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Two Sides: The Very Best Of Mike Oldfield - 2848621953

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Two Sides: The Very Best Of Mike Oldfield Universal Music




[00673] Mike Oldfield - Two Sides: The Very Best - 2CD Czerwiec2023 (P)2007/2012 - 2874526538

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[00673] Mike Oldfield - Two Sides: The Very Best - 2CD Czerwiec2023 (P)2007/2012 MERCURY

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Two Sides: Very Best Of (Jpn) - 2857221962

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Two Sides: Very Best Of (Jpn)




Jost Nickel's Fill Book, m. 1 MP3-CD - 2866865927

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Jost Nickel's Fill Book, m. 1 MP3-CD Alfred Music Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book is for anybody who wants to discover the big, wide world of drum fills. You'll find plenty of fill concepts to inspire you and enable you to understand the essential theory behind them so you can create your own drum fills.Step by step, Jost introduces rhythmic concepts that can be used universally on different levels and in every musicalsituation. He presents orchestration ideas, phrasings, and exercises focusing on dynamics and accents. He shows the different subdivisions that are essential for drum-fill playing and fills for binary and ternary grooves such as shuffles.Ideas on switch & path orchestration, diddle kicks, and clockwise & counterclockwise playing will enrich your drumming, as will step-hit-hi-hat, hand & foot rolls, cymbal chokes, stick shots,and many more.The JOST NICKEL'S FILL BOOK comes with an MP3 CD so you can hear many of the recorded fills in different tempos. Additionally, for those fills where you need to see how to move, there are twenty videos online. A 12-page insert containing reading texts completes the concept of this book. Jost and Alfred Music wish you a lot of fun and success with theJOST NICKEL'S FILL BOOK.ANIKA NILLES, famous female drummer, says about Jost's fill book: "A great book for all of us ... I find Jost's fill book very inspiring for my own playing and I highly recommend it!"MATT HALPERN, voted as "The Best Metal Drummer" by Modern Drummer magazine: "One of the things I love most about Jost's playing is his approach to drum fills. His use of flams, cymbal accents, and melodic placements are just a few components that make his musical style so exciting to see and hear."MIKE JOHNSTON, Clinician/Educator of the Year 2016: "Jost is teaching you the deeper concepts that allow the fills to exist in the first place. Amazing book by a world class player!"CHRIS COLEMAN, drummer with Prince, Chaka Khan, and many more: "Not only is Jost one of my favorite humans, he's a methodical and practical BEAST of a Musician & Drummer. This book will show you ALL of that."


Political Populism - 2872606526

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Political Populism Nomos Verlagsges.MBH + Co

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Der Populismus stellt die größte politische Herausforderung für westliche Demokratien seit dem Zweiten Weltkrieg dar. Wahlerfolge populistischer Parteien und Akteure, der Brexit, die Präsidentschaft von Donald Trump oder Kampagnen gegen Maßnahmen zur Eindämmung der Pandemie sind Ausdruck dieses Phänomens, in dem die Wählerschaft gegen vermeintliche Eliten mobilisiert wird. Das überarbeitete und erweiterte Handbuch Political Populism bietet eine umfangreiche theoretische und empirische Einführung in Erscheinungsformen, Ursachen und Auswirkungen des Populismus insbesondere in den Demokratien Europas sowie Nord- und Südamerikas. Der Fokus liegt hierbei auf der Erklärung des Phänomens als Folge einer Legitimationskrise des repräsentativen Systems sowie den Kontroversen und Grenzen in der derzeitigen wissenschaftlichen Auseinandersetzung. Das Phänomen wird hierbei vor allem aus politikwissenschaftlicher und kommunikationswissenschaftlicher Perspektive beleuchtet. Das Handbuch bietet außerdem eine umfangreiche Analyse der Auswirkungen des Populismus auf verschiedene Politikbereiche wie die Umwelt-, Gesundheits- oder Wirtschaftspolitik.Mit Beiträgen vonTjitske Akkerman, Manuel Anselmi, Wolfgang Aschauer, Hans-Georg Betz, Cecilia Biancalana, Paul Blokker, Giuliano Bobba, María Esperanza Casullo, Carlos de la Torre, Paula Diehl, Sarah C. Dingler, Martin Dolezal, Marco Fölsch, Flavia Freidenberg, Sergiu Gherghina, Fabian Habersack, Vlastimil Havlík, Kirk A. Hawkins, Reinhard Heinisch, Christina Holtz-Bacha, Robert A. Huber, Gilles Ivaldi, Philip Kitzberger, Benjamin Krämer, Maria Elisabetta Lanzone, Zoe Lefkofridi, Dietmar Loch, Miroslav Mares, Alfio Mastropaolo, Oscar Mazzoleni, Sergiu Miscoiu, Teun Pauwels, Franca Roncarolo, Saskia Pauline Ruth, Carlo Ruzza, Steven Saxonberg, Christian H. Schimpf, Damir Skenderovic, Sorina Soare, Lone Sorensen, Carlos H. Waisman, Carsten Wegscheider und Sandra Vergari.With a welcome expansion in cases and policy fields, the second edition of Political Populism: Handbook on Concepts, Questions and Strategies for Research brings together scholars from a range of disciplines to reflect on the fundamental challenge populism poses today. This Handbook is essential to every reader who wants to understand where populism comes from, how it manifests and how it influences policies, political actors and the very institutions that make democracy. Theoretically sophisticated, substantiated in its content yet approachable for the interest reader, this Handbook marks an important step in the appreciation of the complexity and consequences of this global phenomenon. Annika Werner, Australian National UniversityTwo decades of turbulent political history show that populism is here to stay, and to shape politics for a long time to come. It is considered a serious threat to traditional democratic institutions. That's why political and communication scientists have massively engaged in studying it, in explaining it, in analyzing its features and implications. Among the several recent scholarly productions, this Handbook is perhaps the best tool put in the hands of all those who want to get a multi-dimensional yet comprehensive understanding of political populism as it is developing in Europe and in the Americas. Definitely a must-have book!Gianpietro Mazzoleni, Universit


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