tunika new fashion beach p52

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Tunika New Fashion Beach P52 - 2832559397

99,90 zł

Tunika New Fashion Beach P52

DLA KOBIET > Bluzki > Tuniki


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Tunika New Fashion Beach Dress P47 - 2832559392

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Tunika New Fashion Beach Dress P47

DLA KOBIET > Sukienki i sp

Sexy Sukienka Pla

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Tunika "New Fashion Kaftan CoverUP" P54 - 2832559399

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Tunika "New Fashion Kaftan CoverUP" P54

DLA KOBIET > Kolekcja Pla

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Fashion Climbing - 2863398395

47,89 zł

Fashion Climbing Vintage Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

*A Financial Times Book of the Year 2018**The New York Times Bestseller*`I took to New York life like a star shooting through the heavens...' Bill Cunningham's first love was fashion but the big city came a close second. He left for New York aged nineteen, losing his family's support but enjoying the infinite luxury of freedom. Living on a scoop of Ovaltine a day, he would run down to Fifth Avenue to feed on the spectacular sights of the window displays - then run back to his tiny studio to work all night.Working as `William J' (to spare his parents' blushes), Bill became one of the most celebrated hat designers of the 1950s, creating elegant town hats for movie stars and playful beach hats for the summer set. Bill's mission was to bring happiness by making beautiful things - even if it meant pawning his bike to fund fancy-dress outfits for all his friends. When women stopped wearing hats and his business was forced to close, Bill worked as a fashion journalist, touring the couture houses of Europe.But New York remained his home, and it was as a street photographer of the fashions of the city that he became well known, in a job that would last almost forty years. Fashion Climbing is the enchanting memoir he left behind, capturing the madcap times of his early career and the fashion scene of the mid-century. Written with the spark and wit of Holly Golightly, and brimming over with Bill's infectious joy for life, it is a gift to all who seek beauty, whatever our style or status.

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Contemporary Muslim Fashion - 2862156332

191,38 zł

Contemporary Muslim Fashion Prestel

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna


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Kuchar Technik żywienia i usług gastronomicznych. Zbiór zadań przygotowujących do egzaminu potwierdzającego kwalifikację T.6. cz.2 - Kowalska Joanna Ewa - 2836969170

22,38 zł

Kuchar Technik żywienia i usług gastronomicznych. Zbiór zadań przygotowujących do egzaminu potwierdzającego kwalifikację T.6. cz.2 - Kowalska Joanna...

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Część 2. zbioru przeznaczonego dla zawodów: kucharz oraz technik żywienia i usług gastronomicznych. Zawiera 5 zestawów pytań (część pisemna) oraz 5 zadań (część praktyczna), które mają pomóc uczniom przygotować się do egzaminu zawodowego. Każdy zestaw to przykładowy egzamin zawodowy (część pisemna i część praktyczna). W książce zamieszczone są odpowiedzi do wszystkich zadań. Rok wydania: 2014. Nazwa - Kuchar Technik żywienia i usług gastronomicznych. Zbiór zadań przygotowujących do egzaminu potwierdzającego kwalifikację T.6. cz.2 Autor - Kowalska Joanna Ewa Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - FORMAT AB Kod ISBN - 9788389184573 Kod EAN - 9788389184573 Rok wydania - 2014 Format - 17,6x25,0 Ilość stron - 100 Szkoła - Zasadnicza szkoła zawodowa Typ podręcznika - Podręcznik Przedmiot - Przedmioty zawodowe Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2014-10-17

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Where's Karl? - 2826628584

63,14 zł

Where's Karl? William Morrow and Company

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna


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Majami Lonely Planet Miami & the Keys - 1772491154

67,90 zł

Majami Lonely Planet Miami & the Keys Lonely Planet

Ameryka Pn > USA > Floryda

Beauty is the name of the game here. From fashion models to deco hotels to beach sunrises to a wetland ecosystem to alluring islands, South Florida is an aesthetic masterpiece. This new-look guide features colour sections such as 15 top experiences, along with instructions on how to get around the keys with ease and travelling with children. 1 author, 6 weeks of research, 66 bars and clubs, 104 alligator sightings Inspirational photos Dedicated chapter on Everglades National Park At-a-glance practical info and comprehensive planning tools Coverage includes:  Planning chapter, Miami, The Everglades, Florida Keys, Key West, Understand Survival chapters.

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The Selected Works of Cesare Pavese - 2863984268

106,42 zł

The Selected Works of Cesare Pavese New York Review of Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Half a century after Cesare Pavese's tragic death, his plainspoken yet lyrical novels retain their richness and appeal. Included in this volume are four of his finest books. Devil in the Hills tells the story of three young men who encounter tragedy in the Italian countryside. In Among Women Only a fashion designer finds herself caught up in an eerie dance of sex and death. Pavese's masterpiece, The House in the Hills, examines the life of a schoolteacher whose brief involvement with the Resistance compels him to become a fugitive. The Beach is a bittersweet comic tale about romance, shifting allegiances, and unfounded suspicions in a seaside resort.

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