implications for democratic accountability. In addressing the following question - how the relationship between political and managerial accountability is changing in welfare services - the book will be of interest to students and academics concerned with the development of the welfare state, as well as in the fields of comparative politics, social policy and public administration. Policy-makers and professionals engaged directly in managing welfare organizations will also find this book an innovative contribution to further their understanding of the role of managerialism in the modern transformations of the welfare state.


Managing and Measuring Social Enterprises - 2869485068

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Managing and Measuring Social Enterprises Sage Publications

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'Its emphasis on performance measurement affords rare insights into some innovative techniques. Moreover, institutional and other theories are deployed to explore the reasons for innovation...The book should be a prized resource for postgraduate students who seek a deeper understanding of social enterprise measurement and management practices. It covers extremely and topical issues, while the case studies offer a perspective on the complexities of real social enterprises' - Prometheus 'Recent years have seen the voluntary and social enterprise sectors embark on a tentative love affair with performance measurement. We should, it seems, be measuring, monitoring and reporting our performance for a variety of reasons - accountability, continuous improvement and self-motivation, to name a few. But has anyone stopped to consider the realities if implementing the range of tools on the market? Author Rob Paton does just this' - Voluntary Sector Managing and Measuring Social Enterprises examines the question of what happens when performance improvement techniques originating in the private sector are applied to public and nonprofit organizations.Managing and Measuring Social Enterprises looks critically at a range of performance measurements and improvement methods, including: * Outcome measurement * Using financial ratios for performance comparison * Social audit * Process benchmarking * Externally accredited standards (like 'Investors in People' and ISO 9000) * Diagnostic models and other tools from the quality movements * 'Balanced scorecards' Rob Paton offers a measured critique of the naive realism and rhetorical excesses of the performance management movement but also shows why many of its critics are unduly pessimistic. Through a combination of theory and research, the book provides practical guidance to the problem of performance management outside of the private sector. This is an essential text for those interested in public and social enterprises, particularly MBA and Masters students in public administration/public management and non-profit management.


Short Guide to Operational Risk - 2869433826

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Short Guide to Operational Risk GOWER PUBLISHING

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

There is a growing awareness across both public and private sectors, that the key to embedding an effective risk culture lies in raising the general education and understanding of risk at every level in the organization. This is exactly the purpose of David Tattam's book. "A Short Guide to Operational Risk" provides you with a basic yet comprehensive overview of the nature of operational risk in organizations. It introduces operational risk as a component of enterprise wide risk management and takes the reader through the processes of identifying, assessing, quantifying and managing operational risk; explaining the practical aspects of how these steps can be applied to an organization using a range of management tools. The book is fully illustrated with graphs, tables and short examples, all designed to make a subject that is often poorly understood, comprehensible and engaging. "A Short Guide to Operational Risk" is a book to be read and shared at all levels of the organization; it offers a common understanding and language of risk that will provide individual readers with the basis to develop risk management skills, appropriate to their role in the business.


Horticultural Nematology - 2869399101

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Horticultural Nematology Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The major objective of this book is to highlight the significance of phytonematodes in horticulture. Detailed and latest information on major aspects of phytonematodes associated exclusively with horticultural crops, which is the need of the day, is lacking. Hence, the book has been written mainly with the objective of providing its readers, comprehensive information on the advanced aspects related to phytonematodes associated with horticultural crops. It also provides basic information on plant parasitic nematodes since it is required for a better understanding of advanced topics. Several popular topics, information on which is already available in plenty, have been avoided. Thus, book explicates both the essential fundamental and advanced aspects pertaining to nematodes associated with horticultural crops.§The book is conveniently divided into 13 chapters, which cover latest information on the major fundamental and advanced aspects related to phytonematodes including the role of phytonematodes in horticultural industry, phylogenetic and evolutionary concepts in nematodes, major phytonematodes associated with horticultural crops and their diagnostic keys, symptoms caused by phytonematodes and disease diagnosis, nematode population threshold levels, crop loss assessment, nematode diseases of horticultural crops and their management, nematode disease complexes, genetics of nematode parasitism, important nematological techniques and nematodes of quarantine importance. An exclusive chapter on novel methods of nematode management has been included mainly to provide the information on the latest molecules and novel modes of managing nematodes attacking horticultural crops. Routine nematode management aspects, information on which is already available, have not been discussed; instead, this topic reflects the changing scenario of future nematode management.§Hence, this book can serve as a friendly guide to meet the requirements of the students, teachers and researchers interested in these hidden enemies of the grower, apart from the research and extension personnel working under Public organizations, officials of State departments of Horticulture, Forestry, field workers and all those concerned and working with plant parasitic nematodes. Appropriate diagrams, convincing tables and suitable graphs/illustrations have been furnished at right places. A complete bibliography has also been included.§


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