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Walker Evans: American Photographs - 2826044357

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Walker Evans: American Photographs

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Walker Evans: American Photographs Sarah Meister (Introduction), Walker Evans (Photographer) Hardcover: 208 pages Publisher: Museum of Modern Art; Anv edition (31 Aug 2012) Language: English ISBN-10: 087070835X ISBN-13: 9780870708350...


Walker Evans: American Photographs - 2861853819

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Walker Evans: American Photographs Museum of Modern Art

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

More than any other artist, Walker Evans invented the images of essential America that we have long since accepted as fact, and his work has influenced not only modern photography but also literature, film and visual arts in other mediums. The original edi


Walker Evans - 2867919368

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Walker Evans Afterall Publishing

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An examination of one of Walker Evans's iconic photographs of the Great Depression.Kitchen Corner, Tenant Farmhouse, Hale County, Alabama shows a painstakingly clean-swept corner in the house of an Alabama sharecropper. Taken in 1936 by Walker Evans as part of his work for the Farm Security Administration, Kitchen Corner was not published until 1960, when it was included in a new edition of Walker Evans and James Agee's classic Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. The 1960 reissue of Evans and Agee's book had an enormous impact on Americans' perceptions of the Depression, creating a memory-image retrospectively through Walker's iconic photographs and Agee's text. In this latest addition to the Afterall One Work series, photographer Olivier Richon examines Kitchen Corner. The photograph is particularly significant, he argues, because it uses a documentary form that privileges detachment, calling attention to overlooked objects and to the architecture of the dispossessed. Given today's growing economic inequality, the photograph feels pointedly relevant.The FSA, established in 1935, commissioned photographers to document the impact of the Great Depression in America and used the photographs to advertise aid relief. For four weeks in the summer of 1936, Evans collaborated with Agee on an article about cotton farmers in the American South. The result of that project was the landmark publication Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, documenting three sharecropper families and their environment. These photographs were intimate, respectful portraits of the farmers, and of their homes, furniture, clothing, and rented land. Kitchen Corner powerfully evokes Agee's observations of the significance of bareness and space in these homes: general odds and ends are set very plainly and squarely discrete from one another... [giving] each object a full strength it would not otherwise have.


American Geography - 2868813040

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American Geography Thames & Hudson Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

American Geography is the visual record of Magnum photographer Matt Black's five-year, 100,000-mile road trip across 46 states of the United States, plus Puerto Rico. It examines the conditions of powerlessness, prejudice and pragmatism among America's poor. The project originated in Matt Black's exploration of his own home town in California's rural Central Valley - a place that has been called 'the other California' - where one third of the population lives in poverty.Travelling out from that location in 2015, he went on to visit designated 'poverty areas' - places with poverty rates of above 20% as defined by the US census. He found that, rather than being anomalies, 'poverty areas' are never more than two-hour's drive apart. They are woven throughout the fabric of the country, yet are cut off from the 'land of opportunity'.Matt Black's compelling black and white photographs, from which one can trace a line back to the FSA Photographers of the 1930s and 1940s such as Walker Evans and Dorothea Lange, are accompanied by his own travelogue - an eclectic combination of observations, overheard conversations in cafes and city buses, diner menus, bus timetables, historical facts and echoes from daily news reports - which enrich the vivid portrait of these 'states of un-America.'With 100 illustrations in colour


Portraits - 2868558227

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

American photographer Lee Friedlander (b. 1934) has had an expansive career, photographing his subjects-from family and friends to political figures and celebrities-in their everyday environments, while simultaneously changing the very landscape of his chosen media. The Human Clay is a new series of six publications to be released over three years, each of which focuses on images of people and features hundreds of photographs, many never before published, chosen and sequenced by the artist himself from his vast archive. Portraits presents over 300 photographs of the musicians, authors, artists, and more that Friedlander has met over the last four decades. Many of the images show prominent figures, including artists Maya Lin and Walker Evans, in private spaces-unguarded in living rooms and kitchens, captured in conversation or an embrace. In others, celebrities such as Fats Domino and Derek Jeter are surrounded by the trappings of fame.


Eugene Atget, Un Photographe Si Discret - 2867585926

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Eugene Atget, Un Photographe Si Discret Les Belles Lettres

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna



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